***Day Two of write 80,000 words in 8 days***

Yes, I’m being a bit naughty and not counting the last two days in this experiment as I had no time to write with the celebrations of the New Year. (cheating? Not really as I didn’t write a thing so they really were void. I’ll just keep telling myself that)

So, after my cold-turkey from Facebook yesterday I hit 11,222 words for the day. I feel accomplished and happy. 

Before I share the teaser, the winner of the giveaway for helping share the Day One Destroyed Teaser is: Stephanie Cason Ratcliff 

Thank you so much. You have the choice of an ebook of QQ or Tess, swag, or one of the first copies of Destroyed when it’s released soon. 

And without further ado here is the teaser for Destroyed Day Two. Share and be into win! 

He waved at me with his large hand. Another scar ran along his fleshy palm. Also red. Also new. “Look at you. Stuck up, with her nose in the air, and her eyes all judgy.”
“Judgy. That isn’t a word.”
“Funny, it should be because it describes you perfectly.” Grabbing the handle of his suitcase he added, “I hope this is the last time we see each other, Ms. Hunter.”
I bristled. I hated him knowing an intimate part of myself. I hated that even though he didn’t know how valuable and unique it was—he knew something true about me. And I didn’t like it. 
“You owe me.”
He froze. His entire body went into lockdown. His muscles etched tight beneath his grey t-shirt, his aura trembled with aggression and rebellion. “I owe you nothing,” he spit.
My heart raced. Did he get the scars thanks to a debt gone wrong? My eyes fell to his forearm where, beneath the fine haze of brown hair, snaked another pink and fresh scar. Even the pinpricks of recently removed stitches were visible on either side of the knitted together flesh. 
“Give me your name. You know mine. It’s only fair.”
For a moment I thought he would throttle me. Reach out and grab my throat in his large hands and wring the air from my body. But then his anger diminished, flickered out to be replaced with utter weariness. 
“Pretend I never saw yours. You’re not getting my name.” 
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20324107-destroyed?from_search=true

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