Once again, it’s time for a long blogpost.

In this edition, you’ll find updates on all my work, details about upcoming stuff, future releases, past information, and general eye-openers on where I am in my workload. I’ll also share a few pictures of the Melbourne signing (FYM) where I spent a wonderful weekend, and give a few pieces of personal information so you can understand my reasoning in the following updates.

I suggest you grab a cup of tea or liquor—whatever floats your boat—and start reading. I’ve highlighted the topics so you can skim and pick out the relevant information for you.

Let’s start with BOOKS first.

The best thing to remember is in a few months’ time all my current series will be finalized and published with no more cliff-hangers or open-ended releases. Everything will be neatly tied with a bow and gives me the space and blank canvas to deliver more series, more standalones, and a fabulous 2016 with upcoming books.


final ebook

FINAL DEBT (Indebted #6)

Short points to know:

  1. Pre-order is available on iBooks (http://bit.ly/1A1wpch ) and all other platforms (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play) will be released a few days before the book goes live.
  2. Yes, all booksellers (not just iBooks) will have the book. Yes, print copies will be released at the same time on all platforms.
  3. Release date is: 30th November 2015
  4. This completes the Indebted Series and all books can then be read with no waiting.

Now you know the short edition, let me explain a few things you need to know.

The release date is the 30th of November. This may seem long, however, let me break it down. Previously, a book would be released every 6 months to 1 year in a series. I vividly remember stalking the calendar from one year to the next waiting on a new edition of my favourite characters, sometimes waiting 2 or 3 years. Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1) released in August 2014, First Debt (#2) in November 2014, Second Debt in January 2015, Third Debt in April 2015, Fourth Debt in August 2015, and Final Debt in November 2015. Not only did I write an entire 600,000 word series in just over a year, but I also went on a two month signing tour in the USA, wrote two books (130,000 words each—Ruin & Rule and Sin & Suffer) for my publisher, and also spent a fraction of time with my family. I’ve worked my ass off this year and proud of what I’ve written and accomplished, so I’m beyond grateful that you can appreciate and understand that I’ve delivered the Indebted Series as fast as humanly possible and thank you for your patience for the last one.

Another point that I think you’ll like is Final Debt was always going to be the biggest book in the series being the last and so many things to tie up. However, I wasn’t expecting it to be double the size of the other books. But it is. So, that’s another point to remember. Not only will the book deliver very soon, but it will also be a giant read that I hope you enjoy and answers all your remaining questions about the Hawks and Weavers.

forbidden flaws


Short points to know:

  1. This book is postponed indefinitely (reasons why below)
  2. It doesn’t have a release date, isn’t for sale on any retailers, and I have no approximate on if / when it will ever be published.
  3. It was a standalone which won’t affect any other releases or books.

Now you know the bad news that I’ve been dreading to announce, let me explain.

Please note this decision was NOT taken lightly. I understand your disappointment and hope you can understand my reasoning.

The first part of Forbidden Flaws was written for an anthology boxed set back in August 2014. I enjoyed the characters and knew there was a story to tell so decided to publish the first section with the intention of releasing the full book later when my schedule allowed. I worked on this book on and off all of 2015. I dedicated time, words, and energy into making this book work. I placed the title on iBooks for pre-order. I took time away from my family and other projects to write Forbidden Flaws. Half-way through the first draft,  I knew it wasn’t working. So, I made the hard decision to start again. To scrap my hard work and rebuild the story. Once again, I dedicated time, tears, and sweat into making this book work and once again the second draft didn’t work.

I won’t go into details about why the plot won’t work nor bore you with the stress this book has caused but I can tell you that Forbidden Flaws made me anxious, stressed, and upset more than any other plot. Not only had I spent so much time on it but I couldn’t make it work. So, I made the incredibly hard decision to shelve it. I had no choice. My mind no longer felt the story and Final Debt was being ignored in favour of a standalone book that had no one waiting with a brutal cliff-hanger.

I made the business decision to finish my commitment to the Indebted Series and leave Forbidden Flaws for now (if I had continued to force it, I would’ve had a break down, and Final Debt would never have been released.) Like I said, not an easy decision to make or announce.

I can hear you ask, well now that Final Debt is almost finished why not go back to Forbidden Flaws? My answer is, I have nothing left. That story wrecked me and right now, I have no joy or drive to know how to fix it. And until that inspiration comes back, the book will remain in limbo. I can’t announce a date and I won’t offer you false hope about its release in the future. So, at this stage, it’s postponed indefinitely. I know this will be hard to hear, but I ask for your understanding and appreciate that I didn’t just decide not to publish. If it’s hard to hear that you can’t read it, imagine how hard it was for me to spend so much time and energy on a creation that I have to put to the side. It’s a very hard choice and a waste of time and energy which I hate but it was the only way to keep my sanity and deliver on my other promises.

A few other factors for this is: I am under contract with my awesome publisher that dictate when I can release books versus when their release dates are. There is a lot of background juggling that as a reader, you don’t see. But believe me when I say, having Final Debt coming out in November and Sin & Suffer releasing in January is the best scenario.

All I can say is THANK YOU for understanding and being able to empathize with this tough decision.

sin cover

SIN & SUFFER (Pure Corruption #2)

Short points to know:

  1. The release date is the 26th January 2016
  2. The book will be on bookshelves in the USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand as well as eBooks.
  3. Once released, it concludes the Pure Corruption Series and both books (Ruin & Rule, Sin & Suffer) are free to be read with no cliff-hangers

This book is already written, edited, and delivered to my publisher. Only a couple more months and it will be released world-wide. I’m super excited to see what you think of Kill and Cleo’s conclusion.

kdp (2)


Short points to know:

  1. This book has been postponed since I put the blurb up on Goodreads in 2013. I still don’t have a release date and it is no longer listed in any upcoming release information.
  2. However, I have MANY new books coming that I’m excited about and will explain below.

As a writer, we create from imagination and character strength when they pop into our heads. Last Shadow has never leapt into the forefront of my mind. I’m waiting for the characters to develop louder voices so I can pen their tale, and until that happens, I would be doing you and them a disservice by writing a book that wasn’t ready. But like I said, I have a LOT of books coming soon and can’t wait to share the news with you.

ebook (4)


Short points to know:

  1. This book is releasing very soon.
  2. No, I don’t have a date and I won’t announce one. I’m going to treat this as a gift to those amazing readers who have been with me from the start and make sure I do Q and Tess justice in this novella.

When the book is ready, I’ll let you know through all media means. It will appear on all platforms in both eBook and print as a surprise. What I can tell you is it’s soon and I’m LOVING being back in Q and Tess’s kinky world.



Short points to know:

  1. This is a new book that exploded into my head on my flight home from the USA
  2. It’s a standalone romance
  3. More details will be coming
  4. Release date will be early 2016

I can’t wait to deliver more information on this book but I can say that I’m writing it currently and I LOVE it. It’s one of my favourite books so far and hope you enjoy it, too. The best part is it’s a standalone so no waiting for the next book and is a true romance in every sense of the word. It’s not a Dark Romance. However, it has elements of grey, like all my books 🙂

Short Blurb: 

“There is a message for everything. From handwritten to verbal, seen and unseen. Messages exist all around us.
But what if you don’t see?
What if you don’t understand?
What if by ignoring the message, your life is never the same again?”

Add to Goodreads



Short points to know:

  1. This is a new series beginning in 2016
  2. I’m BEYOND excited about these characters and can’t wait to reveal the blurb and covers
  3. There will be five books in the series, all full length books

My lips are sealed on sharing more information about this world yet as I don’t want to confuse you with all my other series that are yet to be concluded. So, I’ll hold off for a little while to give you a fresh year full of brand new releases that I’m super excited about.


Monsters in the Dark (Tears of Tess, Quintessentially Q, & Twisted Together) will be concluded with the novella Je Suis a Toi coming soon.

Indebted Series (Debt Inheritance, First Debt, Second Debt, Third Debt, Fourth Debt) will be concluded with the final book Final Debt releasing 30th November 2015

Pure Corruption Series (Ruin & Rule) will be concluded with Sin & Suffer releasing 26th January 2016.

I have a new series starting in 2016 which the blurb and cover will be revealed very soon.

I have a new standalone, Unseen Messages, releasing early 2016 in lieu of Forbidden Flaws

Forbidden Flaws is postponed indefinitely.


I have just returned from Melbourne after signing at the two day event Fictionally Yours Melbourne. The organisers (Tina, Penny, and Simone) did an epic job and I enjoyed every second of it. If you’re ever in Melbourne, I highly recommend staying at the Crown Metropole, stunning hotel and I can’t wait to go back to do some more exploring!!


Swimming pool at the Crown Hotel


Airplane view. So pretty


Signed a few Ruin & Rule at the WH Smith at Melbourne International Airport


Short points to know:

  1. I’m not signing in 2016

This is another tough decision that I was dreading making but here we go.

At this stage, I have no commitments or events where I’ll be signing in 2016. I haven’t made this decision lightly. Recently, my husband and I purchased a piece of land and will be building eventually (it’s taking longer than we planned to come up with a conceptual plan  but we’re very excited about designing our forever house) So, knowing that we couldn’t be away for long with builders and deliveries was one reason why I decided not to sign in 2016 and the other reason—and perhaps most important—is I want to do what I promised when I started this journey and that is deliver the best books, story-lines, and characters that I can.

As I’m an introvert at heart, events take a lot out of me. I can’t write while I’m away and my imagination and energy dwindles where I’m almost hung over when I return home. I have a FABULOUS time while I’m there but my craft does pay for it. So, as I want to deliver a new series quickly (every 2 months) and a couple of standalones and novellas, I’ve made the choice that 2016 will be dedicated to writing books. It will be so hard to sit alone typing all day when I see incredible events and author’s meeting fabulous readers but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make to ensure I deliver the best quality I can create.

I hope to arrange signings again in 2017 and details will be announced as and when I commit.


I think I’ve covered most of what is going on in my life above. We’ve bought a piece of land. We’ll build a house soon. And I’m planning on doing a lot of writing and releasing. On the plane last night, I went over what I’ve achieved in two years and it’s truly mind-blowing what this career has given me. I’m truly so humbled and blessed that I’ve been able to live my dream job and it’s thanks to you.

A summary of what I’ve been up to over the past two years is below:

August 2013:

Released Tears of Tess

December 2013:

Released Quintessentially Q

March 2014:

Released Destroyed

Attended my first signing on the Gold coast Australia

Hit the USA Today for Destroyed

Headed to Bali with friends for a short break

June 2014:

Released Twisted Together

Travelled to England and Scotland for my second signing in Edinburgh

Hit USA Today for Twisted Together

August 2014:

Released Debt Inheritance

Hit the USA Today for Debt Inheritance

Hit the New York Times for Debt Inheritance

November 2014:

Released First Debt

Travelled to Sydney to my third signing in Australia

Travelled with hubby to write on holiday in Koh Samui, Thailand

January 2015:

Released Second Debt

Hit the USA Today for Second Debt

March 2015:

Released the Monsters in the Dark Boxed Set

Hit the USA Today for MID

Hit the New York Times for MID

Hit the Wall Street Journal for MID

April 2015:

Released Third Debt

Hit the USA Today for Third Debt

July 2015:

Released Ruin & Rule with Forever Yours, Hachette

Travelled to USA and signed at Los Angeles, Little Rock, Las Vegas, St Louis, and New York

Hit USA Today with Ruin & Rule

August 2015:

Released Fourth Debt

Spent time with family in Mont Tremblant, Canada

Hit USA Today for F.D

Hit New York Times for F.D

Hit Wall Street Journal for F.D

October 2015:

Travelled to Melbourne for my 9th signing.

It’s been a crazy time and the best couple of years of my life. However, I know 2016 is going to be even better because of you guys.

Thank you for understanding my reasoning for the above points and for being with me every step. As you know, I write for you and hope you know how much I appreciate every message and support and haven’t made the above decisions lightly nor without much thought on how best to deliver on my promises of quality and content to you.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day.



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  4. Final Debt comes out just in time for my birthday, which is December 1st! Thank you for all the hard work and amazing books you have given us. It is truly appreciated. Everyone needs a break from things, especially when you’re an introvert (I know this personally). I think everyone will understand your decisions, though some may be sad about them, but ultimately it’s for what you think is best. We all still love you and your writing!

  5. Thank you for sharing all the news on your books with us your Dedicated Readers I for one love your
    Amazing Books. I first started reading Tears of Tess in 2013 & since then have read them all , Wow you have an incredible Talent & I look forward to all the books you write in the future…… I am waiting with baited breath for the final Indebted book. All the best with the Joys of building your New Home. ❤️😊

  6. Thank you for the update! I’m happy I got to see you when you were in Los Angeles! I love each and every one of your books, your characters are rich and well rounded. I’m happy to wait, take care of what you need to. Enjoy the holidays with your family!

  7. Seriously! Writing, touring, giving up precious family time to please your fans. You are truly a WonderWoman. Wishing you much success on your future books.

  8. First, I also received this through my email via my subscription. Thank you for creating painfully beautiful love stories. They made human love so real. God Bless you.

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    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Your “Stalker” from Little Rock, AR!! 😉

  13. A few thoughts. One, your volume of writing alone is remarkable and expresses your passion for what you do. And the above, a clear expression of your needs, desires and promises – you sound just like one of your heroines mid-way through her journey. All the kinkiness is great in your books – but the people finding their voice and who they are, stepping into their truth, that is what we really come for. So hearing all this from you – is like hearing sweet power. Here is to your year of writing and building your forever home and following your passion. We will, as always, be here awaiting your next read. ox

  14. Pepper, your books take me to a place l would never be able to go with out them. Thank you. I can wait as long as you need for you to feel that your stories are ready to release.

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    Your Fan Girl

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  17. Thank you for putting yourself out there and caring enough to let us know where you are at. I have read all of your books except for the monsters in the dark (ironically it’s how I found you but it was just a little too dark for me ;-/). But I LOVE YOUR WRITING!!!! I have read more dark series since high school starting with the flowers in the attic series to all of Anne Rices books and alters. Your stories are beyond memorable. They become engrained in our pschy. The stories are more than their genrera…they evoke such emotion. I am wrecked every time I read one. So if writing to this incredible degree dictates a slower process we all support you. If it leaves us drained I can’t imagine what it must be for you as the writer. So take time off, build your dream home, make babies ( well maybe not that because you won’t be able to think clearly ever again 😝)..do what ever fills and nourishes that spirit and imagination of yours! Because I know we as the readers will only reap the rewards a hundred fold! I’ll just keep filling my time with the other “fluff” that’s out there and wait for the next read. Thank you for sharing such a talent!

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  20. Good for you for realizing you need to take the year to focus. It cannot have been an easy decision but so many authors put books out just to put one out – you deciding to halt the process on Forbidden Flaws is truly exceptional. I just finished a book by an international best selling movie making author – and it was pure crap. Totally a book for the sake of a book. As for FINAL DEBT I am SO excited. I have read hundreds and hundreds of books, and hands down one of my favourite series EVER. I have never ever pre ordered a book in my life until Fourth Debt. I read it in 2 days. I checked back tons to keep an eye for Finals release date. I have never ever waited for a book with such anticipation. I’m so thrilled it’s going to be twice as long! I will be sad for the series to be over, but thrilled I took a chance on the first one and found a series and author that’s amazing. Good luck with your house building – been there done that – lots of work but the end result makes it worth it. Even the nights you lay awake hoping you made the right door knob choice!

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