It’s getting closer….closer….closer to release!

To celebrate, I thought I would release a sneak peek to Third Debt (Indebted #4) Before you go any further I will attempt to scare you off with WARNINGS.




SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T READ Debt Inheritance, First Debt, & Second Debt. You’ve been warned.

If you haven’t read the other books in this series, here are the buylinks:


Amazon: http://amzn.to/17UZImo

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 FIRST DEBT (Indebted #2)

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1BjpblH

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Nook: http://bit.ly/10PcYWi

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1qmB3d7

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 SECOND DEBT (Indebted #3)

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1uAbTPY

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Sneak Peek to Third Debt (Indebted #4)

Coming April 2015

Subject to copyright. Subject to change. Unedited.

Copyright © 2015 Pepper Winters

All rights reserved.

<3 <3 NILA <3 <3

I’D GIVEN MY heart to my enemy.

I’d fallen.




There was no bottom to my affection. No limit to what I would do to protect it.

Jethro was mine and it was up to me….

…up to me to end this.

I was no longer trying to save myself.

I was trying to save him.

From his nightmares.

From himself.

From them.

<3 <3 NILA <3 <3

HOW HAD THIS happened?

Where did it all go so wrong?

Jethro was supposed to love me. I was supposed to love him.

Yet he’d given me over to his family. He’d bound the ropes, blindfolded my eyes, and gifted me over to his kin.

“Know what time it is, Nila Weaver?” Daniel breathed in my ear.

I jerked away. The restraints around my body meant I couldn’t run. I couldn’t fight. I couldn’t even see.

Oh, God.

Please don’t let them do this.

I wanted to scream for Jethro to save me. I wanted him to put an end to this and claim me once and for. Didn’t our connection mean anything?

You know it’s all different now.

Ever since I’d returned to Hawksridge Hall things had been different—horribly, horribly different.

The fire crackled in the billiards room where the Hawk men had been playing poker. The air was hot and muggy and laced with cognac fumes.

Tonight I’d had plans to end whatever changed between Jethro and me once and for all.

But now…those plans had changed.

Kestrel ran his fingers over my collar. “Relax, little Weaver. It will all be over soon.”

Cut chuckled. “Yes, soon you can go to sleep and pretend none of this happened.”

My ears strained for one other voice. The voice of the man who controlled my heart even if he’d thrown it back in my face.

But only silence greeted me.

Daniel snickered, licking my cheek. “Time to pay, Weaver.”

Someone clapped, and in a voice full of darkness and doom said, “It’s time for the Third Debt.”


Two months prior…




<3 <3 JETHRO <3 <3

I meant what I said before.

I meant it with every bone in my body.

Someone has to die.

I still stood by that conclusion. Only…I’d hoped it wouldn’t be me.

Too bad wishes never came true.

I’d always wondered what it would feel like. Always wondered what existed after this world.

My eyes fell on Cut.

Then on the gun.

I guess I’m about to find out…

ta (2)

I’ve also been asked a few questions which I answered on my Facebook page and copied below:

The release date on iBooks of the 31st May is a HOLDING DATE ONLY. I’ve said this a few times and it’s even written on the apple blurb.

To answer other questions:
* ALL books will be available on ALL platforms: Amazon, iBooks, GooglePlay, Nook, Kobo, Paperback
* Six books total
* Fourth Debt (Indebted #5) is due out sometime in June / July (however I have Ruin and Rule coming out on the 28th July and it all depends on my publishers guidelines on when I can release the next Indebted)
* Final Debt (Indebted #6) is due out sometime in September.
* Yes they are a series and can’t be read out of order.
* No you don’t have to wait years for the next books.
* Thank you for being so impatient and loving this series as much as I do.
* Don’t panic an official release date will be announced very soon. (I haven’t announced it as I was writing another book in between and I couldn’t over commit just in case the story wasn’t working. At the end of the day, I don’t want to disappoint you by saying one date and then having to push it back. A few more days and I’ll have an exact figure. I CAN say it will be in April 2015.

I think that’s it.

Thanks everyone!!



  1. A LOVE THE SERIES PEPPER… Can’t wait until April for the next one.. Keep them coming soon Please !!! Hopefully Jethro and Mila do find their Happy Ever After ….


  3. Your killing me slowly with this waiting crap but it adds to the thrill of it can’t wait

  4. Wow this series is awesome I am waiting with baited breathe for this next book and will probable read it in one sitting the suspense is incredible you are an amazing Author …… 🌹🌹

  5. Uh Oh….Looks like Nilas in a bit of trouble! So is Jethro! I’m going to remain optimistic and hope to find out what happens in April instead of having to wait til May 31st.

  6. You killing me, Ms Pepper! Ok, I have important question. You sey that you wrote 13 books, not all are available, so which books you finish write too? Couse I’m waiting – patently – and I’m curious, probably not only I!

    1. Why don’t you sign up for her newsletter? Keeps you updated to what Pepper’s writing and publishing…besides looking at the links she’s got at the top of her blog….

  7. Even though the teaser made me happy – May 31 made me feel blah 🙁
    Sorry that I’m impatient – I honestly wish your writing wasn’t so good …

  8. Can’t wait for the release of the other 3 books!! I refuse to believe Jethro is dying in the 4th series bc it’s just the middle and it can’t happen and gaaaaah I don’t know what to believe anymore! (sincerely going nuts from the other side of the world)

  9. Can’t wait for the next book. Impatiently waiting… I have no more nails left. I love this series.

  10. I have been reading the debt series because I loved Destroyed. But I am worried that you are going to let Jethro hand Nila over to be raped. If that happens, then I know that this will not have a HEA. Because there is no coming back from that even though this is fiction. There is no forgiveness for that. Anyone that thinks that has no clue how horrible of an aftermath that truly leaves.

    1. Hi Debi, I totally understand your fear. I’m not going to tell you the plot as it’s a surprise, however I WILL say read Third Debt (you’ll be surprised by the plot) At least I hope so!

  11. I could not put down the first 3 books. Looking forward to the last three very much. Indebted series is so great, keeps me on edge wondering what is going to happen to her and Kite.

  12. I’m going to wait until all of the Indebted series is completed before I buy any more. I don’t like the long wait in between each book. The teasers does nothing but get me upset.

    1. That’s understandable, Della. I remember a few years ago when we’d have to wait a year for a sequel. It can be hard. The good news is the entire series of 6 complete books will be released within a year rather than every year 🙂 xx

  13. OMG I can’t wait! Just when I was feeling sorry for Jethro your sneak peek made me hate him. OH HOW I LOVE THIS SERIES!

  14. Pepper Winters,
    I am so sad at the ending of the 4th book. It can’t be true……. You gave me hope and then stomped on it, like a kid stomps through puddles on a rainy day!!! 🙁 You’re truly a gifted writer and although I am devastated and hoping not all is what it seems, I will diligently wait until August for the 5th installment. I hope you’re a Houdini and some sort of morbid happy ending exists. Ah-mazing!!!

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