It’s been a little while since a post, so thought I’d do a quick recap on where I’m at.

For those who follow my facebook page, you’ll know that I’ve written over 190,000 words in 7 weeks. That’s a new personal best for me and I’m still not done yet. I’m currently working on three books: Ruin & Rule, Forbidden Flaws, and Indebted #2.

I’m very close to being finished with Ruin & Rule, which has to be handed into my publisher very soon, and then I can finish Indebted #2. (For those asking for a release date, I’m getting VERY close to releasing pre-order links and a release date.) Thanks so much for your patience!

I’ve been told by a few beta readers who have read Ruin & Rule, that it is shaping up to be my best work yet, so I’m super excited for that to release.

I’ve also been asked how I’m currently writing three books at once. To be honest, I never thought I’d be able to do it. I’m the sort of writer who gets absorbed by the characters and story and can’t think of anything else. However, I’ve had no choice and adapted to the point where I think I’ll always have multiple projects on the go, purely because it’s a relief to still be able to work even when dreaded writers block hits on one particular project.

The next few projects I have after completing these current three are Sin & Suffer, Je Suis a Toi, and Indebted #3. There won’t be any rest for me for the forseeable future, so I hope to get even better in productivity. But here is what I’m doing currently:

Start writing the moment I get up. I do at least 2 hours on one project before going for a quick run, having breakfast, and then settling back to work on another project. The break between the two allow me to switch ‘worlds’ in my head and continue working. I’ll have a break around 4pm and work either on the same project or another one. At around 6pm,I’ll quit writing and focus on catching up on messages, emails, and media.

It’s been like that for the past month and a half–I’ve really had to cut down on my social media in order to stay on top of deadlines,but so far, it’s working 🙂

There are no secrets, just discipline 🙂 Oh, and a fabulous hubby who helps with the housework and keeps me alive by feeding me.

Before I leave, here are a few teasers on each book I’m currently working on and will be back soon to release a date for Indebted #2. Hope you have an amazing week!! xxx

Teaser for RUIN & RULE


Teaser for INDEBTED #2

first debt teaser


Flaws Teaser 3

10 thoughts on “UPDATES & RANDOMNESS

  1. I know you probably do not have answer for this question but thought I would ask anyway! Do you have any idea when Je suis a Toi will be released?

  2. I know you probably do not have an answer to this question but I thought I would ask anyway! Do you have any idea when Je Suis a Toi will be released?

  3. I’ve discovered your books quite recently, and I’m very glad about it!
    I’ve just read your last post, and about the book called “je suis à toi”. for this one, I’m sure your beta readers are good ones, but I would suggest you to ask a french one to translate the french sentences, because, even if they are quite ok, When I read your books, I’m “transported” in the story, but then, sometimes, I don’t feel right with some french translations, because this is not the right way to say things.
    Of course, if you need any help, i offer mine. so now, i wish you a good work because i’m waiting “very much” your next release!

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