Deleted Sex Scene from Final Debt

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Don’t read if you don’t want Final Debt or the Indebted Series ruined. 

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MY COCK SWELLED as her hands grazed my chest, disappearing to unbuckle my belt. I didn’t pull away as she undid my jeans and reached into my boxer-briefs to fist around my rapidly hardening length.

I groaned as her thumb smeared over the crown, pressing with perfect pressure. “Nila…”

“I need you, Kite.” Her lips never left mine. “I need you to remind me I’m alive after so many of those we love are dead.”

I pulled back.

Her face tracked with tears, shattering my heart. This was supposed to be a happy time, and yet we’d all been sucked into sadness.

Looping my fingers in the strands of her smoke-laced hair, I whispered, “Anything. Tell me how to make you come alive and I’ll do it.” I kissed her. “I’ll do anything you need.”

Her face darkened with desire so furious, I sucked in a breath. “That night you taught me how it was for you. The intensity lesson and the way you made me focus on the simplest of things.”

My lips twisted even as my heart leapt in lust. “My whip?”

She bit her lip, nodding. “I want that again. I want to remember we’re still here. That our love is still real and no matter what, we won. I need reminding we have our entire lives to spend together. It doesn’t matter how we came together; nothing can ever tear us apart.”

I couldn’t help myself. I kissed her excruciatingly hard. “You’re a witch, I swear. Or maybe a HSP yourself. ”

She frowned. “How do you mean?”

“I need the same thing.” I smiled, tracing her bottom lip with my finger. “I feel like I’ve lost you a little. That you doubt what we have is true. I need to make you focus. To accept nothing else could match what we’ve found. And in a way, I need to punish you for ever doubting that.”

I stared at her with a mixture of awe and worship. Had she picked up on my silent wishes as I picked up on hers? Last week, while dealing with Bonnie’s funeral and lawyer documents, I’d had the sudden compulsion to fight such grief with blistering dirty sex. I wanted to ravage and fuck. I wanted to remind myself that no matter what I’d done to my father, I was still me and still deserving of Nila’s love.

I hadn’t asked her to give me what I needed as I hadn’t wanted to hurt or upset her.

But here she was asking for the same thing.

“You’re fucking perfect.” I kissed her.

“And you.” She kissed me back.

“Will you let me have control tonight? Let me do what we both need?”

Her head fell back, submitting to me. “Anything, Jethro. I’m yours for the night. Do anything you want.”

“Just the night?”

A sly smile spread her lips. “You want more than that?”

The growl built in my throat. “You know I do.”

“In that case, you better prove to me you can love me enough to last forever.”

More than forever, Needle.

I didn’t hesitate.

Letting her go, I shot to my drawers and pulled out two ties. Both silver with diamonds spilling down the fabric.

Nila didn’t take her eyes off me as I prowled to the head of the bed and snapped my fingers. The old hint of authority sent a shiver down her spine. “Come here, Ms. Weaver.”

She obeyed faster than any order when I’d been deadly serious. My lips quirked.

Seems sex is more wanted than debts.

My heart tripped.

If she reacted so defiantly and strong when facing something she didn’t want to face, what would she be like in our future? Would she be eager to do things I could guarantee she’d love? Could we finally have the trust I’d always begged her to give me so I could live entirely in her feelings for me?

Biting my lip, I ran the two ties through my fingers. “You’re making it very hard to remember I should be punishing you and not rewarding you.”

She smiled as she lay back, placing her hands above her head. Licking her lips, she never took her eyes from mine. “Perhaps, I want both.”

I swallowed hard, climbing on the bed and hovering over her. Slinging my knee over her hips, I straddled her.

We didn’t stop staring; my mouth watered, my cock hardened, and the shitty night faded. Somehow, she even managed to stop me thinking about Kestrel’s funeral in a few hours, about the mammoth task before me of culling the mine and granting peace to a scarred nation, and all the loose ends I had to tie up now I was heir.

I’m heir.

I never thought I’d say the words.

Hawksridge is mine.

Once upon a time, that was all I wanted because it offered freedom for my siblings and me. But now…I could walk away from it tomorrow because Nila was my true freedom and I loved her more than any estate or bank balance.

Dropping over her, I kissed her quickly, forcing myself not to get carried away. Her hand swooped up to my cheek, caressing me with love and lust.

Pulling back, I dropped the ties to the mattress and tugged on the hem of her glittery blue jumper. “This needs to come off.”

Sitting up in one sweep like a ballerina, she let me pull the fabric over her head. She didn’t say a word as I removed the small tank top underneath and unhooked her bra.

Once I’d revealed her breasts, her nipples instantly hardened, begging me to bite and suck.

I deliberately brushed my knuckles over them, granting her a smidgen of pleasure.

She gasped, her black eyes turning into empty galaxies just waiting for me to give her an orgasm and fill them with stars.

My cock twitched, begging to take her. But I had something to do first.

Picking a single tie from beside my knee, I growled, “Put your hands together.”

She stiffened with anticipation but obeyed. Her elegant fingers latched together, presenting them to me like the perfect surrender.

Taking her wrists, I gently wrapped the silver tie around her, securing it tight but not too tight. Guiding her arms back to rest on the pillow above her head, I kissed her brow. “Keep them there. Do not move. Understand?”

Her pulse echoed in her throat, dancing beneath her diamond collar. “I understand.”

“Good girl.”

Resting back on my knees, I turned my attention to her trousers. I tapped her hips. “These need to go, too.” My voice no longer resembled a distinguished lord, more like a feral sex-starved man who desperately wanted to fuck.

“Of course.” Nila arched her back, holding herself with suburb muscles as I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. A soft pant fell from her lips as I wrenched the denim down her legs, followed by her lacy knickers.


Was there anything more fucking perfect than Nila naked, willing, and wet in my bed?


She looked positively decadent.

My hands curled, forcing myself to find some restraint from fucking her that very instant. Tracing my finger along the inside of her thigh, I murmured, “Now, Ms. Weaver…what, oh what, should I do with you?”

Her skin flushed as her eyes dropped to my fully dressed body. “I want to see you.”

I shook my head. “You have to deserve that. I think you need to do a few more things for me before that, don’t you?”

Her midnight eyes darkened impossibly further. “Like what?”

“I can think of a few things.”

Climbing down her body, I placed my elbows on the bed, settling myself between her spread legs. My chin hovered over her cunt, my eyes locked on hers. “I’m going to taste you, Nila. I’m going to make you explode and show you you’re alive and with me and safe. Foreign sisters don’t matter. Mother’s secrets don’t matter. All that matters is us.”

Nila panted as I bowed over her and breathed hot on her clit. My breath misted her delicate skin, heating her core, making her moan.

She bucked in my arms. “Oh, my God.” Her bound hands flew to her chest, struggling against the knotted tie.

Grabbing her silk-covered wrists, I clucked my tongue. “Put those back above your head.”

She gasped, struggling to obey when every nerve ending existed in her pussy.

Slowly, she rested her arms back on the pillow. Smirking, I lowered my mouth, licking her quick and sharp.

“Oh…” She shuddered.

I licked her again, absorbing her taste, struggling with my own resolve to grant her pleasure when all I wanted was to climb inside her. “More?”

Her head tossed back, another moan responding in answer.

My muscles stiffened. My cock ached in my jeans. I wanted to forget all pretence and just fuck this woman. Claim her as mine. But she wanted to come alive. I would do everything in my power to make that happen.

I’d make her cry with hysteria. I’d make her laugh at how good it felt to breathe and let me control her pleasure.

Slipping fingertips between her legs, I traced my way upward. Every sweep of my tongue and inch of my fingers, she trembled and tensed.

The higher I got, the more her legs forced to close, clamping around my shoulders.

Shaking my head, I speared the tip of my tongue into her folds. Grabbing her legs, I slammed them open, pressing them into the mattress, ensuring she was bared, exposed, and entirely vulnerable to whatever I wanted to do to her.

“Stay, Needle. Otherwise, my tongue will become teeth.”

She groaned—it echoed through the bed, hypnotising me.

Her pussy glistened, so wet with need.

Dragging a finger though her slickness, I murmured, “You want me so much, Ms. Weaver.”

“You know I do.”

“Tell me.”

Her voice was a husky whisper. “Tell you what?”

“Tell me how much you need me.”

She gasped as I inserted the tip of my finger inside her. “So much. Too much. Way, way too much.”

Her muscles leapt beneath my touch, both externally and internally.

In our bedroom, there was nothing else to think about. Here, it was just us. A place devoid of people. We were in our own world. A world filled with love and lust and a connection so strong, I could come just from her thoughts. From living her pleasure and what I did to her.

It was the strangest, most surreal sensation.

The intimacy of the moment swamped me with everlasting joy. Her feet rubbed on the sheets as my tongue landed on her exposed core. Her hands opened and closed in the binds, her hips rocking into my mouth.

My only goal was to please her and show how much I fucking adored her. Not just for tonight or tomorrow but every night and day in our future.

I sucked her clit, unsheathing my teeth to nibble. My hips pistoned, pressing my hard dick into the mattress, seeking relief as her taste exploded through my veins.

“I’m so grateful for you, Nila.”

Her head thrashed as my voice resonated through my tongue and into her pussy. “I’ll spend the rest of my life making sure you know how damn grateful I am.”

My hips rocked harder, fucking the bed as desire built swift and demanding in my blood. Sliding over her, I licked her nipple, sucking the hardened flesh into my mouth.

She cried out, her skin flushing with sweat. “Jethro—”

“What do you want?”

“I want—I want—”

Then a thought popped into her head, and I caught it. I caught the explosion of desire, asking me to do something she daren’t verbalize. Lucky for her, I sensed what she needed.

I obeyed.

Baring my teeth, I bit her nipple.


She moaned loudly in reward, telling me without words that I understood exactly what she wanted. Tonight, she didn’t want sweet or soft. Tonight, she wanted to be marked and ridden. To feel human and come alive with aches and love-bruises and the knowledge she’d wake up tomorrow with memories of what we did in the dark.

I would oblige her completely.

Starting from her lips, I kissed her hot and deep. My teeth captured her lip, biting down so she would feel my kiss long after I left to bestow attention on other parts.

Trailing from her mouth to her throat, I bit her.

From throat to collarbone, I bit and licked and loved.

Every inch of her body, I bit.

Leaving indents of my teeth for a few seconds before her flushed skin absorbed the erotic pain, begging for more.

“I love your tiny breasts, you know that?” I swirled my tongue around her nipple remembering the first time I saw her. The awful things I said to her. The barely delivered lies about needing a woman with bigger breasts and more confidence.

I’d been enthralled with her from the very first moment. I’d just done a better job of hiding my true desires back then.

She laughed, her skin quaking beneath my tongue. “I’ll have to go back over what you’ve said to me and see how much was real and what was fake.”

I chuckled, biting my way down her stomach, nipping each rib, ensuring every inch of her was tasted. “Most was a lie. When I told you I couldn’t stand you, I really meant I loved you. When I said you drove me mad, I really meant I wanted you more than I could breathe.”

Her eyes met mine, liquid with love. “Jethro…”

I smiled lopsidedly. “You had to have guessed how insanely hard I fell for you? Those first texts, the First Debt. Fuck, Nila. It took every willpower not to steal you away then and there.”

Tearing my gaze away, I bit her particularly hard on her hipbone, dragging a strangled cry from her lips. “I’m going to punish you for that. Reprimand you for the power you’ve always held over me.”

She moaned as my mouth latched over her pussy again, only this time, I didn’t just lick; I fucked her with my tongue, lavishing her with my teeth.

Her fingers clenched in the tie, her back arching for more. Planting a hand on her lower belly, I kept her in place as I licked and laved, forcing her to peak fast and hard.

“Oh, shit!”

Her legs locked. “I’m…I’m—”

Her belly fluttered. “Don’t stop. Don’t—”

“Fuuuck.” Her pussy rippled around my tongue.

Her orgasm sparked from nothing, exploding with fireworks. My tongue drank up every clench, and I didn’t stop until she fell limp against the bed.

My chin and lips smeared with her pleasure as I stared up her svelte body, smiling at her wanton happiness. “Are you feeling alive yet, Ms. Weaver?”

She wriggled, her skin flushing. “I’m starting to.”

“Only starting to? I better increase my efforts.”

Climbing up her body, I hovered over her. Impossibly, I fell even more in love with her. Tucking hair from her eyes, I undid the tie around her wrists. “Now, what do you suggest I do with you?”

Her black hair tangled on the pillow as she shrugged, rolling her wrists in their newfound freedom. “Anything your heart desires.”

A grumble sounded low in my chest. “Giving me carte blanche is a dangerous thing.”

“No, it’s not.”


“Because I trust you, Jethro. I trust you with my heart and soul.”

Gritting my jaw, I looked away. She understood me so fucking much. Closing my eyes, I gathered my control. If I let myself give in, I’d be inside her within seconds before we had a chance to fully embrace the alchemy between us.

I groaned as Nila shifted onto her knees. “I know what else you can do.” With fluttering hands, she undressed me like I’d undressed her. Her fingers kissed my lower belly, gathering the hem of my black t-shirt and ripping it over my head. “You can make love to me, so I can return the favour you just gave me.”

Tossing the material onto the floor, her expert touch descended on my jeans. “I want to touch you, fuck you, and keep you forever.” Her talent as a seamstress undid the fastening faster than I ever could, her hands hot on my hips as she shoved my jeans and boxer-briefs down in one go. “Move so I can get rid of these.”

I didn’t speak, lapping up everything she gave.

Rolling onto my back, I copied what she’d done and arched.

Her tongue came out, licking her bottom lip as her eyes locked on my hard dick, slipping my clothing off me and to the floor.


Both of us this time.

Time stopped ticking onward. The new day paused. And Nila and I just stared.

Our promises of intensity and taking it slow hovered like scripture, slowly disintegrating the longer we breathed.

I wanted her so fucking much.

Her hand landed on my cock.

And that was it.

I couldn’t do it anymore.

I didn’t know who moved first.

One second, I was on my back, the next, my hands were full of Nila’s hair and my mouth connected with hers.

We threw ourselves together.

Our bodies slammed into one.

Nothing else mattered but joining.

The whip and ties would have to wait for another time. This…this didn’t need props or toys. This was pure undulated passion.

The sheets tangled around my legs as I imprisoned her on her back.

Her chest rose and fell, her breasts squashing deliciously against my chest. “God, Kite…”


Words weren’t allowed when all I wanted was emotion.

She could talk to me but in silent form. She could beg me but only in her mind. I would hear. I would understand. And I would fucking deliver every command she decreed.

My lips captured hers again. My mind focused on nothing but the rhythmic strokes of her taste, her fingernails slicing down my spine for more.

Somehow, our legs entwined, our arms plaited, our entire bodies fought to get closer. Her legs spread wider, her knees nudging mine as she cradled me between them.

I wanted her like that.

I wanted her rough. Gentle. Safe. Dangerous.

But in that second, I needed her brutal.

She needed me to bite her?

Well, I needed to fuck her.

Shooting upward, I grabbed her hot skin, flipping her onto her front. “Tell me now if this is going to be a problem.”

Sitting on her knees, she arched her spine, standing on all fours. The dip of her spine blew my fucking mind, the crack of her arse leading the way to the hottest wettest cunt I’d ever had.

Looking over her shoulder, her lips burned bright red, swollen from our kisses. Her face flushed pink from her orgasm and her thoughts…they gave me complete freedom to take her like this.

She wanted it.

“You want to be ridden?”

She bit her lip, her teeth indenting the red flesh. “More than anything.”

Swallowing a possessive growl, I clamped one hand on her hips and the other around my cock. Yanking her backward, I positioned myself to line up perfectly.

As her entrance locked over the crown of my cock, I couldn’t see. My eyes short-circuited as insane bliss catapulted down my dick and into my balls.

I had her in my arms, and yet, somehow, I still expected her to vanish.

She was everything I ever dreamed of. I couldn’t help fearing she’d be gone when I woke. I’d find she never existed and this was all a terrible fantasy.

But then she rocked backward, sliding her pussy down my length. Her spine rolled, her head folding toward the bed. “More.”

Shit, I’d give her more.

I’d give her everything.

Thrusting upward, her body offered no barrier as I filled her completely. Her previous orgasm slicked and prepared her. I didn’t have to worry about being gentle or slow. I could climb inside and take everything she offered.

Leaning forward, I wrapped my arm around her chest. My hand grabbed her dangling breasts, squeezing the weight. My mouth found her spine, kissing the beads of her bones, thrusting again and again.

Opening myself to every thought of Nila’s, I felt her gratitude, her love, her desire. I felt her happiness, her singular concentration on me inside her, and the quietness that being together brought.

Biting her waist, I continued to thrust upward. My hips rocking to a punishing rhythm, forcing Nila to match my pace, slamming us together, keeping our bodies joined.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” I kissed and bit her, driving myself insane with sensation. “I want to come all over you. In you. On you. I want you like this for the rest of our lives. I want you to know you belong to me. I need you. Shit, I need you.”

Her voice wobbled, breathless with our pace. “Don’t stop.”

My balls tightened, building with bubbling pressure. My cock grew thicker and harder, impaling her, spearing her, diving into her over and over and over.

My hands roamed over her back and waist. I couldn’t stop touching her. Fisting her short hair, I rode her hard and fast. Degrading but respecting. Cruel but loving.

“I stole you from everyone. I snapped the collar around your neck and made you mine. Every scream you uttered is mine. Every moan you’ve made is mine. Your heart beats for mine. Fuck, Nila.”

Her neck curved backward as I kept tight hold of her hair. “Yes. God, yes.”

My legs trembled, my knees glued to the mattress as I thrust again and again.

My release gathered in every cell, electrifying together, surging into my cock.

Sweat misted my hairline as I continued to ravage. My fingers bruised her hips as I yanked her back again and again. “I’ll never stop needing you, Needle. I want to know your every secret. I want to grow old with you. I want to be the reason you smile and hurt those who make you cry. I want you by my side when I finally do something worthwhile, and I want to enjoy every fucking second we have left together.”

Nila’s flesh bounced, her thighs cracking with mine as I hurtled toward the finish. Reaching between her legs, I strummed her clit, forcing her to climb to the heights of where I was.

I wanted to come. Fuck, how I wanted to come.

But I wanted her there with me.

A short cry fell from her lips as her back stiffened. Her fingernails dug into the mattress, forcing me to fuck her harder, touch her faster.

“Yes, yes…yes.”

The pleasure was too great.

The pressure too demanding.

I couldn’t wait.

Plastering my sweaty skin on hers, I hollowed my cheeks, sucking her skin, kissing her, biting her. My fingers worked her clit as my hips spasmed in a brutal finish.

Shards of pain erupted up my legs morphing into the sharpest bliss I’d ever had as the first spurt splashed into her.

“God, Nila.”

I reared up, throwing my head back as another wave erupted. And another. And another. Goosebumps decorated my skin as every rapture transferred from me to my woman.

Nila came.

Her screams merged with my grunts. Her pussy milking me as my orgasm crested.

We continued rocking long after the adrenaline and intensity of shared releases faded. We didn’t speak as I let go of her hair, massaging her shoulders, running my fingers over her spine.

Together, we flopped to the side, letting the mattress cradle us.

I didn’t withdraw and the combined heat and wetness inside her bound us even more.

Spooning Nila, I grabbed the covers and tugged it over us. Her skin chilled quickly after the heat of sex. Nuzzling her from behind, I cupped her breast and sucked in a huge gust.

“Come closer.” My voice was hoarse; my touch gentle after being merciless.

She snuggled backward, her head on my arm as I became her pillow. “Any closer and I’ll be inside you.”

I sighed. “You already are.”

“Tell me again.”

My eyes closed, sated and emotionally drained. “Tell you what?”

She waited, feathering out her thoughts for me to catch. In a strange way, I would be her very own dream catcher, sorting through her wishes while she slumbered, doing my best to make them true while she was awake.

My body quivered with residual spasms. The aftershocks of pleasure were almost as enjoyable as the finale. “You’re so stunning.” I kissed her shoulder.

“Not that.” She squirmed, laughing softly.

“You’re so dirty in bed.”

“Not that, either.” Her head turned; the slice of tiny teeth marked my wrist.

“Ow.” I squeezed her, chuckling. “Kiss me and I’ll tell you what you want to hear.”

Slowly, she turned her head. Her hips arched, curving into me. My cock remained hard inside her, wanting to take her all over again.

Her lips sealed over mine, her tongue slipping soundlessly into my mouth. The joining was erotic, sated, promised, free. I held her there. Kissing her, breathing her, communicating without messy sounds.

For now and every moment in our future, we were inseparable.

My teeth sank into her swollen bottom lip, granting what she wanted. “I love you.”

Her eyes opened, black and glowing. “How much?”

“As much as the universe but not as much as infinity.”

Her forehead furrowed. “What does that mean?”

“It means infinity states a reference of time, regardless if it means never ending. I like to think there is no linear equation or quantifiable way to love you. So I love you as much as love itself which really has no assessment.”

She smiled. “You’re so strange.”

“You’ve only just noticed?”

She laughed. Her pussy clutched my cock, sending a wave of need into my balls. “Oh, I’ve noticed. I also noticed you’re completely insane, mad—bonkers even. What did I call you? A loony toon?”

“I think you called me a Nutcase Hawk.”

“That fits, too.”

“I did warn you not to call me crazy.”

“Turns out, I’m the one who’s crazy.”

My lips curled, knowing where she was going but happy to oblige the punch line. “Oh?”

Her hand drifted to mine, looping our fingers together, sighing happily. “Crazy in love with you.” Kissing my knuckles, she settled into the bed and my arms. “We can be mad together, Kite. Because together it’s the best form of insanity there is.”