Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to touch base and say HELLO. Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend and reading lots of great books.

I don’t have anything to interesting to report. I’m busy writing Fourth Debt and loving this book and starting to tie up all the plot points I’ve been teasing you with 🙂

I’ve been asked if I’ll do another Q & A session regarding my upcoming releases / general advice / etc. So if you have any questions for me, please comment below and I’ll make sure to answer them in a combined post.

In the meantime, I’d like to run a contest if anyone is interested. I would LOVE a new trailer for Indebted. Something cinematic and awesome. (I suck at video editing, so need help) Is there anyone out there who would like to create a trailer that teases new readers to the Indebted World? If so, I have prizes in the form of Signed Paperbacks for the entire series.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be teasing you with Ruin & Rule teasers and starting to get excited about that upcoming release. For now, I’ll be on lockdown busily writing and getting as much work done as possible before the signing event in two months.

Thanks everyone!

Also, If you missed out on the hoodie / tanks / t-shirts for Indebted, the campaign has been tipped by readers who wanted one but missed out. If you’d like one, here is the link:



And finally, here is a teaser for Fourth Debt that I posted on my Facebook Page–just in case you didn’t see it 🙂

V teaswer


  1. Are there going to be any trips into Indebted in Ruin and Rule?
    Will Ruin and Rule be a standalone or are you planning yet another great series?
    When will we get to know more about Je Suis A Toi?
    Will there be more teasers for Fourth Debt to keep us going untill August? Please???

  2. About Je suis a Toi….is there any chance you can tell us if it’s a novel or a novella?
    And when will there be a link to iBooks?
    Sorry with all the questions,but i’d really love to know.

  3. i love these series and I know and can’t wait to read the 5th & 6th depth. I know it would be awesome as all the previous ones but I was Di devastated once u heard Krestel and Zjethro were shot and I just kept going back and rereading the last couple of pages and by Zgod I was thinking about it and upset it about the whole situation and how messed done lives could get no matter how rich people are and I admire you’re work and you’re thinking as how it could do such an amazing job this is why you’re such a good author and writer and I also read You’re new book Rules and Ruin that is coming out in July and I love anything and everything about MC and Motor Cycle Bikers absolutely love them and despite what some people might think and or say, everyone should at least read about them and get familiar with their life styles and language and so forth – it is just way too interesting and amazing to have the knowledge and me personally have read so many of them that I think I can even write about them but I wouldn’t dare 😘. So with all of this said and done, Pepper (if I may call you by you’re first name) I totally admire you’re skills, writing and most importantley you’re sense of thinking and imagination. Thank you very much for all the great reads that you’ve provided thus far and I am and would be on look out for any new books that has you’re name on it. I must admit as I have lots of great authors on my kindle and I enjoy every single read and every single book. Have talked way too much but just wanted to share my opinion and knowledge with you as well. Have a great weekend enjoy upcoming beautiful weather wherever you are as well. Big Fan -hengy

  4. Well, the series leaves us all devastated but I love any minute reading it and particularly all cliffhangers. The facebook groups are so much fun, too, finding new friends and knowing bits and pieces of authors who remained mysterious in the past. No, really, every single book you did has been so addictive and Iam glad you can write now fulltime … I have three questions: 1) How can Cut cancel the Debt inheritance which is binding and more than 600 years old with his own last will ?! 2) Will we see more of Killian in Fourth and Final Debt ?! 3) Can you ever be persuaded to do stand alones on Emma and Cut, Bonnie and whoever made her this way, the first Hawk / Weaver generation or at least publishing the Weaver journals of Emma and the other Weaver firstborns ?!

  5. Pepper you are awesome do this. I know some of these are complex so I thank you for giving me the time.
    My questions would be (1) have the Hawks modified the debt inheritance why is it torn (2) why does Bonnie hate the Weavers did her father or brother fail (3) why didn’t Tex do more for his children, (4) why don’t the Hawks worry about evidence they cannot be that dumb, (5) is the debt inheritance legitimate and (6) was the queen/king reference a mistake?

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