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I joined this cool group on Facebook called Snippet Sunday. And we get to share little bits from our WIP. Now you’re probably sick and tired of me posting things about Tess of Tess but that’s all I’m working on right now so…. here you go:


The maid giggled. “Guess that answers that question. But before we can feed you, the master has requested you join him. He’s in the dining room.” She cocked her head at the other end of the lounge. A pair of sliding glass doors blocked a decadent old English style dining room.

Q sat at the head of the table. A newspaper spread out in his hands, blocking his face.

Seeing him again sent barbwire tangling around my stomach. I didn’t want to see him ever again. The entire house lulled me into some sense of acceptance, but I would never get used to being owned.

I shuddered at the word. Not that he bought me, but accepted me as a bribe. Who did that? A bribe for what?

I shook my head. “I’m not seeing him.”

The maid stilled, hands full of pastries. “You have no choice. He summons. You go. That is the law.”

“Law?” My eyebrow twitched. I instantly hated that word. The law was something officers upheld. It was a word that implied safety not rules dictated by a mad man.

“Law.” The masculine baritone came from behind. His presence sent chills up and down my spine. I didn’t jump. I prided myself on that. I’d have to get used to how silent he was on his feet. 

Keeping my head high and my back straight, I turned to face the master.

“I obey no such law.”

Q growled, rubbing a hand over a stubbly cheek. The dark brown of his hair was extra glossy and his wintery green gaze froze me to my core. Dressed in a graphite suit with silver shirt and black tie he looked distinguished, intelligent. 

I cried out as he grabbed me. “I summon. You come. That is the only law you need to understand. I am your owner. You haven’t forgotten that so soon, have you?” 


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  1. Interesting set up. It’s hard to imagine how the narrator arrived in this situation if he wasn’t owned by someone else in the first place. Strange.

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