I have something mega exciting to share…

I have something big to announce.

Like…big, BIG.

Like, I am BEYOND excited to launch into a new world, deliver new books, and dive deeper into Dark Romance BIG!

Let me introduce you to The Fables

So, last post, I advised that everything you’d seen me post about Fable of Happiness was to be ignored. That the premise, characters—literally every little thing—had changed. I wrote two versions of this book at 20,000 words per draft and wasn’t feeling the spark. I stepped away from it. I stopped trying to ‘fit’ the book into what I was trying to achieve and instead let the book whisk me away to places I hadn’t even dared dream.

And now?

Now, I’m in love.

I have tingles.

I’m addicted to writing.

I’m not holding anything back.

And I have news!

Fable of Happiness isn’t just a book. It’s a world. And by that I mean there’s unlimited potential to deliver deliciously dark romance within this new world.

What am I jabbering on about?

  1. The Fables is the series name for this new world
  2. Fable of Happiness is book one of potentially a duet (might be a standalone but can’t confirm at this stage as still writing the story which is DELICIOUSLY SEXY, DOMINANT, TABOO, AND JUST PLAIN LUSTY).
  3. There are other characters that you will be introduced which will all have their own story within The Fables world. Each character will have either a standalone or duet. Each ‘story’ will be available to read on their own. There will be a link between all of them, setting them in The Fables world, but each characters journey can be read in any order, not at all, or binge read the entire world as they release!
  4. This is not a new idea and many highly successful authors have their book worlds with standalones and interconnected duets that all fall under the same umbrella but stand on their own with complete stories. That is what The Fables is. A DARK ROMANCE world with different characters all evolving, struggling, and messing up in their own unique way.
  5. You DON’T have to read the entire series. You can just read the characters that interest you. But let me assure you, there are some dark heroes, stubborn girls, broken hearts, and plenty of passion to get lost in.
  6. I can’t give any information about the world just yet but I promise its DARK, DELICIOUS, UNIQUE, TANTALIZING, AND FULL OF ANTI-HEROS, BROKEN SOULS, AND GRAPHIC SEXUALITY.

I can’t WAIT!

I’ll be announcing more very soon and release for the first book in this new world is early 2021 with many more following throughout next year.

For a limited time, I’ll be opening up a street team of readers and bloggers who will be contacted directly by me with promo, teasers to share, and an exclusive copy of the books before release.

If you want to join, please fill in this form and help me spread the news of this new DARK ROMANCE WOLRD, The Fables!

Form link: http://bit.ly/34jqg0h

Blurb, cover, and release dates are coming. The covers are being designed as we speak and are different to my usual style to separate them into their own Dark Romance world. And O.M.G, they are probably my favourite covers so far!

In other news, I did something I never thought I’d do. I joined the billion people over on TikTok. When I opened my account and perused the crazy videos and felt my brain explode knowing I had to learn a new platform, I was worried. However, incredibly, happily, I LOVE it over there! I love making little videos of me feeding the horses at night, walking the rabbit, what I’m writing for the day, juicy excerpts for my books, and a stack of other nonsense as I get more active over there. If you’re a TikTok user, come follow me! And if you’re not, (if you were like me and were boycotting yet another media platform) it’s actually kinda cool!


Also, if you didn’t see, MONSTERS IN THE DARK is in Kindle Unlimited for a few more weeks. If you fancy reading for FREE with your subscription, grab a copy today or grab the boxed set so you have all in one!


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Thanks so much and have a wonderful week!

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  1. YOU ARE SUCH AN INCREDIBLE AUTHOR!! I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU WRITE! I do wait for your series to finish before I start them though because I don’t like to wait for a book. Thank you so much for all that you do for us ❤

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