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I thought it was time to shed a bit more light on this new world I’m creating. I know I’ve been super secretive about it, but that’s partly because I was still in the throes of learning how it would work myself and partly because I couldn’t figure out how to make it clear.

BUT, I know you have questions. So, if you have any that I’ve not adddressed, please comment below and I’ll do my best to reply. For now…here are the most commonly asked:

1. IS FABLE OF HAPPINESS a standalone?

Yes, and No. Yes, it is a standalone within the FABLE UNIVERSE. There will be NINE Fables in total following nine characters and their own love stories. Fable of Happiness is a complete story between Kas and Gem. I’d hoped it would be a single book. However, the tale has so much depth and angst that I couldn’t justify ruining a lusty, lush tale and chopping it down to fit into a single book. So, with that being said….I can now confirm, after being in the writing cave for a long time, that FABLE OF HAPPINESS is a TRILOGY. To keep it simple, (so you only have to remember nine titles for the entire Fable Series and not a gazillion), Fable of Happiness will be released as: Fable of Happiness Book One Fable of Happiness Book Two Fable of Happiness Book Three

2. Okay, so how will this work then? Nine characters?

To keep it simple, treat each book as separate. They are COMPLETELY different tales and follow different characters. They are just like any individual release, they just all happen to originate within this universe—hence why I’m lumping them together. Each character is unique, damaged, lost, and have a hell of a tale to tell.

3. So I have to read all of these books to finish the series?

That’s the best part. NO, you don’t. You don’t have to read each Fable. Each is a standalone and can be read out of order, or not at all. It will be clearly advertised how many books are in each Fable. For example, Fable of Happiness is officially a trilogy. However, Fable of Madness might be a duet or standalone. (To be advised when I start writing their tale). And each are totally separate to the other, following different characters and their individual love story.

4. Okay, fine, kinda confusing but I think I got it. But the big question is…WHEN is Fable of Happiness releasing? Because this story blossomed from one to two to three books, I’ve been working daily to get all three written in one go. This way, you’ll have uninterrupted releases, synced audio, ebook, and paperback, and no long wait in between each publication. Every day I’m getting closer and closer to an official announcement. I’m almost finished book two and once that’s complete, I will give a date. Rest assured, it’s VERY VERY soon. I know you’ve been beyond patient to get a date but I’d rather delay a little bit longer and give you dates SOONER rather than announce a date far into the future and make you wait. What I can hint at is the first book will most likely be released in May. And I have something HUGE planned for it so watch this space.

5. Are you sure Fable of Happiness needed to be a trilogy?

Believe me, I tried to keep it shorter as I’m aware you guys last read a five book series from me with Goddess Isles. However, it would be doing a huge disservice to Kas and Gem. I’m MADLY in love with their story. It’s one of my favourites I’ve ever written. Kas is all kinds of deliciously messed up and Gem, she’s the cure he needs after so long. Each book is full length. First one is over 70,000 words, second will be 120,000 words and the third will be just as juicy.

6. The titles in the photo, is that the order in which they’ll be published?

Possibly yes, possibly no. I will write the books in order of when the characters speak to me the loudest. I can advise that the next character in the Fables World (after Kas and Gem in Fable of Happiness) will most likely be Jareth. He’s speaking VERY loudly and he’s all kinds of delicious. (I’m talking dark. Like I’m trying to tone him down dark but he’s not having it lol).

7. Okay, so can you summarise all of the above for me?

Sure! Fable of Happiness is officially a trilogy. Named: Fable of Happiness Book One, Book Two, Book Three. Release will be announced soon but most likely first book will launch in May 2021. There won’t be long waits between each book. Audio, ebook, and paperback will release together. There are nine fables in this Fable Series but each can be read as a standalone as they follow different characters and their love stories.

I think that’s it for now, but any other questions, hit me below!

Thanks so much and I hope you’re as excited as I am about this! I’m IN LOVE with this world and can’t wait to drag you into the darkness with me. 😊

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