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For the first 90 days of release, Pippin and Mo will be in Kindle Unlimited. It will be on all platforms later in the year!

“What is the one thing I should know about life?” asked Pippin.
“You should always say Thank You,” said Mo. “Those two words have the power to change your world.”

Two unlikely rabbits meet and form a wonderful friendship. Together, they overcome worries, struggles, and learn how to be happy as they uncover the secrets to an incredible life.

Full of genuine images of Mo and Pippin, this book is a true tale. Every word of their journey and connection is real.

A book for all ages who want to feel a hug from the pages, glimpse into a different world, and read a tale about living in the moment, accepting what is, and loving one another regardless of our different fur.

Mo and Pippin blend rabbit philosophy with kindness, hope, and how to make all your dreams come true.

Written by New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters, under a penname – Pepper Summers – this is a true story of her own rabbit befriending a wild orphan. All illustrations are genuine images of Mo and Pippin and suitable for all ages. Please note her other books published under Pepper Winters are R18 and not suitable for younger readers.