Content Warnings

Content Warnings are given for almost all of Pepper’s titles. All her books are fictional and not based on any real people or true events. The opinions and actions of the characters do not reflect Pepper’s own personal thoughts.

A short summary are as follows:

The Luna Duet – Rape (not by MC), explicit sex, graphic violence, torture, death, murder

Destini Chronicles – Attempted rape, amnesia, bodily harm, captivity, torture, explicit sex, magic, different world & rules, death

Monsters in the Dark Trilogy – BDSM, Kidnapping, Noncon, Dubcon, Master & Slave, Bondage, trafficking

Goddess Isles Series – Mind Games, Noncon, Dubcon, Bondage, Master & Slave, Entrapment, Kidnapping, Murder

Indebted Series – Mind Games, Noncon, Dubcon, Medieval Torture, Harm to Heroine, Entrapment, Mental Health

Dollar Series – Kidnapping, Master & Slave, Noncon, Dubcon, Entrapment, trafficking

Fable of Happiness Trilogy – Flash back of traumatic events, male Noncon, Dubcon, Kidnapping, abuse

Truth & Lies Duet – Attempted rape, power trip, deception

Master of Trickery Duet – Flashback of traumatic events, male Noncon, nudity in public, kidnapping

The Ribbon Duet – Childhood events, sickness, loss of a loved one, death

Destroyed – Arranged sexual favours, child sickness, fighting, Dubcon

Unseen Messages – Aircraft crash, survival, death of a loved one, illness, injury, pregnancy, birth

Pure Corruption Duet – Motorcycle gang, Dubcon, trafficking, amnesia