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TROPES: Standalone, high spice, BDSM, MMF (one scene) then MF romance, no cheating, HEA, filthy, kinky, comes with a HIGH smexy warning…


“If you came here to get mauled, Ella, then…I’m very willing to bite.”

The night of my birthday looked as boring as the rest of my life. Sitting on my own, trying to avoid my insanely hot but horribly mean flatmate, all while waiting for him to leave so I could have a party for one…if you know what I mean.

But that was before I almost crashed on the way home when a big top rolled into town. Before I locked eyes with the hottest guy I’d ever seen swinging a sledgehammer in the rain. Before I read the flyer promoting the newly erected circus. A circus that wasn’t the usual garish carnival…oh, no…this one was most definitely not for children.

Not unless you counted bondage, fantasies, and one dirty night full of heinously deviant fun.

Only problem was…my flatmate decided to get his freak on too. He saw me as I agreed to spend the night with the owner of said depraved circus…and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.



I get to be owned by two men, not just one.

I get to live out my wildest fantasies and teach Nicholas Davis a lesson for all those stony scowls and disdainful glances he’s given me.

He can have me for one night.

He can make me crawl, beg, and take me in any way he chooses.

But he has to share.

That is his penance.

And I mean to make him suffer…

The Jewelry Box Series Book One: Ruby Tears

Spin off from Monsters in the Dark – Q’s brother


“Ten thousand dollars.

That pitiful sum changed my entire life.

It bought my entire life.

A measly ten thousand dollars, given to my boyfriend by a monster to fuck me.

He took it.

The monster took me.

And I never saw freedom again.”

I’m the bastard son of a monster.

My other half-blooded siblings have their own demons…but me?

I truly have the devil inside.

I try to be good.

To do my best to ignore the deep, dark, despicable urges.

But every day it gets harder.

I thought family could help.

I reached out to my infamous half-brother, Q, begging for his secrets to stay tamed.

Instead, he gave me an ultimatum to prove I’m not like our father.

Infiltrate The Jewelry Box: a trafficking ring of poor unfortunate souls, kill the Master Jeweler, free the Jewels, and don’t lose my rotten soul while trying.

Only problem is…my initiation into this exclusive club is earning a Jewel all of my own.

She sparkles like diamonds, bleeds like rubies, and bruises as deep as emeralds.

She’s mine to break.

I can’t refuse.

If I want to prove to my half-brother that I’m not like our sire, I have to sink into urges I’ve always fought, plunge into madness, and lose myself so deeply into sin that the only one who will be breaking is me.


Ruby Tears (Book One)


Emerald Bruises (Book Two)


Sapphire Scars (Book Three)


Diamond Kisses (Book Four)



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  1. Wow!!! I feel like I’m reading an old romance ‘Peppered’ with dark erotic sinful chocolate… so hot that I can’t seem to stop my eyes from devouring the next sentance and the next…

  2. Hi Pepper, just finished reading both Indebted books, can’t wait for #3. I read in an earlier post that you think there may be 5 or 6 SO I’m guessing each one is about a ‘debt’. Really interested in all the sub plot lines you’ve been introducing … the second sister, Jethros turbulent post, Daniel going quiet (something going on there or maybe a red herring?) I also like the way it’s based in the UK and written in UK English rather than USA English. So many authors sell out to the American market and even when they’re setting their story in England they still at things like diapers, Mom, Daddy (even when it’s a 30 year old woman and frankly nobody I know would say that). I’ll pop across to Goodreads now and leave a review 🙂

  3. Hi Pepper, Fatsie here from Cape Town, first time reader – lifetime fan! I love your works and am so looking forward to some rabbit hole reading ;-), QQ, Forbidden Flaws? Has it already been released? the first part?

  4. Hi, Ms Pepper. I really enjoyed the first 2 books of the Indebted series! I can’t wait for the next one. Any idea when we can expect it this year?

  5. Omg this is one of the books that I read in a long time!!! Please give us a date for the next one!!! Ahhhhh!!! The anticipation is killing me!!!

  6. Hi Pepper! I just finished reading the 3 Monters in the Dark books, and I have fallen in love with Q and Tess! I was so excited to hear that they were going to be getting a novella, do you have any idea on when it will be released? Soon I hope! I couldn’t put the books down. 😄

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed them! The novella will be middle of this year. I signed with a publisher and have commitments that I have to honour that has pushed me back a little xxx

  7. Pepper I have read all of your available books…so far and have January 26th marked on my calendar!! I love your writing style and all of your characters. I’m awaiting the next release so I’ve gone back to reading Destroyed (again) until the next Indebted release is out. You are fabulous…keep them coming!!!

  8. This is the first book of this type I’ve read as usually don’t read such dark books but must same I was hooked straight away. I’m re-reading the first two again before the third instalment which I have pre ordered ready to start 26th. I just hope I don’t have to wait to long for the next couple of books. Great job pepper I am now a avid fan

  9. Hi! Quick question. What do Nila and Jethro look like? I couldn’t quite get an image of them in my head and it bugs me lol. Like what is their hair eye and skin color or to make it easier which celebrities would you chose to play each? Thanks!

  10. Finished Second Debt in 4 hours – I cant get enough of Nila and Jethro – what a power couple.
    The problem with reading them so fast is the longing for the next episode becomes addictive.
    This was truly a five star experience

  11. I just finished reading the third book on the Debt Inheritance series ((I stayed awake until midnight to buy it and couldn’t put it down!!)) I just wanted to say thank you for writing and releasing the most amazing books I have ever read and cannot wait for #4!! 😀 xo

  12. Omg! Love the second debt! Thank you for your amazing story line!
    Soooooo ….. Any idea on 3rd debt? I’m itching for it already! :))

  13. Very intresting story line you have with the dept inteherence series. I’m a person who is always thinking ahead and trying to figure out what the story line will be next. I like your books. so for now I just wanted to say that hopefully it will come soon enough the 4.book, and thank you for taking and giving as a mental freedom from the everyday life. Keep writing. you are one of the best.☺

  14. P L E A S E tell me that Indebted #4 is almost done. I have never been so enthralled in a series before and I have over 600 books on my kobo. I started #1 last Sunday and finished #3 Wednesday evening, its the story line that I really wanted to glance at the end to make sure they get together but could not bring myself to do it….the waiting is going to kill me….. now its time to sleep!! 🙂

  15. Ok, not to rush but Indebted 3 was so good and cliffhanger crazy that I can’t wait for #4!! How long will we have to wait on the edge of the cliff for the next book? By the way I have read all your books and you are an extraordinary writer as when I read your books I can feel what feel and can imagine my self as the character in your books.

  16. I don’t think I’ve ever been so.. on edge and worn out after I’ve read a book- both at the same time. The Debt Inheritance books were hell on my nerves and my god, what hell. I LOVED them. Poetry and grittiness woven into one effortless story. Hats off, ma’am 🙂

  17. Wow!! Love this series. Best thing I have read in years so glad I found your books on my Kobo recommend list.
    Can’t wait for march-April for book 4. Thank you much for this series Loving it!!

  18. I was barely able to get the book last evening and didn’t put it down until I finished. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would pop right out of my chest!!! Talk about an epic book with the mother of epic cliffs! I was like nooo you cannot leave me hanging like this. The book was phenomenal. Exquisitively written. You literally feel like you are in the story. Holding your breath along with Nila. Crying out in pain with the both at the end. Anyone else wants to smack Daniel?! It was so awesome and worth the wait. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book but alas we shall. Like someone previously stated and I have to agree my all time fav series was Harry Potter, but this one? Totally surpased it and leaves me wanting more. Thank you Pepper Winters for another awesome great hit you knocked it right out of the park!

  19. I am so stress and I can’t wait for the rest of the indebted book please can you publish all of them soon I can’t relax I want know what is happening at the end please

  20. The Debt Inheritance series is absolutely amazing. I was sucked in from the first book and couldn’t put it down until I finished the third. I can’t wait for the fourth book to come out!

  21. I just finish all of the indebted series from book 1 to 3 I could not put the book down I finish all three in Five days and I cannot wait for book four! keep up the great work Pepper Winters 🙂

  22. Absolutely love this series. The 2nd debt book had me in tears when he let her go knowing he had to face punishment for choosing to save her. Im so in love with these 2 characters. Really am anxious to see what happens in the next book. I thought this book was the last of the series, but I can tell you I’m relieved it wasn’t 🙂

  23. Is there anyway to pre order Indebted #4 from Amazon? I found the first book on Bookbub. I think they are amazing. I’m generally not one to follow authors and blogs, but I had to make an acception. I read all three books in two days. I look forward to reading the 4th book.

  24. I like many others enjoy your writing so very much. You have a wonderful talent for painting a picture unlike anyone of your peers. I would like you opinion on why so many current authors are choosing to write their books in series instead of one ‘super’ novel? Because I must tell you, it’s frustrating to NO END. It’s like a movie trailer and becoming quite annoying.

    1. Hello Debbie. I understand your frustration. However, if you read one of my previous posts on why I had to release the Indebted Series in multiple volumes you’ll understand that I had numerous commitments this year and it was the only way to squeeze them in or not have anything published in a while. Plus, each book is a FULL length of over 70,000 words per book (To give some idea a short story is approx 10-15,000 words. A novella from 15-40,000 words. A novel from 40,000 upward) so you can see they are full length. Thanks for understanding.

  25. Absolutely fell in love with all of your books, just can’t get enough! I saw on good reads that you were writing a book called Last Shadow. Will it be coming out anytime soon?

  26. Hi! I looove the Monsters in the Dark series, now I want to ask if theres already a release date/month or year for “Ofelia” and “Broken Chance” 🙂 2015?
    Thank you!


  27. I like so many of your readers read indebted books 1-3 in 3 nights. I was excited to hear about the 4th book, but OMG 6 books!? Really? Not that I want to leave these characters but I think my blood pressure will rise waiting. If 4 is being released Mar/Apr when will the last books be out? I know this is the new craze of books being in multiple parts but honestly, I hope 6 is it & I’m praying for a happy ending (hint hint)!

    1. Thanks so much, Michele.
      Yes, the story line is very complex and needed the six books (they’re all full length books) Six is the complete total and the last one will be out I’m guessing September this year. x

  28. I hope this does not come off as rude, but I am just wondering why Forbidden Flaws has been taking a long time to come out. I know that it was supposed to come out a few weeks after Owned and now is coming out in April. Not trying to accuse you of anything, just simply wondering.

    1. I totally understand, Brooke. Unfortunately there are a lot of factors when it comes to writing and deadlines. When I sat down and arranged my releases for 2015 I hadn’t signed a publishing deal. Then I was lucky enough to sell two books to Hachette and have signed a contract to deliver books to them within certain dates. These books had to be written and delievered 8-10 months before publication–which has pushed back my other releases. Not to mention the commitments I have to the Indebted Series (seeing as they end on cliff-hangers I can’t leave the next one too long, and other factors such as sickness and family commitments.) so, I super appreciate your patience and I’m doing everything I can to work as fast as possible. x

    1. I don’t have a date yet and I’m SO sorry you’ve been waiting. A few things came up but I’m working SUPER hard to get it out straight after Third Debt 🙂 x

      1. Thank you so much for all your responses. I know you are very busy and I appreciate you putting out multiple books per year close together.

  29. Any chance we’ll be able to pre-purchase indebted 4 on play books? It’s 3am and I just finished 3 and now I probably won’t sleep. Poor Jethro and Nila, so much working against them!

  30. I just finished reading the first three books in the Indebted series after having found the first one free on iBooks. After finishing it, I couldn’t download the next book fast enough! This is one of the best series I have read in a long time and can not say enough wonderful things! The fourth book can not be released soon enough!

  31. Hi Pepper!
    I just finished a marathon of 3days reading ‘Monsters In The Dark’ series (I know I’m waaay late for discovering it now) & I had to tell you how much I love you. I couldn’t leave book for a minute. I practically didn’t have life until I read every sentence there was. I have a question though. Which month this year will ‘Je suis a toi’ come out? And please,please tell me will Tess & Q have kids? I’M DYING TO KNOW!
    Love you so much,xx

    1. Thank you so much, Cuces. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Unfortunately due to deadlines, I am running behind on that book. However it will be middle 2015 most likely xxx

  32. Pepper! Forgive me for being over eager but it’s March! Any idea if it’s looking more like April for the next Indebted book? I just want to be mentally prepared (plus i like to reread the most recent book to refresh my memory)! I’ve managed to absolutely fall in love with the characters and their flaws in this series. I seriously can’t wait to find out what happens next! Also, you’ve turned me into a lifetime fan, I’ve already read all of your other books! Thanks for being such a talented writer and for being so in tuned with your fans!

    1. Hello Dani, yes, at this stage it’s looking like early April (due to other deadlines I’ve been unable to get back to Jethro but I’m editing right now and it won’t be long!)

  33. Pepper!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! You are such an amazing writer, i can’t put your books down. I am addicted! First, Tear of Tess and now the Debt Series. I just got done with them only took me 3 days, and called my Cuz to share them today!! I don’t know how i’m gonna wait until the 4th Debt book comes out. Gonna pre-order as soon as i can. I just DL Destroyed!!! At work so will have to wait till lunch. So until then…

  34. So excited to get lost in the indebted series… can’t wait for the next. It’s so different and pulling me in and making me crave more and more…. ugh. =) just checking in on updates for the next part! Happy Thursday!

  35. Hi peppr, I have trouble with my read and spelling but over year my reading got better I enjoy reading book … I just finising reading indebted books I can’t wait 4 book..now u are one of my favourite authors love u book

  36. Dear Pepper, I found your Monster’s. In the Dark series. And absolutely. Feel in love with your writing, you truly have a gift! I am now a devoted reader and follower! THANK YOU for sharing your talent with the world! Please excuse all the extra punctuation, my tablet is screwing. With me today

  37. Would you be open to make a movie or series of the Debt books? Would be just stunning to do so.

  38. Hello, Ms. Pepper! I can’t wait any longer (doesn’t matter which your book – but I can’t WAIT! But, I wonna ask – what’s up with Saffron? You give us beginning, and what with rest? And, pretty please for all your readers, share some teaser of Jethro. I miss him! And thank you for all your work! I worship your fingers, brain, and imaginary!

  39. So loved the first 3 Indebted books. On pins and needles waiting on #4. My first book of yours was Destroyed and you now have new life long fan. Please keep writing and I will keep reading.

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