INDEBTED BK1-3 Box Set Facebook Cover Art.psd
✔ Up for grabs: THE ENTIRE INDEBTED SERIES (Books 1-7) ebook form.
✔ What to do: LIKE these two pages:
Will M Watt (Narrating Jethro):
INDEBTED BK4-6 Facebook Cover Art.psd
Once you’ve finished, I have a surprise audio teaser from First Debt. The Kiss scene. THAT scene where Nila wins and Jethro….well…he gives in. It’s my favourite part of the book. Want to listen???
kiss me
Click below: 
Giveaway will go for 24 hours 🙂
Teaser is made by Stacy Marie


  1. I won’t be signing up for the give always as I already have the complete series. I am quick to buy up anything you write. I enjoyed the audio teaser but I was kind of surprised by jethro’s voice, for some reason, I had imagined it being much deeper, but regardless, I think the folks did a fantastic job expressing the turmoil and emotion in Jethro and nila. Thanks for allowing the audio teaser

  2. I liked both pages. Love the audio clip. Not sure what else is needed to enter. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. You are an amazing writer who never ceases to amaze me. I literally can never put your books down, and read them over and over! I can’t wait for the audio, it’s going to be so awesome to hear this story! Thank you for your brilliant mind!

  4. Liked both pages. Loved the audio clip. Usually don’t listen to audio books…maybe have to start. Thanks for the chance.

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