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How many books are in the Indebted Series?

6 Full Length Books: Debt Inheritance, First Debt, Second Debt, Third Debt, Fourth Debt, Final Debt

1 Novella: Indebted Epilogue

And an upcoming prequel to the Indebted Series called Indebted Beginnings

What made you interested in writing DARK styles?

I think I’ve always been drawn to the darker side of human nature. I like to explore topics that explore boundaries and show that the world isn’t black and white but sometimes dark grey. I also love the depth that you can go into someone’s mind by stripping them back to their core.

Will you ever write something not dark?

Yes, Unseen Messages coming in 2016 isn’t dark nor is my new Super Secret Series that will be announced very soon

When you are writing, do you find that certain characters lead you in your books more than others?

Yes, very much. I find I can only write if I’m passionate about a topic and character. The plot lines in my head always evolve the more I get to know the characters and they take the story in the direction that THEY want, not me.

Where do you get your inspiration? Is it all from your imagination, or are there characters you connect with?

I don’t use anything to inspire me. I mean, every day life helps and I’ll suddenly have an AH HA moment while driving, or drifting off to sleep. I guess I can blame my insane overworking imagination for the writing material. πŸ™‚

What’s your mini biography?Β 

Well, I’ve been a writer pretty much all my life. I recently signed a deal with Grand Central (Hachette for two books set in an Motorcycle world due out in 2015) I’m represented by Erica Silverman from Trident Media and still pinch myself everyday that this is my life.

Release dates and details of future books?

This changes often so keep checking back to make sure this is current:

2016: Je Suis a Toi (Monsters in the Dark Novella)

January 2016: Sin & Suffer (Pure Corruption MC #2)

2016: Super Secret Series

2016: Unseen Messages (Standalone Romance)

2016: Indebted Beginnings (Indebted Series Prequel)

There are more but those are the ones confirmed enough to put in writing. You can find all those on Goodreads.

How did you learn to write? Did you do any creative writing courses?

Nope, no classes, nothing. I even flunked English (Got a D and then dropped out of school) I can imagine if my teacher’s knew what I was doing for a living they’d shake their heads. πŸ™‚ I attest my writing to hard work, countless research online of technical writing, the do’s and don’ts and the amazing beta readers that I’ve met along the way who stopped me from ‘telling’ and started to ‘show’ the story. It’s hard work to self-teach but if you have the discipline the web is FULL of amazing information.

Who are your favorite authors? Authors that you’d read whatever they wrote.

I suck at this question as I love EVERY book for different reasons. Probably the ones that stick out are Laini Taylor (for her lyrical writing) Jean M Auel (for her epic tales) Diana Gabaldon (for her historical tale and research) Dean Koontz (for being so prolific) JR Ward (for a super ongoing series) Nalini Singh (for the best PNR series I’ve read) Tiffany Reisz (for her BDSM perfection) I could keep going on and on…but those are off the top of my head.

Where do you live? What got you writing? Favorite books? Favorite color? One word of advice you can give someone (writing or otherwise)?

(wow big question) I currently live between Sydney, Australia and New Zealand. I’ve never been able to NOT write. It’s in my blood. My favourite colour (I’m cheating) is purple and grey. One word of advise: NEVER give up. You never know which book will be IT and you’ll find you improve with every release (no matter if you think you know it all.)

Is Q and Tess story over after Je suis Γ  toi (Monsters in the Dark, #3.5) ?

I’ll never say no to Q. So if he has more to tell I may go back into his Sparrow Filled World. πŸ™‚

Will you write a book on Suzette ?

I would love to but I have so many projects and commitments currently I don’t know when and if it will happen.

If you had to write a book with another author who you choose & why ?

As much as I LOVE so many authors I don’t think I’d be able to work on a joint project. I’m too fussy with my own work. I’d probably drive someone insane. πŸ™‚

What type of music to you listen to ? Who is your favourite Band or Artist ?

I’m not a huge lover of music. I have to have deathly silence to write and tend to not gravitate to music for inspiration. Saying that I do really love Imagine Dragons. I think they have a lot of songs that fit my antiheros rather perfectly.

Your writing process: Do you plan a detailed story line before before starting a book/series or just go with the flow?

I have a vague outline but it normally ALWAYS evolves. The characters take on a live of their own and I have no choice but to go with them. I normally know how it will start and end and that’s typically it. Β <3

Can you give us a brief ‘HOW I DID IT?’

Well, I wrote four books before hitting success with Tears of Tess. The moment I was introduced to Q, I couldn’t stop writing his story. I was lucky enough to be one of the first on the Dark Romance wave and was amazed that most people loved Tess and Q as much as me. After Tears of Tess I released Quintessentially Q, before writing Destroyed. It went on to hit the USA Today Bestseller list and attracted the attention of Grand Central. Fast forward to Twisted Together which also hit the USA Today and then Debt Inheritance which hit the NYT Bestseller lists. I’ve been extremely lucky with being graced with the best readers ever and they make it possible for writing to become my fulltime profession. I’m living the dream and know anyone else can do the same. πŸ™‚ x


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  1. Your books are inspiring! They way you portray your female characters – strong, bold, and courageous really inspires me. So, thanks πŸ™‚

  2. I just wanted to let your know that your books are freakin’ amazing! I’ve only just discovered you but I read the first two indebted books very quickly and while waiting for the third I started reading the monsters in the dark trilogy and I cannot put it down! Your characters are complex, with crazy hot chemistry and I think I’m now in love with Q, he’s perfection. I don’t usually like female leads very much as they tend to be weak and annoying but Tess has such an unbelievable strength about her. I will be very sad to finish this trilogy and I just wanted to say that you can’t ever stop writing!! I will buy everything you release! Very much looking forward to your future work πŸ™‚

  3. Hiii!! i just want to tell you how much i love your work… my first one was indebted and i simply loved it! to the extent i read whole of the first and second debt in about two days and am simply in love with Jethro~! desperately waiting for the other three now!! then i read destroyed and it did not disappoint me either. i fell in love with all the characters. it obviously made me want to read your monsters in the dark series now. So i have started with tears of tess and would like to know the significance of the chapters names? i have read few chapters and was just wondering what do these chapters names signify really?
    Also I would like to say keep writing and all the best for your future books!! πŸ™‚

  4. I just read your last book released in the Indebted series. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Jethro CANNOT be dead!!! I was dumbfounded by the way it ended. I re-read the last couple of chapters again to find hints if there were clues that Jethro was not dead, and came up blank. The next day I was still thinking about it and am hoping this series has a hopeful, positive ending where somehow Jethro is still alive. It is going to be hard to have to wait for the next book to get the answers. It amazes me how this last book left an emotional imprint on me still days after reading it.

  5. I’m a young writer (that reads and writes things way beyond her maturity level, but let’s ignore that) and I have to say that you are one of my favorite authors πŸ™‚ Every time I read (or re-read for the millionth time) any of your books, it makes me want to get my ass into gear and start typing!!! If anyone asks how to get over writers block, my response is always, “Read one of Pepper Winters books. Don’t ask questions, just do it. Now.” Works every time!!!
    P.S. Just finished Third Debt. It took me about 20 minutes to restart my heart. You are absolutely killing me with these cliffhangers.

  6. You are a great author and I love your Indebted books, but killing off Jethro and Kes in the last book broke my heart, I am cancelling my pre-order of the next book as I can’t read what those animals will do to Nila without Jethro. The first 3 books had me downloading the next in anticipation as I was enthralled to what happened next, but I will never be able to download a series of your books again if such a sorrowful outcome is the same. No ending to a book has shattered my heart as this since reading the boy in the stripped Pajamas, and your books are pure fiction.

  7. Okay, first thing first. Jethro and kes incident is making me crazy. Tragedy is my least favourite and after reading this book I am in huge emotional crisis. I always start to cry when some one is dead but after reading what happend to Jethro and Kes I felt nothing happened. I didn’t even get the feeling of sadness and mourning. Because I feel and think that there must be some secret of Jet and Kes being dead. My instincts tells me that, Jet and Kes is not death and waiting for perfect chance of suspense. So, please Winter tell me this is true and they are not dead because I will go insane . I love this Indebted series so much and huge fan of yours. I will always cheer for your writing.

  8. Will the Indebted series be released in a box set once they’re all published, or will I need to buy them all separately?

  9. I’m nearly to the end of the Indebted series and I’ll hate it that it’s over, although I’m still hoping for a happy-ever-after for Nila and Jethro. Incredible series, so many twists and turns, plus it’s HOT! Nicely done Ms. Winters…can’t wait to start the Q series. And waiting for the end of Jan. and the second MC book. Love, love, love all I’ve read! More, please!

  10. Will there be more nooks on the Pure Corruption MC series? If so, how many and will there be a crossover to the Indebted series?

  11. Hi, Pepper! Do you have an update on the release of the Audiobooks for Monsters in the Dark series?

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