I thought I would do a post explaining the release dates of my upcoming work. As you know (if you follow me) I’m a writer who can only write the story when a character is talking loudly to me. In this case, Destroyed was the one screaming at me. I made the decision to follow Zel and Roan’s story before completing Tess and Q as I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to Q’s world just yet. 🙂


DESTROYED has evolved from my last blog post. I said it was grey compared to the blackness of Quintessentially Q. I’d now called it dark grey…. a little darker than I intended but that’s the way the story went and I can’t deny the characters. 


It comes out on the 24th Feb 2014 with a blog tour starting the first week of March. If you’d like to sign up here is the link:







The third and final Monsters in the Dark has had to be slightly delayed (ducks for cover) I know I said around March, however I didn’t take into consideration the fact I have a book signing in The Gold Coast and a family holiday afterward which will cut into my writing time. The moment I get back, I’ll be writing furiously and it will most likely be published May (ish) I’m not confirming a date anymore than that as:

1. I don’t want to let you down

2. I have found that writing Destroyed I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself with a quick release date. My friendships have suffered as I am working 24/7 and I never see my hubby. I need to enjoy what I’m writing and from now on won’t be confirming a release date until I have the book done and with an editor. This allows me to deliver on the dates I promise without killing myself or disappointing you if I don’t make it. 


3. I DO promise however that it will be out and on both paperback and ebook shelves BEFORE the Edinburgh signing. Hand on heart. 🙂 



This is a very exciting project and I’m really looking forward to sharing Hunter and Cleo’s story with you. It will be dark. It will be kinky. And oh yeah, there’s bikers 🙂 



Again, Chantal and I won’t be announcing a confirmed release date until closer to the time however I can confirm it will be August (ish)


Other books will be announced as they come. 


One other one to be aware of is the fantastic anthology of 12 amazing dark stories called MAKE ME. Available for pre-order at 0.99 and will only be on the shelves for a very limited time.


Preorder here:


I would also like to take the opportunity to thank each and every blogger, friend, reader, and supporter. I know I haven’t been around much while I try and get Destroyed completed in time. If I don’t respond to your message quickly, or take a few days to reply to your email it doesn’t mean I love you any less, it just means my cave is where I’m living currently and I’ll be back up for air as soon as I can. 


Thank you for supporting me, for standing by me, and being there for me. I can’t thank you enough and I’ll make it up to you the moment Destroyed is done. <3 


Have a great weekend everyone xxx




  1. No worries to me not knowing the release date. I’d rather wait and read a superb book, than read rubbish that’s been rushed, just because a date was set.

    You take your time and write a brilliant read xx

    All good things come to those that wait x

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