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the boy teaser


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Present Day

Graduation Assignment For: Creative Writing Class

Professor: Diane Baxter

Brief: To write a non-fiction piece about our lives that reads like fiction

Dear Professor Baxter,

I know you asked us to write something true that reads as fake but I have a problem.

I’m not trying to be difficult and refuse to do the assignment but…well, this problem of

mine…it’s a fairly big problem.

You see, I’m not allowed to tell the truth.


Like literally, forbidden on pain of death.

Ever, ever, ever.

You want us to write a story based on reality, but my entire life I’ve lived a reality based on a story.

Every town I ever lived, every school I ever went to, every friend I made, and enemy I crossed, they all got told a tale.

That’s probably why I’m so good at your class. Because creative writing wasn’t just

something I was interested in but a skill that ensured I stayed alive.

I know I’m not making any sense but you’ll understand by the end.

If I do this assignment, of course, which I’m still debating whether or not I can.

It’s not that I’m afraid anymore. I know nothing can hurt me (now). And I know if I don’t do it, it will affect my grade, and possibly even my graduation.

What I’m worried about is what will happen if I tell the truth and what will happen if I continue to live the lie I’ve been living since the day I was born.

Then again, if I don’t write it, no one will ever know how unbelievable real life can be.

But if I do write it, I’ll probably never show you.

Round and round I go, Professor Baxter. Hopefully, I’ll make my decision very soon but whatever choice I make, whatever story I tell…my life?

You’ll never believe me.

Even if I tell you the truth…

Even if I reveal every secret…

You’ll never believe me.

No one ever does.


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  1. I can feel you weaving your magic…….sucking me in…..Can hardly wait for this story to be released! 🙂

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