Complacency is the devil in so many situations and circumstances. In this instance, complacency stole a little of made me me.

You guessed it…it’s that time again. That time where I grab a knife, spill my guts, and give you months’ worth of thoughts, procrastinations, worries, and convictions in one rambling blog post.

I don’t entirely know how I’m going to write this because it still doesn’t entirely make sense in my head, but I’m going to give it a go.

I guess I’ll break it up into bite size chunks. As always—typos…they’re gonna be hiding and I’m not gonna go finding. And you might want to grab dinner, so you don’t waste away while reading this journal. #justsayin

Let’s get started…



We all have those moments or months that suck. Up until 2016, I’d never had a time where I could honestly say it was the worst. I mean, sure bad things happened but then good things did too, deleting the bad and making me forget. Plus, I’m the annoying ‘glass is always half-full’ kinda gal so bad things didn’t faze me.

Then 2016 came along and kicked my ass.

Because of the ass kicking, I slowly began to pull away from the interwebz. I withdrew from social media—partly through choice and partly  subconsciously drawing into myself. I’ve never been a complacent procrastinator. I’ve always had way too much drive, pizzazz, and a workaholic’s nature to not tackle things that faze face me. But then complacency snaked its way in, slowly creating a devil on my shoulder whispering ‘it’s too much work, don’t bother, it doesn’t matter, leave it another day , give up it’s easier’. These thoughts were new for me. It didn’t happen in one big ‘steal my mojo ’ but little by little. Tiny chips of my motivation gobbled up in order to focus on….I don’t even know. I was still just as busy as I’d always been and yet things just weren’t getting done. My to-do list only grew longer and never shorter and instead of giving me the hives like normal, I just shrugged and ignored it.



I no longer spent time on FB. I didn’t bother with giveaways (as the post office kept losing so many parcels). I no longer did teasers (as I wasn’t sure people wanted them & to be honest finding images and quotes is HARD). I didn’t do countdowns to release  (as I just forgot–how did I forget such an important part? stupid Pepper). Things that I used to love doing—teasing, sharing, joking, being active and talking about my books suddenly became too difficult.

I let myself down, but worse…I let my new series DOLLARS down.


I had the concept for the Dollar Series and Elder and Pim for over a year before I started writing it. I remember Elder popped into my head around Third Debt and said…’You know, when you have time…I’d like to steal your brain for a bit and tell my story.’ I couldn’t WAIT to get started. I was so excited, I commissioned the covers and then had to sit on them for over a year, desperate to start writing.

And then I did start writing.

And instead of sharing quotes and the excitement I felt for these characters, I shut up about it.

I have no idea why.

Perhaps because for a year I’d hidden their existence and couldn’t shake the fact it wasn’t a secret anymore. Or perhaps I just lost my mojo and didn’t realise until it was too late. Either way, Pennies came out in July and then 2016 just went downhill with pets dying and personal injuries. I wrote Dollars and the same deal, I wrote with all my heart, but I never went online with updates of writing progress or snippets of lines penned that day.  I didn’t hang out or tease or share. I kept Dollars secret even more than I had with Pennies.

Guess what happened?

Only a fraction of my market read those books.

Now, honest reflection could tell me the books are bad; that people don’t want to read a series that isn’t complete (I get that…I’m one of those people so I won’t be a hypocrite). Other reasons could be I’m done in my career and not giving unique story-lines anymore…or…it could be because that passion I felt while writing the book was not reflected online so how could people be expected to feel excitement and want to read?

Self-reflection can be a bitch sometimes, but I don’t shy away from looking at my problems. I caused the problem but now I’ve taken ownership…I can fix said problem.

Complacency was determined to kill my proactive nature and my career.


So…I contacted a friend who has been there from the very beginning. She reminded me how much I did when I first released Tears of Tess. I gave away hundreds (like literally 500) ARCs of Tears of Tess. I gave away about 80 paperbacks. I had Goodreads ads, Facebook teasers (sometimes 2 a day), and a countdown that lasted the entire time I was writing the book. I found likenesses of Q and Tess & did competitions on who could do Q’s tattoo the best. I put myself out there. I ordered swag and unique gifts related and non-related to the book world. I created trailers and handmade book-marks and key-rings—I slaved on that book because I was so excited I wanted to shout to the world to join me in my mania of those two characters.

I had fun.

And then the fun faded in lieu of deadlines and keeping up, budgeting, advertising, overthinking strategies, and basically letting mundane work steal away the spark of creativity.

All of that killed the Dollar Series.

And because I didn’t promote Pennies, only a small percentage read Dollars. And because I didn’t market Dollars, only a fraction will read Hundreds, and so on and so on until I release Millions (book five) where there will literally just be me, myself, and I reading it.

Which is not a good thing because this story line…I love it. I wasn’t going to spill this but I think it’s time I start spilling some of my secrets to get that passion ignited in myself and you again.

Jethro makes an appearance in the Dollars Series.

Q makes an appearance in the Dollars Series.

Are you intrigued? You should be because I can’t wait to reveal what happens. The way the plot has blended so epically gives me goosebumps to write certain scenes. So…because I value this series, these characters, and this new adventure so highly, I’m adding an extra month to Hundreds release in order to start from scratch with the marketing—to tell people what the Dollar series is about and get excited about it so others can, too.


What does that mean?

It means prepare to be teased mercilessly with Pennies, Dollars, and Hundreds. For those who have read the first two, you’ll be in on the tease. However, for those who haven’t or don’t even know what this series is about…watch out. I’m very aware that this small delay will be frustrating to those hanging on that cliffy. However, I also know you’ll understand when I say this series is worth putting 110% into and not the 20% I have lately—not the writing (I can still write to my top ability) but being vocal and passionate about it online.

In the meantime, I’m going back to my roots as an author. I’m throwing out the rule book and returning to three years ago. Come join me on my time warp where teasers—one liners, paragraphs, even entire scenes are revealed because I WANT to not because it’s the ‘done thing.’ Hang out with me in my FB group for organised chaos, discussions, and prizes. And keep an eye on my social media because I’m not only posting more I’m going to be exploding back into action.

Now onto the point of this blog (even though all the points above are valid).

Let me introduce you to…

CROWN OF LIES: a decadently erotic romance.

crown glitter black.png


What is this new book you ask?

This new book has me MEGA SUPER DUPER excited. DOLLARS is the epitome of a slow burn romance with mystery, angst, and passion. CROWN OF LIES is an explosion of lust, sex, and erotic naughtiness. I’m currently in the process of creating some teasers and have a temporary video trailer to share with you so you can have an idea of what is coming.

AND BE PREPARED TO BE SPAMMED WITH GOODNESS FROM THIS BOOK. No more secrets. No more hiding. You’re going to participate in my writing this book whether you want to or not 🙂

I know this year has been extremely topsy-turvey from me and I know it’s probably annoying (I annoy myself most of the time) but I can promise that I lost my way a little, but now I’m back.

To celebrate and kick off this new venture, I wanted a brand new book that I can pimp like I did with Tears of Tess. I’m also going to pimp my back-list and most of all, pimp the Dollars Series so I can share that series with awesome readers.

Rest assured I’m 100% committed to the Dollars story-line and will be writing HUNDREDS alongside CROWN OF LIES.

I can’t WAIT!


You’re probably asking what the hell is this CROWN OF LIES book about?

Well….I can’t tell you.

I’m kidding. I want to tell you!

First, check out this trailer:

Second, check out this blurb:



“I met the man I wanted. But then he vanished and a new man claimed me instead. My father approved, my friends congratulated, and behind closed doors, I was bedded by a monster.”

Noelle Charlston lives a fairy-tale life: a doting father, a college degree, supporting friends, and a future blessed with security and love.

However, two meetings with two men changed her happy existence forever. First, she met the man who made her heart sing. Second, she met the man who made her blood shiver.

Then the ugly truth came out. Noelle’s freedom was no longer hers. It belonged to the man her father believed was the perfect match. The man who pulled his lies over everyone he touched.

Including her.

Seduced and manipulated, Noelle lives two lives. The one everyone sees on the outside and the one no one sees on the inside. The lies he spins, the truth he hides, the mystery he webs—it’s all enough to slowly erode the woman she’d been and turn her into something else.

Until her past collides with her present.

And it’s her turn to lie.

To everyone…including herself.


Third, if you want to see the cover before anyone else and help spread the news about what shenanigans I’m up to this time, please fill in this form (cover reveal will hopefully be next week): PARTICIPATE IN THE COVER REVEAL FOR CROWN OF LIES

That leads me to my next point:



Tomorrow, I’ll be emailing the amazing Pimpettes who have helped me share in the past to ask if you still want to be a part of that network. If so, then I’ll have an updated newsletter to share with you to join. I’ve also revamped the way I show gratitude toward those who help – bloggers and readers combined. Remember those gold stars at school? Well, just to take you back to that time, I’m doing that. But it’s a good thing…I promise.

Each time you create a teaser, share a quote, recommend my book to a club or library—or do something completely outside the box—you earn a Thank You. Each Thank You goes to the mega Thank You which equals a paperback. No raffles or luck…everyone can earn one if you want 🙂

If you’re interested (you don’t have to be a blogger just an active online, on goodreads or book clubs reviewer bookworm etc) then fill in this form:




The other super fun part of this revamp is the fact I get to give away stuff again—screw the post man and his slippery fingers. I’ve just spent a small fortune ordering a bunch of awesome stuff to give away for CROWN OF LIES. I’ll do the first giveaway very soon and will link the Facebook post to my blog so no one misses it.

I think that’s it for now. I just want to say a mega thank you to Kennedy Fox for reminding me how to be passionate. How to shed the crappy few months and not hide in my hermit hole but to be active once again on social media. Without that kick in my wazoo, I think I’d be back to having heart palpitations like I did in the middle of the year when stress almost killed me.

Now, I’m actually excited.

Why? Because I know the success of my work depends entirely on me. I’m taking responsibility for not putting my all into my company and the CEO (that’s me) has finally had enough. I’m back, baby, and it’s a pretty awesome feeling knowing I control my own destiny again. The market doesn’t. The doom and gloom about elections and eBook sales and competition doesn’t.

It’s all on me.

And I mean to soar and take you with me on this crazy fictional ride.


2017 DATES

As I’ve been so scattered lately with: SURPRISE, this new book is coming out (Can’t Touch This) and SURPRISE, I’ve got another never before mentioned book CROWN OF LIES coming in January 2017, I’m writing up a schedule here and now so you can hopefully keep track of my wacky mind. I’m not promising I’ll stick to it but at least you can sort of see my yearly plan ahead.

JAN 2017: Crown of Lies

MARCH 2017: Hundreds

MAY 2017: Who knows. Not going to commit to anything until closer to the time—it could be CAN’T OWN THIS, could be THOUSANDS, could be another book entirely. It’s pot luck at this stage and I know you’re yelling at me, but guess what, I’m going to blame it on the muse so you can’t get mad.

JULY 2017: Thousands

SEPT 2017: Probably another secret book that I have whirling in my mind. This title (still secret) could be traditionally published or I could be greedy and keep it for myself.

NOV 2017: Millions (The Dollar Series could be finished earlier in the year–depending on if I decide to write more than one book at once and skip other books. Nothing is confirmed at this stage.

I am fully aware that being forthright about my release dates for the Dollar Series might turn you off reading them as they come out. That’s a risk I have to run. I need to do this for myself and for my books. Hopefully, I’ll find some magical pill that makes me write faster and then I can get all the books out super-fast. I do swear to you though that I won’t drop the ball on any book. The thought of rushing the Dollar Series to get it out is tempting. However, when I start to think about reducing the plot to 60,000 word books (not the meaty over 80,000 words both Pennies and Dollars have been) and cutting out all the deliciousness I have planned…I can’t do it. I’m not going to ruin this story, and if it means I have to release each book 4 months apart instead of 3….well, so be it.

I know you can understand. And realistically, 4 months is nothing in the scheme of things. And honestly, I’ll happily respect if you don’t read the series until MILLIONS (book #5) is out. However, perhaps pre-order them if you like the teasers, so I know people are interested in reading and I’m not freaking out in the corner worrying that I’m writing Pim and Elder for No One—see what I did there? You will if you’ve read the first two books.

Right, I’ll stop blabbering.

Oh, and yeah…I just got the live feature on Facebook (I know a lot of authors have had this option for a while (it allows you to do a video feed and answer questions in real time) but FB decided I was too much of a media phobe to bother giving me access. Any who, it just popped up on my phone so I guess at some point I’ll be shedding my terror of online speaking and pressing that little record button.

I may or may not tell you in advance and the first few times might have to be at the paddock with my horse as moral support. He’s pretty. He can carry the awkward pauses and faux paus I’m bound to make.

Right, this is really truly the end.

Have a great week everyone and prepare to be teased and teased and teased without apology.

Pepper Logo.png



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  1. My Dear Pepper! I LOVE, LOVE, your dollar series and think it’s your best work yet.  I can’t believe your followers haven’t jumped on this…I will say, it’s very hard to wait so long in between books.  I re-read pennies just to remind myself with the story line before reading dollars.  I thought while reading pennies and dollars that I did recognized some things with your other series….love the twists to come. Love how they’ll be intertwined.  Do you have any idea when the Argument will be out? You keep doing you!  Good Luck and the best to youHappy ThanksgivingAbbey 

  2. Pepper, I personally will wait for however long it takes for you to write anything. I just love ❤️ your words, your imagination amazes me, the thread of your characters just make my day.
    I personally will reread any series, buy any new book 📚 and engage with the new characters that will make me feel a part of your story.
    2016 had some sad times but I believe you’ve gotten much stronger as the year comes to an end.
    Looking forward to reading any new book that comes out in 2017 and beyond .

  3. I am beyond excited that you will be bringing in some of my favorite characters!!! This series is AMAZING. You are so talented, dark & twisted, a delicious combination!! I can’t wait for the 3rd book, or frankly, anything you write. #biggestfan. Keep up the amazing work, this series will catch on. Keep rocking!!!!

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