1. Trying to be patient waiting for Third Debt and now a signed paperback possibility! Killing me here ! Thank you for the chance

  2. Hi Pepper, I am so anxious to read the 4th book in this series. I have enjoyed the journey that you have taken me on. Following the twists and turns in Jethri and Nila’s relationship has kept me anticipating what the next book will unfold. I have read all of your books that I could find and have loved them all. Tess and Q have been a favorite couple since being introduced to them in Tears for Tess. Now I think they may have to have a double-date with Jethro and Nila, if they survive the Indebted series. Thank you for giving me hours of an emotional, nail biting, panty soaking roller coaster ride every time I open one of your books. Always a Fan…M. E.

  3. OMG! The teasers are driving me crazy.. I’m super excited for the new Debt… are you sure the releas date can’t be fast forward?? 😅…

  4. Hello Pepper,
    I’m am enthralled with your writing. I have just finished #3 and it is 5 am. The stories pulled me in an fill my soul with laughter and tears. Please keep us wanting to know more about Jethro, Nila, Tess and Q. Please give us more of the webs you weave!
    Thank you, Pepper

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