Advance Review for Tears of Tess

I have a few Beta Readers reading Tears of Tess before I release it to the world. And I couldn’t help but share this. It’s made my night. 🙂 Still shaking


Thanks so much, Kyra!



Good morning, Ms Winters! I have decided, after reading almost all of Tears of Tess, I may have to quit writing. It’s exquisite. This, my friend, has bestseller written all over


LOL! It’s everything that’s missing from Fifty Shades of Grey. A man who manages to be unnerving in a sexy way? Check. A man who, although likes his own way and commands respect, doesn’t do it by throwing expensive gifts then raping her? Check. A heroine with spunk? Check? Complex emotions? Double check. A believable emotional journey? Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! Kudos, lady. This is epic.


A rollercoaster ride of emotional fuckery!



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