I’m beyond excited to introduce you to Penn and Elle. If you don’t know what Crown of Lies is about, here are the details along with a juicy excerpt. 🙂

  1. Crown of Lies is the first in a duet (two books)
  2. Throne of Truth releases 28th Feb (only 4 weeks after the first)–this is the conclusion
  3. Erotic Romance
  4. Pre-order Crown of Lies:    Amazon: Live Release on 31st Jan





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From New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters, comes a delicious sinful hero.

“I met the man I wanted. But then he vanished, and a new man claimed me instead. My father approved, my colleagues congratulated, and behind closed doors, I was bedded by a stranger.”

Noelle Charlston lives a fairy-tale life: a doting father, a powerful job, and a future blessed with financial security.

However, two meetings with two men changes her happy existence forever. First, she meets the man who makes her heart sing. Three years later, she meets the man who makes her blood quiver.

Broken-hearted from a teenage romance, Noelle’s freedom is no longer hers. It belongs to the stranger her father believes is her perfect match. The stranger who pulls his lies over everyone he touches.

Including her.

Seduced and manipulated, Noelle gives into the mysterious Penn Everett. The lies he spins, the truth he hides, the mystery he weaves—it’s all enough to slowly erode the woman she is and turn her into something else.

Until her past collides with her present.

And it’s her turn to lie.

To everyone…including herself.


Advance Reviews: 

“Crown of Lies takes sensual and gripping to the next level in a masterfully written tangled web that will keep you furiously turning pages. Pepper Winters has outdone herself. Penn Everett will be your new obsession.” –-USA Today bestselling author Meghan March

“Thrilling and mysterious, this book has left me with a major hangover!!!!”Lina’s Reviews

“Crown of Lies is my first top 2017 read so far and it’s a MUST read, one-click worthy book.” — Punch Drunk Library 

“Pepper does a great job of delivering, yet again, one of the hottest alphas cloaked in mystery out there.” —Dee, Goodreads

“The chemistry between them is scorchingly hot and the banter is perfect.”–Vickie Goodreads

“WOW Pepper has done it again.
I really wish I could give this book so much more than 5 stars it is brilliant” —We’ve Licked That Book Blog




“Leave, Mr. Everett.”

“I told you to call me Penn.”

I cocked my chin. “Fine. Leave, Penn.”

“Not until you agree to dinner with me.”


“Never is too long to wait.” He glowered. “And besides, we’ve already agreed on the ground rules. You want to fuck me. I want to fuck you. Playing hard to get is only making me want to do that sooner rather than later.”


“No what?

“No to everything. I told you, I changed my mind.”


“Because I said so.”

He licked his lips. “Yes, but why? Why change your mind after what happened last night? From what your father said, you work too much, you have no friends, and you severely lack fun in your life.”

My heart sank. “He said that?”

“I read between the lines.”

“Well read between my lines. N-O. Spells no. I’m too busy to play with you.”

“I said I was sorry.”

I stiffened, trying to sniff his new game. “Go on.”

He shrugged. Even that was sexy, dammit. “I shouldn’t have put words into your mouth. It’s up to you to decide if you want people to know about us.” He looked up beneath his brow. “And the only way you can decide that is if you go on a date with me.”

I opened my mouth to argue, but he interrupted—another habit he seemed to have. “Don’t answer for yourself right now. Answer for yourself in five years’ time. Where do you see yourself? Here in this office doing the exact same thing with the exact same unhappiness?”

God, I hope not.

“Or do you want to see if you could have this and more? Work and play? Love and obligation?”

My eyes shot daggers. “You think I could love you?”

“I think you could have fun with me.”

“I think otherwise.”

He grinned. “That’s what this is about. To see if our opinions line up.”

“Are you going to leave if I say no again?”

“Nope.” He came closer. “I’ll just keep showing up at really inconvenient times until you say yes.” His aftershave drugged me again. “Choose the easier option, Ms. Charlston. Let me have you. It’s the only way forward.”

“What will you do to me?”

Instantly, my office thickened with sexual tension.

My breath hitched as his eyes drifted to my mouth.

His voice lowered to scorching charcoal. “Anything I damn well want.” His hand cupped my cheek, holding me tight. “I’ll strip you, taste you, devour you. I’ll eat, lick, and bite you. And only once you’re begging will I fuck you.”


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