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  1. Such an amazing read! Read the Tess trilogy and loved it. Was so excited to see new work published….but now I need book 2… Like now! Lol

  2. Great read. So so emotion packed. Could not put down till i was done. Can’t wait for part two.

  3. Indebted #1 was a Great read. So so emotion packed. Could not put down till i was done. Can’t wait for part two.

  4. Absolutely loved indebted #1 what a great read, picked it up never went to bed had to shower and go straight to work now I’m eager for the next part x

  5. I love the way your female lead characters are strong and rebellious. I can’t help but cheer for them. I saw this in Tears of Tess and now indebted 1. Can’ wait for book2

  6. I read your Monsters in the Dark series and fell in love! I picked up Indebted to try another one of your books…..and loved it!! I’m dying for book 2 – hope to see it released soon!

  7. Hi.!!!! I read ur Monsters in the Dark series. Itsssss awesommmeeee..Destroyed is also an amazing read. Den I started with Indebted series.!!! Indebted #1 n #2 , both r tooo goodddd.!!!! I love d way u portray women whu r naive evolving into sum1 strong and rebellious .!!!! M soo eagerly waiting for the book Second Debt.!!!!! Loved ur books soo much ^_^

  8. just finished the first 3 books of the indebted series now I am patiently waiting for book 4…. Loved the series I read it in 2 days… love, love , love the series I am forever hooked

  9. I am totally hooked on the Indebted Series!! Do you have a date when the 4th book will come out can’t wait to read it.

  10. I have gotten all the ladies I work with hooked on this series. We all are dying for the 4th one to come out!! So glad to have found you as an author.

  11. Totally entrapped me! Not sure how. Not sure why. Read all three in a matter of two days and I am a mother of one and a wife. Imagine that. Took me to a place in time that I wanted to travel and wrap myself in and not be afraid of what happened to me. You are amazing and have such an imagination…much like myself as I am told by my husband when I would read him captions….excitingly awaiting Book #4 & #5 & #6, ETC. GET MY DRIFT!!!!… thank you so much for putting pen to paper for me (us) ;D

  12. Indebted is currently free on Amazon and i’ve passed it over several times because the storyline is just not my thing…or so i thought. I don’t know why i finally downloaded it a couple days ago but i did and i inhaled the entire thing within 24 hours.. it was that good. I HAD to get Book 2 and 3, both of which i finished over the past 2 days. There are some very f***ed up things happening in this book. This story had me furious one minute and literally crying so hard the next. I’ve never read a book that affected me so. Pepper you’re one of the most gifted writers i have ever read. Your ability to draw me in and make me feel it’s happening to me is scary in a good way.

    I have such love for Nila and Jethro. Especially Nila. I’m glad i took a risk on your book… it really is the most amazing and unique series i’ve read in a long time and it’s firmly set in my top 10 favourite books. Can hardly wait to get into the other 3 and see how it all turns out. Thank you for sharing Nila and Jethro’s story.

    1. I ADORE messages like this. You’ve truly made my day, not for enjoying my work but for giving it a go!! 🙂 Of course, I LOVE that you enjoyed the first one enough to want the next one 🙂 Thank you so much!!!

  13. I enjoyed reading all three of your books–very intriguing and dark. I liked how Jethro and Nila loved each other and how they are in tuned with each other’s psychic and feelings. I was very disturbed by the ending of book 3 where Jethro and his brother were shot and maybe dead. I hope Jethro will not die and is continued on book 4 as well as I hope they get revenge against the father. I read the first two books in two days, and when I received the third book, I read this one in one day. Cannot wait to read the next book. You are a very good writer who knows how to keep a person’s interest in the story.

  14. Wow! I finally had some reading time and couldn’t put down book 4. Each book is better than the one before it. Can’t wait till August!

  15. I am having withdrawals!!! Please don’t make me wait till August…. that is cruel and unusual punishment, (which I may like, 😉 ) hahhaha get it? 😛

  16. Mrs. Winters, my dearest Mrs. Winters – Oh my Gosh :O how can you do this to me… I’m practically going out of my mind here trying to piece together a time machine that can take me into the future to capture the releases of your indebted series. Consider me broken until I get my hands on them. Fourth & Final debt it’s too much – hell third debt was too much yet I couldn’t put it down – I read these four books in two days -Talk about making sacrifices for the things you love – I had sleepless nights over that series. My Gosh woman (excuse me) you really know how to put words together. But as much as I love this series I must admit that you broke my heart you see Mrs. Weaver I’ve fallen in love with one of your characters – madly at that. Jethro, Nila , Jasmaine, Vaughn oh sweet vaughn they were all easy to love but KESTREL had sneaked into my heart from the very beginning taking bits and pieces from me whenever he popped into the picture but when he chose loyalty for his brother in the third debt, when he created that video to assist him he’d captured me but when Jethro’s memory of Kes packing his bags, running away, hitch hiking across town just to get him was revealed , I’d fallen, fallen so deep there’s no way I can get back to my feet and I don’t want to. When I thought it wasn’t possible to love him any more I was mistaken because I did. But you took him from me – the one man in the midst who deserved happiness (don’t get me wrong I understand – I just love him too much to let go) it broke my heart to pieces, it didn’t matter if he stood bravely to accept his fate I don’t care Kes have been selfless through it all – finding a way to help/ play with his brother by masking his emotions – Nila. sighs I only wish that my love would have remained alive he’s so precious – Jethro would break to pieces, Nila would because I am shredded and this could never be mended. I hope you find it in your heart to write a different piece to this ending with kestrel still living just for me because damn you I love love love that emotion hiding, loyal, loving brother that is all Kestrel.
    Dammit In all my 22 years it’s the first time I’d falling for a book character & I’ll forever be screwed – talk about loving the enemy Nila? I’m the one who’s falling in love with him because Kestrel Hawk is just fiction but just like you girl the hawk has sunk it’s claws into my heart and I’m broken….
    SIghs -> bring on the series Mrs. Winters I’m ready for Bonnie – Cut & the assphat Daniel to DIE (only if Kes could see the demise) :'(
    Love your work <3 keep it up!!


    1. Wow, thank you so much for your amazing message and such kind words. I’m so honoured you enjoyed the books so much and hope you like the rest in the series!! xxx

  17. I am invested in this series, totally, completely, and insatiably. And I have never understood how such evil people exist in this world who can just control and torture anyone like the Hawks have done to Nila. Grr!!! Do you know why I keep reading this story? Because, I want to see Cut, Daniel and Bonnie receive their comeuppance, in the most bizzare and twisted wicked way imaginable. I trust you, Pepper Winters to make it all worth my wait. ( Smiling wickedly). I wish to thank you, beforehand—- M. Blue.

  18. Read all your books , the first one was Tears of Tess and from them on wards i read all the books you published. Read 3 books in two days ! Cant wait for the final debt. You are amazing.

  19. Pepper Winters, I have just started reading book #6. I am so hoping the final book satisfies my sense of justice for Nila . I wish I could inhale the whole book instantly so I’d know. Lol I am t0empted to read the final chapter, but I can’t do it!!! Gonna thank you ahead of time. Thanks, My Dear.:)

  20. I worship your skills at keeping me stuck to ur books till I felt restless without them and yes I wept a river when I read the epilogue, amen to you I know jet and nila hv found true love despite hopelessness in between I love u thanks soo much

  21. Love reading these but would really love it if it was made into a film just can’t decide who would play jethro or nila
    Think as a movie it would give fifty shades a run for their money

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