Tears of Tess Giveaway

Tess Giveaway

It’s official. 30 Days to go before the official release and I’ll be running a giveaway until then.

I’ll be giving away a signed edition of a proof copy of Tears of Tess. (there will only be two in existence. One for the winner and one for me.) So it will be rare and hopefully–worth something. LOL

You’ll also receive a pen, magnets, stickers, postcards, key chains and a personal note from yours truly.

So, start tweeting, liking, spamming, and generally putting Tess on the map and I’ll love you forever. The contest is open for everyone around the world so no restrictions there.

The Rules:

Like Pepper Winters Author Page

* Follow on twitter: @ pepperwinters

* Sign up for her newsletter or blog:   pepperwinters.wordpress.com

* Spread the word

* TBR Tears of Tess on Goodreads

The Swag:


Paperback edition of Tears of Tess. (there will only be two of these in existence. The one you can win, and the copy Pepper will keep.)

* Decal pen

* Key ring

* Magnet

* Tears of Tess Stickers

* Personalized note

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15 thoughts on “Tears of Tess Giveaway

  1. Fingers crossed. I’ll be spreading the word. I already told plenty of my book friends about this book and they ecstatic

      1. My dear, it is completely my pleasure to help out a fellow author! In the indie world our community is so important in helping spread the word and I am a strong believe in paying it forward! AND I cannot WAIT to ready you book!! 😀 Take care love!!

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