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Now, this book….ah, this book.
I’ve had a few questions asking what this tale is about. Today, I’ve done my best to prepare you. My one caveat is: This book is different. This book is love itself.

What IS The Boy & His Ribbon? 
Well, it’s a love story through and through. It’s coming of age, mistakes, hardship, triumph, falling in love, being heartbroken, lying to those you love, doing your best to protect your favourite person in the world, and even sacrificing everything in order to deserve the one thing you want most of all.

Six out of seven beta readers have said this is my best work to date. They say the passion pours off the page, the intensity sizzles, and the romance is like a constant virus of butterflies in their belly. They yelled at me when I didn’t send chapters fast enough, they begged for different outcomes, they grew to love Ren and Della as if they were real people, because honestly, that’s what this tale is.
It’s REAL. It’s LIFE. It’s every mundane, magical thing that turns friends to lovers and everything in between.

So, if I’m so madly in love with this book, why am I about to list what THE BOY & HIS RIBBON ‘ISN’T?’ 
It’s to show you I’m fully aware that this book…it’s hard to be described.

This story isn’t fast; it isn’t quick. It isn’t my usual dark or dirty or kinky. It’s called a romance because that is the quintessential heart of this tale, but it isn’t a quickie wrapped up in backstory. It’s a quest from childhood to teenagers to figuring out the minefield of adulthood. It’s raw and real and has a magic that I wished I could say I created but it was purely the characters, their honesty, their pain.

THE BOY & HIS RIBBON is different to my normal. It’s better, it’s strange, it’s complicated, it’s sad, it’s uplifting, it’s frustrating, it’s truth. I haven’t skimmed or glorified. I haven’t faked or embellished. This is life and a story about a true boy and a true girl and their journey toward each other.

So, with that warning in place, I’ll let you be the judge.
I’ll release a date soon.
I’ll send out ARCs soon.
I’ll share this heart-felt tale…soon.


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