Gossipy News & The Body Painter Teaser

Tonight I was busy posting a short teaser to THE BODY PAINTER on my Instagram and Facebook and realised I haven’t been on my blog in over two months.


So, I thought I’d rectify that with a quick newsy, gossipy message and a quick teaser to THE BODY PAINTER.

First, let me start with….I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE SON & HIS HOPE which released in February this year. Audio has been recorded and just in the editing stages so it won’t be much longer until that’s available on all devices 🙂

Second, 2019 has been a whirlwind year of random, incredibly exciting AMAZING stuff happening that I’ve been swept up in life and not online all that much. I’ll give you a quick heads up.

Back in August last year, hubby and I had planned on going to Bali for a quick trip. However, my car very inconveniently decided to blow up and me (being incredibly stupid) tried to save my saddles and horse gear while flames licked my hair (Don’t EVER do this!). Unfortunately, I earned smoke inhalation for my troubles which turned into pneumonia for the second time that year so we had to postpone our trip.

Long story short, we rebooked for March 2019 and have just returned from basking in tropical heat for three weeks while I wrote kinky stuff around the pool.

Before we left though, crazy things started happening. One, the house we live in currently we bought to renovate to be our forever home. It’s a rather special place but stuck in the 70’s and needs a helping hand into this century (if you’ve seen my photos on instagram, you’ll see what I mean with the carpets). Anywho, we bought this place just before I got back into horses and I did warn hubby (multiple times) that if he let me get a horse our life would change. Drastically.

Silly man didn’t believe me.

Lo and behold, three years later, we are no longer city folk and have a hankering to live on a farm in our own little paradise with our four-legged family right outside the window than in the middle of a city. However, the house needs a substantial renovation which meant selling it and buying something else was most likely never going to happen until we did the work.

But…somehow, fate decided to intervene and our neighbours (who want to subdivide and do other fancy stuff to it) bought us out in a super speed deal that made our lawyer’s head spin. At the same time, we went to see a house with 37 acres

that had been on the market for two years that literally ticked our dream checklist and we bought it. (Photos are of some of the paddocks where the horses will live.)

We still can’t believe it.

We still pinch ourselves even while packing boxes and getting ready to move in four weeks.

It’s a dream come true and I can’t wait to share pics of it when we’re settled


So, yeah…that’s the gossip.

All that to say I’m busy writing but I’m also juggling a large move coming up. The good news is, once we’ve moved and arranged our new nest, it’s winter here. Which means cold days and dark nights so LOTS of time to catch up on my writing in front of a cosy fire.

And now you know a little of how amazing 2019 has been to us so far (and I hope amazing to you too) here is a teaser for THE BODY PAINTER.

Have a great night/day everyone!

Image result for the body painter pepper winters

The Body Painter Teaser 🙂

Subject to Copyright, unedited, might change, yada yada 🙂

“I’m not interested in talking.” The way his voice thickened like a river churning gravel made me hesitate. 
My heart raced. I tilted my head. “What are you interested in?” It was breathy question. A gambling question. Technically, I knew what he was interested in. 
Throwing me from his warehouse.
But there was something else.
Something just beneath the surface.
Something he didn’t want to acknowledge. 
“Nothing you can give me.” He stopped an arm’s length away. I stepped back, only to slam against the large metal roller door. The clang vibrated through my bones and teeth, making me wince. 
“I’ve paid you. Our deal is done. Goodbye, Olin.”
I couldn’t tear my eyes from his. “Can I come by sometime…just to say hi?”
“No.” He opened the pedestrian access beside me. “Forget about me.”
“Forget about you like you forgot about me?” 
His jaw worked as his teeth grinded in annoyance. “I didn’t forget you.”
“Yet you left me.”

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  1. Great property…. can’t wait to see house! Just think of all that land to play with 🙂 Have fun and can’t wait for new book. Well, I guess I’ll have to wait !!! 😘

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