RUIN & RULE (Pure Corruption MC)

*** Announcement ***

I’ve been bouncing around dying to share this information with you. And here it is.

Grand Central will be releasing a Motorcycle Romance from me in 2015. The series is called Pure Corruption. The first full length book is called Ruin & Rule.

I’m going to be very secretive about the plot for the time being as the book is only half written, but I can say it’s sexy, twisty, and Arthur ‘Kill’ Killian is proving to be a handful.

Here is the Goodreads Link:

There will also be a prequel to this full length story called Trespass & Triumph which will be releasing on the 10th Nov 2014 in the Boxset OWNED. Find more information here:


This story is Grey-Dark and focuses on a plot that I hope will have you guessing right to the very end.


“Was this your plan all along? Make me think you cared about me so I would let you go? Out of what…decency?” He cupped my chin, his eyes boring into mine. “Because if that’s your plan, then you don’t know me at all.”
“I had no plan,” I murmured.
He thrust against me, bruising my clit. “You’ve won though haven’t you, Forgetful Girl? I’m almost naked and in a makeshift bed. Isn’t that what you wanted?”
My breath caught. “My intention was never to sleep with you.”
“Bullshit. You want me. I saw it in your eyes the moment we met.”


ruin teaser

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