I’ve been cagey about this book for a reason, and I’m still going to be sneaky about it.

For now…here are the facts you need to know 🙂

Unseen Messages Facebook Cover Art

  1. This is the book I wanted to write for ME.
  2. I’m LOVING this story and hope you will too.
  3. It’s a standalone but a very big book. Plenty to sink your teeth into and no cliffhanger!
  4. If I could, I’d never stop writing this story.

Now…as we’re getting closer to release, I thought it was fitting to reveal the characters names so you have at least some insider knowledge.


The cast of UNSEEN MESSAGES is:

Hero: Galloway Oak

Heroine: Estelle Evermore.

There are many other characters who will remain faceless for now, but I’m in love with these two people, just like I am their names.

Hope you like them!

To round off this post…have a teaser 🙂

If you want to help spread the word and be into win an Advance Review Copy, please fill in this form: HERE

US teaser 3


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