Kindle Unlimited, Sale, Cheap Audio, & Hardbacks


I have lots of news in this blogpost so I’ll do my best to be quick.

In order of appearance:

  1. I put When a Moth Loved a Bee in Kindle Unlimited
  2. Buy When a Moth Loved a Bee audio here for half price
  3. Quintessentially Q is on sale!
  4. Fancy pants hardbacks for Monsters in the Dark are live!
  5. Some podcasts and interviews


I decided to put WHEN A MOTH LOVED A BEE into Kindle Unlimited. I decided to do this (even though I wasn’t going to) because 1. Times are tough right now and subscription seems easier on the wallet. 2. I wanted to celebrate the audio going live but am still waiting on Audible approving it (taking their sweet time!)

Anyway, you can grab WHEN A MOTH LOVED A BEE for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited membership. For those who read on other platforms, no fear, it will be wide again in 90 days!

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon AU / Amazon CA


I’m still waiting for audio to go live on Audible, iTunes, and every other audio site you can imagine. I’m not sure what the hold up is BUT in the meantime, you can buy it here for half the price. As my shop front is still being designed, there isn’t a direct download delivery right now. BUT if you purchase a copy of the audio below, I will personally send you the link ASAP. I’m online all day today so you’ll get it super quick. Audible will most likely price this at over $30.00 (I don’t have the exact figure as Amazon decide themselves what to charge (without any feedback from me so…grab it below if you’re keen!) It’s delivered by BookFunnel which have their own app or you can listen in any browser you’d like!

NO REFUNDS once purchased so keep that in mind before buying. R18.


Duet Narration by: Tor Thom & Fiona Clare
Listening Time: 25 Hours

PRICE: $15.99USD

Heavily Discounted Special Direct Price.
Will be delivered via BookFunnel

NO REFUNDS. Please think carefully before purchasing.



To celebrate the hardbacks for Monsters in the Dark being released on Amazon, I decided to put QQ on sale for only 99c! Hardly EVER on sale and you can read Tears of Tess (Book One for FREE) so grab them both and then you’ll know why the hard drawn book covers have birds on them 🙂

Grab Quintessentially Q for 99c




Barnes & Noble:

Google Play:

Grab the hardbacks from Amazon! (They’re digitally signed and NOT a limited edition so no rush. They’ll always be available)


Tears of Tess:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Quintessentially Q:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Twisted Together:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Je Suis a Toi:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


I’m slowly getting over my aversion to being interviewed on camera and was invited onto Brown Book Series to speak with Shay Baby.

Here is the link if you’d like to see my awkwardness:

And I was also interviewed by Coffee Celebration and we talked all things When a Moth Loved a Bee. Fair warning LOTS of spoilers for the book so FYI.

In other news, I’m about to go LIVE in my Facebook Group PEPPER’S PLAYGROUND at 7pm EST Come join us if you’re around (

I’m currently writing a book that slapped me around the face with such intensity I got Goosebumps. It will be my first Standalone in almost 5 years so I can’t wait to tell you more about that!

AND AND! I’m 20,000 words into a New Dark Romance which is a spin off from Monsters in the Dark. If you want to know more, check out the Upcoming Releases tab on my website!

That’s it for now…

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

One thought on “Kindle Unlimited, Sale, Cheap Audio, & Hardbacks

  1. This interview was wonderful! Shay Baby is an amazing interviewer(& so lovely)! It was so fun to learn more about your background, behind the writing, and learning what you loved the most(stories, characters, etc.). I’m also pulling for you to write an autobiography. I will definitely buy it. Side note, I preordered When A Moth Loved A Bee and devoured it in a few days. Wow wow wow and Thank YOU!!! I wrote a review but also wanted to say thank you here. I look forward to more of this magical world and also these other books that are inspiring you. I can’t wait for whatever book that is flowing through and published next. =D many thanks and much love

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