Can’t OWN This


I don’t want to own it.

I definitely, assuredly don’t. 

All I want is a good career, nice home, and caring man to snuggle with at night.

Instead, I get gorillas who never pass the first date.

Bad luck in the love department follows me around like the pungent whiff of a cat’s litter tray. So when my business partner and bestie decided to flipping marry this thorn-in-my-side’s brother, it put me in an uncomfortable position.

He’s technically my brother-in-law. He’s out of bounds, off limits, and entirely non-husband material.

Therefore, I could never own it even if I wanted to.

And I don’t.

I really, really don’t.

He’s rich, stuck-up, and opinionated. He thinks he can fix my life with a good screw, expert kiss, and a non-sincere invitation to chase him.

I won’t chase him. Why should I chase a man who was born into privilege and expects me to play his game? Just because we had a fun few meetings doesn’t mean I want more.

Only thing is, he now thinks he can own me. That technically we’re family and that means I’m open season and its huntin’ time.

He gave me a choice. He offered something I promised myself I would never ever do.

I can own it.

If I dare…



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