ARC’s for Tears of Tess

Morning all. I’ve been asked a few times if I’ve filled up my allotment of ARC’s for Tears of Tess. My answer?

Not yet!

So if you have a blog, goodreads, facebook account with some crazy fans to review my book to please fill in this link and I’ll make sure you get an advance copy before the rest of the world:


AND if you want to be first in the know for giveaways and release dates for upcoming dark and twisted fiction then please sign up to my newsletter:


I promise not to spam you. 🙂


Oh, and FREAK OUT TIME!!!!!!!!


Tess has over 1,000 TBR’s on Goodreads. You guys burn my knickers by how awesome you all are!!!! ❤


4 thoughts on “ARC’s for Tears of Tess

  1. Hi Pepper,

    I filled out the form and was wondering when we’ll be receiving the ARCs? Because I am absolutely **DYING** to read Tears of Tess! Especially after you posted the first three chapters and released those teasers! :3

    -Kristen ♥

    1. Hi Kristen

      Yay, glad you’re looking forward to it!

      ARC’s will be sent out by Mid-August. No confirmed date as yet, but you’ll have it very soon! ❤ Thanks for filling in the form and will make an announcement in another week or so when you can expect the book ❤

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