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I can’t believe it.

I can’t stop dancing.

Tears of Tess, Quintessentially Q, and Twisted Together are officially a New York Times Bestselling Series. I’ve wanted that from the very beginning for Tess and Q and to achieve it 18 months after Tears of Tess was released is incredible!!

THANK YOU to everyone who bought a copy of Monsters in the Dark Boxed Set. You guys have not only placed the series at #8 on ebook NYT and #15 ebook and print combined, but also #34 on the USA Today Bestseller list which makes that a twice over bestseller as Twisted Together hit back in June 2014.

I can’t thank you enough!! TRULY. You have ALL made my day complete. Hell, YEAR complete.

NYT Monsteres

usa monsters in the darkxxx <3 <3 <3 xxxx

Along with the amazing List News, Monsters in the Dark also led the way on Galley Cat round up too, being #1 in self-published titles for that week!

GC mid

Not only is this surreal as this was my first series and my baby, but it blows my mind to think I’ve:

Hit New York Times 3 times.ย 

Hit USA Today 7 times.

I NEVER in my WILDEST dreams imagined something so incredible could happen. And it’s ALL down to you.




  1. Yay!!! I knew those stories would do well, even through the criticism, because you stayed strong and true to your writing style. And, for every one person that doesn’t like your stories, there is people like me that love them and want to spread the word about your amazing talent. You deserve it!!! Tess & Q do too!!! Congrats!โค๏ธ

  2. Congratulations Pepper!! I love your books and Iโ€™m reading this series for the third time!

  3. Congratulations Pepper! This doesn’t surprise me …if anything you deserve a top 5 position across the board! This is one of my All Time Favorite Series! I knew it was special after reading the first 2 pages! I’m counting on you to fill up many more of my hours with your dark and delicious journeys! Thanks..Always Loyal…M. E.

  4. I’m so happy for you, congratulations. Can’t wait for more, I’m trying to read Twisted Together as slowly as I can bear because I know I’m going to be sad when it ends! Xx

  5. Pepper, I wanted to thank YOU…for being an exceptional writer, for knowing exactly what a dark romance reader truly needs and wants. You are amazing, I wear your Pepper gear with pride and tell everyone who is ready to listen about you and your amazing stories…now, just one more request…hurry up and write, write, write…I’m dying here. JETHRO, I feel you!

  6. Monsters in the Dark trilogy is the reason why I’m currently following your INDEBTED SERIES! So Happy for you! congratulations!

  7. I am currently reading the third debt. I am captured by Jethro and Nila. Much like I was with Q and Tess (can’t wait to read the novella). You are an exceptional writer, I have hope that one day Jasmine and Kestrel will be free to live normal lives and benefit the world. Especially Jasmine (I see her being in the medical field after helping Jethro). I Look forward to finishing the series and reading more of your work. Thanks for the good reads so far.

  8. Ok, well I just finished reading the Third Debt. There was some wishful thinking on my part. Enjoyed the book, still on the edge of my seat. I am eagerly awaiting The Fourth Debt. Pre-ordered right after finishing The Third Debt.

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