Purchase Signed Paperbacks & Autograph Stickers

Due to the importation cost, additional taxes, and unreliability of international post, I have made the hard decision to no longer hold my backlist in physical stock. I will continue to offer signed autographed stickers and swag, along with the last and current release.

Please note the shipping is expensive and NOT tracked. (If you want tracked, please email me). In the past, books have gone missing (outside of my control) and I am not responsible for loss of the book or non-delivery.

As sending paperbacks has become cost prohibitive, I will continue to do Signed Swag Packs and Autograph Stickers.

Thanks so much for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.



Each package comes with signed swag.

Worldwide: $6.00
Australia: $5.00

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 Multiple Orders:

Two Signed Stickers

Three Signed Stickers

Four Signed Stickers

Five Signed Stickers

All other orders (more signed stickers required) please email: pepperwinters@gmail.com with quantity required.