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I was tagged by the wonderful Author Blakely Bennett who has some wonderfully kinky books and I had the pleasure of meeting on FB. If you want to check out her Bloghop post please go here:



What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on Quintessentially Q (the second book in the Monsters in the Dark series and follow on from Tears of Tess) I’m loving being back in Q’s head and seeing them grow together. It will be released on the 15th December.



I also have three other books that I’m working on.

Broken Chance which is a quirky, erotica that I hope people will enjoy. Here is the blurb:

Working at the local race track for Beatrix Black is heaven and hell. She may or may not have a gambling problem. 

Paying her way through college, Trix lives up to her name by using her skills as mathematics major to work out race algorithms and bets far more than she can lose. 

The tips aren’t bad, and the view of hotshots in their suits ain’t bad either, until Arron Jackson appears. Betting heavy on a shitty horse, he wins the jackpot. 

Then Trix’s luck runs out and her debts are called in. 

Flashing his new cash, Arron has eyes on other ponies and tries to rope Trix in for a ride. In a game of chance they both battle to say on top, but someone has to lose and it won’t be Trix. 


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I also have Last Shadow which I released the cover for a few days ago. I’m loving how this book is evolving and dying to publish and introduce you to Lyric and Kage.

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I also have a super secret project on the go that I won’t be naming or divulging for another few weeks 🙂

How does Tears of Tess or any of your other work relate differently to what is out there in the genre?

I like to think that Q is a strong male who stands out in a world of alpha males. I also like to think that Tess is strong and defiant and a heroine that encourages and inspires rather than being a little weak. I just write what I would love to read and put my heart and soul into my characters.

Why do you write?

Simple. Because I can’t NOT write. It’s my only hobby. My passion. My need. If I didn’t write the voices in my head would become too much. So I suppose I write to stop myself from going insane with the voices 🙂 Plus, I love to write kink 🙂

How does your writing process work?

I normally get a spark of an idea when I least expect it. The story will simmer while I’m working on other projects and I keep jotting notes down in my notebook as I get to know the characters. I can write loose drafts on multiple books all at once, but I can’t get completely invested in the characters until i immerse myself completely into their world. So when it comes to editing and finishing touches I don’t touch any other book than the one I’m doing.

And that’s me 🙂 Hope that shed a bit of light on me. If you have any other questions for me just let me know and I’ll answer straight away!

Thanks for reading!

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