PEPPER MAGIC MOVIES: Health, Wealth, Happiness

Hi 🙂

As you know, I’m a HUGE advocator of thinking positively and creating the life you want and deserve through the power of the mind. I’ve been using the power of positive thinking for six years and can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without the focus and goal setting that visualization gives you.

I’ve read every book on the subject, have an obsidian turtle that sits in my back left pocket that I use as a reminder to constantly remember my goals every time I feel it, and up till recently had a photo album full of pretty images with my goals on that I would read religiously before going to bed.

Now, I’ve upgraded a little. I’ve created some Magic Mind Movies that hold images of things I want to come true, of places I want to visit, of the life I wish to live. I watch that every morning and night. Some days I don’t want to, most mornings my mind doesn’t concentrate on what I’m watching—but the repetition of watching resets your subconscious, so you’re constantly in-tune with what you want. It also ensures your thoughts are happy, positive, and you don’t let negativity or bad influences ruin your dreams.

Some of my goals that I started six years ago were:

  1. Become a successful published writer
  2. Have an amazing marriage with my best friend
  3. Be able to travel often and to nice places
  4. Live my ultimate dream (in a career I love: writing)

Those were my long term goals. Whenever I read them, I would sometimes get the voice in my head that said ‘yeah right.’ ‘It will never happen.’ ‘Might else well give up.’ But I just read, ignored the pessimism, and kept going. I’m not saying it happens fast, but if you put your dreams out into the world they DO come true if you believe.

I want to know what your goals are. Tell me below and write them down and read them every day to remind yourself 🙂 Share what you want from life. x

Also, to help support your dreams coming true, I’ve created a few Magic Movies for you to watch and create your perfect life. There’s thousands of these on Youtube so pick and chose other great movies to bring what you want into your world. But here are a few that I created based on what I find works.

Mind Movie to bring WEALTH into your life.

Mind Movie to bring HEALTH into your life

Mind Movie to bring LOVE & DREAMS into your life

Mind Movie to bring GOOD KARMA & SERENITY into your life

I’ll also be adding more as time goes on, and if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see in a movie, let me know. I can also do personalized ones (dependent on time.) So if you have any images or aspirations email me and I’ll see what I can do.

Have a great day everyone! xxx


Also if you want to see other videos, book trailers, and some previews on all my work they all listed below. <3

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Trailer for Quintessentially Q

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Trailer for Preview on all my books

Playlist for Monsters in the Dark

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6 thoughts on “PEPPER MAGIC MOVIES: Health, Wealth, Happiness

  1. I love all of your books and read your wish list I do not fit in with your usual reader I am a widow with44 yrs of wonderful memories so I re live these with your wonderful books keep writing

  2. cannot open up the playlist for any of the books that I have already read. How can we do that so we can listen to them?

    Thanks, Hengy

  3. I dream of having courage to put what is on my head down on paper! Yes I know many people will probably say this, but since I started reading again it seems my creative side is pushing harder and harder to come back out. I have enjoyed reading ever since I was little and would constantly be writing stories. But life got in the way and I stopped reading and writing.
    I also dream of having the courage to put my stories out there for others to read. Maybe one day I will have the courage to do that.
    I did achieve a long held dream of mine recently. I wanted to get back my independence and regain some of my confidence. I did that by meeting people I didn’t know and becoming firm friends with them. We all then went to the authors signing in Edinburgh. I met loads of fabulous authors (I may have had a mini freak out fangirl moment when I saw you!), and had the best weekend ever with my friends. I now dream of going to London and Aberdeen next year.

  4. Pepper,

    Thanks for the sending out this email. Talk about great timing. Like you I believe in positive thinking, but over the last few years I had gotten complacence in my life. Recently, I did a vision board to get back on track. Never thought of watching “magic movies”. This is will now be a part of my daily routine

    For ten months, I have put off writing my novel. No more complacency or fear of failure. It is time to dream again.

    Thanks again for sharing and uplifting.


    PS I have enjoyed all your books. Can’t wait until Debt Inheritance #2 comes out.

  5. Reading this post just made me think, man, I dig Pepper Winters as a person too, not just as an amazing writer. I love that story of writing down what seemed at the time like ‘ridiculous’ goals and then just putting your head down, believing them, and working towards them anyway. It’s how I try to live too. It’s not an ignorant optimism, Lord if anything it’s an all-too-knowing optimism. It’s an optimism-in-spite of! I’m not sure what I’d write down as dreams, I’m kind of living it too – my job is writing too, which is kind of a deliriusly fabulous gig as long as I can manage it. Got a little family i love. Health ain’t so grand, but I’m wicked zen and pretty damn happy with my life. I don’t want to waste my years being unhappy 🙂

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