To celebrate the weekend, I thought I’d tease you with a few lines from FINAL DEBT. (Because I’m cruel)

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Cut’s voice physically hurt me as he forced me to my knees. “In five minutes, this will all be over.” He bent to the side and collected a wicker basket.
The wicker basket.
I didn’t want to think about what its contents would be.
He placed it on the other side of the wooden block.
My lungs demanded more oxygen. My brain demanded more time. And my heart…it demanded more hope, more life, more love.
I’m not ready.
I cried out as the scratchy blackness of a hood engulfed my face, tightening by a cord around my throat.
This was it.
The Final Debt.
Cut pushed my shoulders forward.
A heavy yolk settled over the top of my spine.
I closed my eyes.
I said goodbye.

I waited to die.


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21 thoughts on “TEASER FOR FINAL DEBT

  1. OMG Now I won’t be able to Sleep the Suspense is Gripping I Cannot Wait for this Final Book I Think I will be reading it in one Sitting Then Reading the Whole Series Again ….. Absolutely Love each & Every Book …. Just Awesome 😯❤️

  2. Ok. That was just mean lol how am I suppose to sleep tonight after reading that? I so many different scenarios running through my mind now I can’t wait for the final debt. Ugh!!!!

  3. I can’breath! I don’t think I’ve been able to since I started reading the series two days ago! When is the Final Debt to be released? I hope soon! Great series and I’m looking forward to the last book!

      1. Omg. I read this series in the span of four days to realize the final book wasn’t released yet. And now I sit on the edge of my seat, chewing what is left of my fingernails, completely distraught over Nila’s future. When will my mind be put at ease!!? I LOVE this series and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pepper Winters!!

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