I hope you all had an amazing weekend! If you didn’t see on my social media or my newsletter, here are four teasers for HUNDREDS (Dollar Series #3)

I’m just a few days away from announcing a release date for Hundreds, Thousands, and Millions. As I’m looking into the future and trying to provide a 100% committed date for all three remaining books in the Dollar Series it’s taking me a bit more time to try to foresee any complications so I don’t let you down.

Thanks for your patience and rest assured they’re all coming very soon and Hundreds has captured my heart. I can’t wait to release it. My favourite of the series so far. Hope you think so too!

Without further ado…here are the teasers!

teaser 1


“I don’t doubt you.”
His mouth parted. “Yet you fear me.”
I couldn’t lie, not while he felt my blood gushing beneath his touch.
“I do.” My voice tangled with breath. “But there’s more than just that.”
“There is?” His tone drifted into coaxing, rapidly deleting the outside world and amplifying whatever it was that grew between us.
The unsaid things. The secrets. The bargains. The dangerous need growing quickly past controllable.
“What else do you feel for me, little mouse?” His whisper kissed my lips.
I forced my brain to work and answer him. “That’s not a fair question.”
“It’s not?”
“How so?”
“Because I don’t know how you feel about me. Why must I be the one to show weakness?”
“You feel weak around me?”
I sighed as his thumb dropped from my pulse, caressing my throat in tiny sensual circles.
“In what way do I make you weak, Pim?”
“In every way.”
“Pick one.” His knees bent, bringing his mouth to my neck. His teeth found me first, nipping at my overheated flesh before licking me with the tip of his tongue. “Tell me.”
I couldn’t answer. I had no answer. How could I explain that I never thought I’d feel this way about touching or affection? That he’d done more for me than I ever dreamed possible?
“Yet again you won’t answer me.” He bit my throat. “You won’t put me out of my goddamn misery.” Pulling back, he captured my chin, holding me steady. “I’ll tell you why you make me weak, Pim. You make me so fucking hard I can’t think straight. You crawl inside my mind when you have no right to do so. You intrigue me, confuse me, and make me contradict everything I know and believe. You corrupt me.”

teaser 2


My temper unfurled like a sword from its scabbard. “You think you know me now you’ve heard how unwanted I am by those I love?”
“What? No?” She shook her head. “That isn’t—”
“You think you understand me now, is that it?” I balled my hands, pacing around her. “You think you can judge me, read me? You think you know what goes on inside my goddamn head?” Stopping in front of her, I growled. “You know more about me than I know about you now, Pim. That isn’t fair, nor is it part of our agreement.”
She stiffened, keeping her gaze locked on mine. “I don’t know anything about you.”
I smiled coldly. “You know more than you should.”
“I’d know more if you told me.”
I laughed. “Never going to happen.”

teaser 3


“You’d like to be my friend? After everything that I’ve done?”
She sucked in a breath, her eyes dancing over my face before settling on my lips. “I want to be your friend because of everything that you’ve done.” Her breath turned papery and soft, her eyes never leaving my mouth. “I want to get to know you.”
My ears took her sentence and rearranged the letters into something I wanted to hear rather than what she’d said. I heard ‘I want you to kiss me’ even as her true words echoed behind it. Even as my hands shot forward and captured her cheeks. Even as my mouth descended on hers and my tongue tore past the soft, sweet obstruction of her lips.
Her hands captured my wrists. She held on. Her nails dug in. But she didn’t squirm or fight. She opened to my invasion. Turned stiff to pliant. She moaned.
I fucking lost it.
My fingers turned to shackles, holding her tight as I pushed her backward. Faster and faster, not looking nor caring where we were going. I just needed her against something. I needed her trapped. I needed to press and thrust and feel her against me with nowhere to run.
Somewhere in my mind, I waited for her to scream and beg. To fall to her knees. To shut down and check out. She did none of those things.
She kissed me back.
Fuck, she kissed me back.

teaser 4


He was just human.
Just a man.
But that was the thing.
Elder wasn’t just a man. He was more than human. He’d transcended into fantasy. He was the beast locked in a castle. He was the hero battling inner demons. He was more than just mortal because he’d already done so much more than any roguish storybook prince would do.
He’d rescued me.
He’d awakened me.
He’d kissed me like Sleeping Beauty, he’d freed me like Rapunzel, and he’d removed the poison apple from my soul like Snow White.
He was my happily ever after.
I just had to be brave enough, strong enough, and fearless enough to claim him.

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