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This is a rather explicit teaser and from my latest release so if you haven’t read Pennies, Dollars, or Hundreds…then it might be a spoiler. However, if you’re a sucker for punishment and want to read….enjoy 🙂

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Somewhere in my mind, I waited for her to scream and beg. To fall to her knees. To shut down and check out.

She did none of those things.

She kissed me back.

Fuck, she kissed me back.

It was as if the girl I’d rescued had vanished and in her place stood a stranger. A girl who kissed with recklessness born of the same desperation inside me. Kissed with the same infection I suffered as if unable to understand how she’d become so sick but desperate for a cure.

She was me.

I was her.

And goddammit, the kiss turned feral with urgency.

I groaned as she arched her hips into mine. She moaned as I bit her bottom lip, not sheathing my teeth or remembering to be gentle.

She matched me crazy to crazy, and for a second, I let go. I felt the obsession. I lived the aggression. I almost tripped into the place I could never go.

Wrenching myself back, I stumbled away. Rubbing my mouth, I hated that her taste infused with mine, fogging my mind until all I could focus on was my heartbeat and how much I wanted her.

She mimicked me, pressing fingers to red lips, her eyes wild and scared, her face white with shock. She looked like she did when I was inside her just before she’d broken into sobs.

“Fuck.” I breathed hard. “Once again, I didn’t mean to do that.” I backed up farther, then circled around her, heading into my suite. I needed a door to lock—a barricade between us so she was safe.

The bathroom would do. I’d take that shower. I’d rid myself of my desire. I’d remember who I was.

“Wait.” Pim stepped into the room, darting forward on tiny feet. “Don’t go.”

I froze, turning to face her. “But I just hurt you. Again.”

She looked at the floor, wringing her hands. “You didn’t.”

“Didn’t what? Kiss you? Slam you against the wall and try to fucking crawl inside you?”

She shivered. “I mean, yes, you did those things—”

“Exactly.” I bowed stiffly. “In that case, good night, Pim. Get the hell out of my quarters.”

She moved forward, holding up her hand. “No, wait. You did do those things, but you didn’t hurt me. I-I wanted them.”

My eyes widened. “What?”

“I kissed you back. You had to have felt that.” Her cheeks pinked. “I’m sick and tired of being afraid of passion when you live and breathe passion every day. You were hurting. I wanted to give you something—”

“Wait.” It was my turn to hold up my hand. “So you kissed me out of charity?” I didn’t know what was worse—trying to blow me to keep her or bestow a kiss to make me feel better.


“It wasn’t like that. I wanted to kiss you. I wanted it just as much for me as I did for you.”

My temper unfurled like a sword from its scabbard. “You pity me now you’ve met my mother and heard how unwanted I am by those I love.”

“What? No?” She shook her head. “That isn’t the—”

“You think you understand me now, is that it?” I balled my hands, pacing around her. “You think you can judge me, read me? Know what goes on inside my goddamn head?” Stopping in front of her, I growled, “You know more about me than you should, Pim. And I know nothing about you. That isn’t fair, nor is it part of our agreement.”


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