Well, I’m home.

After over a month away, I’m finally back from a wonderful trip in England and Scotland. The flight back was horrendous, made worse by being sick with pneumonia, but overall the month away was FANTASTIC! I was completely blown away by the incredible event hosted by Amy, Adriane, and Teri, and couldn’t have asked for a better turn out. I went expecting to see 20-30 people wanting to see me, but was left gaping in shock when I had a steady line up ALL DAY! I couldn’t believe it and thanks to everyone who came and said hi—you rocked my entire world.


Here is a picture of me signing. 🙂


Not only did I get to spend some amazing time getting to know my incredible readers but I received gifts! Yes, gifts!! I NEVER expected anything of the sort so was blown away when I received necklaces, a scarf, handmade chocolates, and thoughtful cards. Seriously, I don’t recognise my life anymore.


Along with the incredible signing, I was able to spend some great time with my Grandparents who live in Staffordshire. We went sightseeing to amazing historical places like Erddig, Waddeson Manor, Hardwick Hall, and many others. I loved seeing the grandeur and wealth of that time and ideas were running crazy for future books as well as a lot of inspiration for Indebted (coming 18th August)


While we were in Hong Kong airport about to catch our plane to London I received a message from a fellow author letting me know that Twisted Together hit the USA Today list. I’d always hoped Tess and Q would hit the list so that made my year. Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy, left a review, and messaged me letting me know their thoughts of the Monsters in the Dark series.


If you didn’t know there is a Novella coming called Je suis a toi (later this year) so it isn’t a complete goodbye to Tess and Q just yet.

je suis

I was also amazed to see, thanks to the messages in my Goodreads account (which I always forget to check) that I’ve been granted the IndieReader Top 10 Badge for my work which is fantastic. I get to flash this awesome badge around. So thank you to everyone who nominated me!


And yet more incredible news, Tess and Q were nominated in THREE categories on Smut Book Club Awards for 2014. Thank you to everyone who nominated and if you still want to vote here is the link:



My next signing is only four months away. Who will be coming to see me in Sydney 2014? If you can make it, I believe the weekend is going to be insanely wicked, and below is the pre-order link for paperbacks from me on the day:


syd pre order image

While I was away, I’ve been asked a few questions on when my next releases are. Some things I can share, some things I can’t. (the joys of signing with a large publisher) but for now, here is the information I can share :):

Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1) will be released on the 18th August 2014. ARC’s will be sent out a few days before and I truly hope you enjoy this new dark hero. I’m extremely excited to introduce you to Jethro and Nila. Pre-orders aren’t available at this stage but I’ll be sharing the links the moment it goes live on all platforms.



Last Shadow: This title was under talks with a publisher and the release date has been pushed back until 2015. I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I promise to have many more books releasing before then to keep you occupied



Sins of Silver: This book is coming and more information will be announced soon but my lips are sealed for now. However there are exciting things to share about everything relating to this title.



I think that’s it for now. I’ll be quiet for the next week while I get well again from this illness and then I’ll be writing furiously but it feels great to be back and I’m dying to get to work and deliver more characters to your kindles.


Hope you have a great weekend!




  1. You probably get sick of seeing my posts. LOL But I just live reading your posts and of course your books. Please feel better and always keep writing your magic. Big hugs😘❤️💋

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