1000 Word Teaser for Je Suis a Toi




1. Silk
2. Flogger
3. Needle
4. Black ink
5. Blindfold
6. 1934 Pol Roger Brut Champagne


Stalking through my home, I mentally ticked off the list, ensuring I had everything I required.

The black satchel in my hand clinked softly with what I intended to do to Tess.

What she would let me do because she was mine and today was Valentine’s Day.

She knew I didn’t do puppies and petals. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t up to celebrating a day dedicated to love and connection.

By fucking her.

By marking her.

By letting my beast out to play and escorting Tess into the darkness she coveted and came alive in. My little sparrow was the kinkiest play thing imaginable the moment I let myself off my tightly controlled leash.
Tonight would be no different.

My footsteps echoed down the west wing as I passed the aviary where countless winged creatures flew, ignored the countless buildings and blueprints decorating the walls, and headed toward the part of the house dedicated for sex and fucking and degradation and every single morbid twisted fucking delicious thing Tess and I indulged in.

My cock hardened with every step. My lips smirked, thinking of Tess and the delectableway she submitted to me. She submitted because she wanted what I did. She let me do nasty things to her because she enjoyed it. My dirty filthy wife begged for things that would terrify vanilla loving goody-too-shoes.

She wasn’t a princess.

Fuck no, Tess was my queen. My sinning, cursing, fucking twisted queen.

Along with the list of things I needed, I’d given her a list of things to do.

If she only wanted to be bruised tonight and not bleeding she’d damn well better obeyed.

Or not…sometimes we had more fun when she denied me my rights. Made me work that extra bit harder.

My instructions weren’t difficult. Entirely easy for a girl of her many talents.

The note I’d given her at breakfast this morning filled my mind. I’d given her a feral, wet-as-fuck, dominating kiss before prowling out the door to oversee Moineau Holdings and Frederick for our weekly meeting.

She’d gasped, her white cheeks flushed so prettily, her lips parted and swollen, and no doubt her pussy would’ve been drenched with need for me just like I was rock-fucking-hard for her.

Leaving her had been agony—she still believed I held the cards in our marriage—she couldn’t be more wrong. And I’d barely managed to enter the helicopter to fly to my office and not demand she do exactly what my note requested.

I wanted her.

No, I was beyond that. I was fucking obsessed with her.

She was more than my world. She was more than my love, best-friend, and partner. She was the blood in my heart, the breath in my lungs, the fucking marrow in my bones. Without her, I wouldn’t exist. Without her, my body would be nothingness: no heartbeats, no mind, no man…no animal.

Cutting off my thoughts, I refocused on tonight.

It wasn’t often that I welcomed Tess into the darkness to play with me.

But tonight was special.

Tonight, Tess was waiting.

She’d better have completed everything I commanded, including the very last one.

The best one.

The most important one.

Dear Esclave,

If you wish to please me, you will do the following: do not call me to confirm. Do notdally or disobey. Do not leave the house. I will see you at precisely ten p.m. sharp. Do not touch yourself. Do not do anything to displeasure me. Obey me, my dear esclave, and I will reward you.

My stomach twisted, remembering my commandments.

1. Shave your pussy until its bare and dripping
2. Tie up your hair in plaited pigtails
3. Dress in the provided blood-red lingerie you’ll find in our bedroom
4. Head to the west wing
5. Use the cat o’ nine tails on your creamy skin until you’re flushed and desperate
6. Then wait
7. Spread-eagled. Unashamed. Drenched
8. And Tess…make sure your brand—the very one I marked you with—is visible, pink, and glowing with my possession

My breathing slowed as I stopped outside the room where she waited.

My bag brushed against my trouser leg, whispering with sinful promise.

My hands shook slightly—not from fear but from monstrous anticipation.

I wanted my wife.

I needed my esclave.

I loved them both.

Twisting the handle, I entered the room.

The most beautiful scene welcomed my eyes. Tess had gone one step further. She’d swept up her hair, dressed in the sexy lingerie, attached the diamond collar with a tag making her as her maître’s, and drowned the room in a sea of rose petals.

Her grey-blue eyes met mine. Her blonde hair cascaded over one, catching on her black-black eyelashes.

My cock punched my belt.

I dropped my bag.

I love you, Tess.

“Ah, esclave…you obeyed me.”

Her head bowed, her legs spreading wider, revealing the gift I worshiped daily between her legs. “I did, maître. I look forward to my reward.”

My lips curled; the darkness enveloped me. The beast inside stretched, unsheathing its claws, lengthening its spine in preparation.

I stalked to the bed. I fisted her hair. And I fell more in love than I already was.

This woman made me come alive. This woman would end up killing me.

But my life was already hers and I would die gratefully on the pyre of her affection.

“Vous connaissez les règles, esclave.” You know the rules.

“What rules, maître?”

“You don’t get your reward until you’ve been punished.”

Her gaze glittered with rebellion and retaliation and not one ounce of fear—the perfect cocktail for a bastard like me. “Go ahead. You’ll never break me.”

“Ah, my sweet, sweet Tess. That might be the case…” I nipped at her bottom lip. “Mais il ne va pas me empêcher d’essayer.”But it won’t stop me from trying.

To be continued in Je Suis a Toi

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