Read the First Chapter of PENNIES (Dollar Series #1)


PENNIES is my upcoming dark romance series that i’m BEYOND excited about. I’m dying to introduce you to Elder Prest and loving the dynamics between the characters so far. All books in the series can be ordered on all platforms, minus PENNIES which is available on all platforms but amazon (it will be live 2 days before release in July)

teaser 3

3 thoughts on “Read the First Chapter of PENNIES (Dollar Series #1)

  1. Thank you for the sneak peek. I am sitting on G waiting on O for Amazon to release Pennies in paperback. Can’t wait for July.
    Summer and Elder sounds yummy!!!!@

  2. Thank you for the sneak peek, I’m already hooked and can hardly wait for this series to begin! Love all your books! You’re a very talented writer and I’m so glad I found your books.

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