It’s time to get honest…

It’s time…

For one of my long-winded,  rambling blog posts!

Been a while, I know.

You know the drill. Grab a drink, find a comfy spot, and allow me to bore you for ten minutes or so while I try to intelligently put down all the crazy thoughts in my head.

For sake of order, here is a quick rundown of what I’m going to cover:

  1. Things are going to be different (I think) going forward
  2. LIVE – subjects I should cover?
  3. The evolution of me, myself and I
  4. Come for a write-along-with-me
  5. I have a secret book that may or may not release this year
  6. Fable of Happiness rebranding – enquiring minds want to know
  7. What else would you like from me?

So…that’s the table of contents, let’s get to it! I apologise in advance for typos (I didn’t go on a hunt for them) and if some of this is just completely non-sensical, just ignore me. It’s been a long time since I did one of these but I’ve felt this one brewing for a while. I’m a firm believer in following gut instincts and things inside are pushing me to be honest about future stuff, how I want to help, and just general life stuff!

Let’s begin!

Recently, I’ve done five online conferences. (Two of those were keynote speeches, one a live Q&A, one a pre-recorded video for an upcoming writer retreat, and one was hanging out with a lovely book club). In the past, I’ve declined video appearances. I’m not one to be active online or to participate in social media (unless it’s sharing a bunny or horse pic on insta! Then watch out!). Part of that is because I cherish my time outside of writing and the other part feels like an absolute geek who has no right to be in front of the camera rambling about random stuff no one cares about (pretty much what I’m doing in this blogpost).

However, by the last video I did (for Genrecon in Australia), I got into the swing of things and actually started to enjoy myself. It’s opened my eyes to a new way of hanging out with you guys and I’m excited to (potentially—no promises in case I get cold feet) that I MAY start doing video things on my media. I’ll probably go live in my group, Pepper’s Playground, to kick it off and would love to know what sort of content you want from me. Do you want life stuff? Book stuff? Self-growth stuff? Bunny stuff? I told you, I’m not very interesting. I can sum myself up in one sentence: I’m an animal lover, yoga convert, author, and girl who recently found the joy of being ‘zen’.

With that in mind, I’m not sure how I’ll come across in a video and would hate to talk about stuff you’re not interested in…so, if you have topics you’d like to see please email me at pepperwinters at to let me know!

I also have another reason why I’d like to get into doing some live video contents and that’s a good segue into my next subject…

Along with going through a long soul-search and coming out the other end happier than I’ve ever been, I’ve felt a very strong tug in my career too. It’s no secret that my main lifeblood is Dark Romance. You guys have been instrumental in my success within this genre and I can never thank you enough for reading my twisted books. However, occasionally, I’ve strayed outside those lines. I’ve dabbled in a rom com (Can’t Touch This), I’ve delivered a tragedy (The Boy & His Ribbon), I’ve delivered an MC romance (Ruin & Rule), and I’ve stepped into erotic romance (Crown of Lies). After each of those deviations, I return to Dark Romance, which will be the case after this new adventure too.

I have no intention of giving up Dark Romance. I love writing it far too much. But…I am ready to give in to another dream that has been slowly burning away for over six years.

What is that you ask?

To write a HIGH FANTASY.

The idea came to me so many years ago and each time the characters started whispering, I’d shut them up. This time though, they’re not shutting up. They’re getting so loud that I can’t ignore them anymore, which means, I’m about to step off my path again.

I can’t share too much about it right now, but I can promise you that it will still be ME. It will still be dark, erotic, romantic, and full of angst but it will be in a world far bigger than ours. With worse problems. Crazier tales. And a universe that I hope you will fall in love with as much as I have.

Because this is a large deviation for me, I’m aware some of you won’t be interested in stepping into a fantasy world, which is totally understandable. However, I’m so in love with this world and these characters that for the first time…I want to take you on a journey with me while I write it.

Which leads me to my next point:

I’d love to share longer length snippets, my writing process, the triumphs and the screw-ups while I write this insane love story. I want your feedback as I dive deeper into this world and will be posting far more regularly than I have been with character introductions and chapter sneak peeks.

I wasn’t going to announce the title yet but…I can’t help myself.

I’ll probably make a page on my website so you can track all the relevant posts about this new book, so you probably need to know what it’s called.

And that is:

I don’t have a release date yet and there are things happening in the background that may mean it’s traditionally published and not self-released BUT I’ll be sharing all that and more the moment I start writing.

What I can say is…it’s going to be my best book so far.

I know that in my bones.

It’s going to be EPIC and swoony and hot and…God, I can’t wait!

And how come I’m not writing this now, I hear you ask? Seeing as I’ve finished Fable of Happiness Book Three?

Well….let me get to my next subject:

I’m working on a book.

This book is already 111,000 words long.

It’s been a long time in coming and I don’t want to mention the title yet as there is still a possible (slim but still there) chance that I’ll decide not to continue with it.

However, I’m really enjoying what I’m writing and the words are pouring out of me, which means if I do release this sucker, it will be out before the end of the year!

Watch this space because I’ll be sharing more in a week or two when I know for certain where I stand with it.

Talking of books…

I’ve always been a firm believer that good books find the readers they’re meant to. I’ve been honoured enough that most of my books have hit lists and I’ve been blessed with likeminded bookworms who enjoy my brand of crazy. However, sometimes a book doesn’t hit the mark.

Because this is an honest blogpost and I don’t hold anything back in these interludes, I will be the first to say that Fable of Happiness hasn’t done as well as I hoped. The first book has had thousands upon thousands of downloads, yet the second book…it flopped out of the gate.

A few years ago, this would’ve crushed me.

Now, I’m lucky to say that my happiness isn’t based on the success of a book and I’m more interested in WHY it hasn’t found it’s market than lament over it’s dead in the water status. Is it the cover? The blurb? The fact that I botched up the explanation of this series? If you have feedback, let me know!

As a writer, I’m obviously sad that the characters haven’t been able to share their tale as I did enjoy writing Kas and Gem so much. It’s a tale that was hard to write seeing as Kas isn’t like any of my usual male heroes.

But as a business woman, I’d like to know what I did wrong to deliver a book no one is that keen on. Sometimes, books just don’t work and I completely accept that but sometimes it’s just a few tweaks that are needed.

I do believe in this trilogy (and it is JUST a trilogy. Book Three which releases on 5th October concludes the story with no more cliff-hangers) and I’d love Kas and Gem to find a home on some reader’s kindles. If it’s a good enough book to deserve to be there, that is.

If not…then that’s just how it should be.

If you have feedback on what put you off this trilogy (didn’t see it? didn’t like the sound of it? etc) let me know so I can fix what I did wrong 😊

And that’s about it from me. (Phew, I hear you say.)

But first, before I let you go…one last thing.

I’m going to be inching out of my shell over the next little while because I’ve gotten over my phobia of making a fool of myself in a video and about to embark on a book that I’ve been DYING to write for almost a decade. I want to shout that news from the roof tops and ensure you’re just as excited as I am to read Souls of Sand and Smoke, so…let me know what you’d like from me!

More posts?

More videos?


What subjects would you like to cover?

What would you like to know?

Email me!

And that’s it!


If you made it to the end, I can’t thank you enough for reading. Thanks so much for your incredible support for the past eight years. Thank you for going along with me on my crazy tangents and for coming along as I evolve as a person, a writer, and someone who hopes to add value to the world by sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

I hope you have an incredible week and I look forward to hearing from you!

Love and hugs


18 thoughts on “It’s time to get honest…

  1. Hello Pepper. Thank you for allowing me to say that Fable Of Happiness Book 2 is absolutely amazing. The fable Of Kass and Gemma flows through my veins. I am pacing myself because the book has absolutely rocked my system. You have delivered an amazing story of how love can find its way into the someone’s life, home and
    and psyche! I love your stories, I wear each one like a tattoo on my heart. You are more than my favorite author. I consider you a great friend that has taken me on an amazing journey that will never end. I am super excited to read your high fantasy romance 😍. You are awesome and amazing. You have gotten me thru some dark and chaotic mental issues.
    Forever reader, friend and fan,

  2. Hi Pepper I am reacting to your comment on Fable of Happiness. I have always loved your dark tales but in Fable you went a little too far for my own personal taste. The scenes with the kids abuse were too graphic for me. Also Kas really hurt her physically, something your other heroes never did. So personally it was a little bit too graphic and brutal. I prefer when you walk the line, taunt us with threats but or suggest past violence but without going all graphic on us with violence and abuse, especially on kids. Now this is only my my personal opinion and I can’t pretend talking for the other readers! Anyway I am very glad that you are happy 😉

  3. This may sound silly. I only buy a trilogy or more once all books are released and read them then. I loved fable of happiness, but the cliff hanger had me wanting more. So much more. So I have set my mind to not getting book 2 until 3 comes out. I usually stick to this moto, but because book 1 was free I thought I’d take a chance. Have to wait until October to read all 3 now. X

  4. Hello, I just wanted to give feedback on Fables, I absolutely loved it….. but I must say that the cliffhanger you left on book one blew my mind! I have read most of your books and I love them all! I also know, having read most of your books that leaving a book with a big freaking cliffhanger is what you do! I was devastated on the last page of the first book and had decided I wouldn’t read anymore of this series until it was complete but then I was blessed with the opportunity for the ARC and couldn’t turn it down! I loved book 2 as well but again the huge freaking cliffhanger is now killing me and I am in hades until October so I can find out what happens! So it could be that alot of your readers may be waiting until the 3rd book is released before reading the 2nd! I hope this helps you! 😊

  5. I think your books are AWESOME and I can’t wait for more of your books. I have read them all. I do wish I could get the last book in the Fable of Happiness series before October. I listened to book two in one day.

  6. I haven’t read the Fable of Happiness books because I hate waiting for the last book. So I wait till I can read the whole series at once.

  7. I loved both Fable books & can’t wait for the third. To me the book deals with so much trauma. This resonated with me. I am not sure how you market that or find a way to connect with readers? I do think the theme of loss and trauma and survival could be highlighted more.

    One thing that I don’t love about a series is the length of time until the next book is released. For some of your series I have not started reading the first book until all were complete for that reason.

    Just an idea but maybe Fables should be sold as a 3 book set?

    You are amazing and your books and characters gut me. I think about them long after I have finished reading the book. Thank you!!

  8. I want everything you feel like giving. I’m grateful you’ve even taken the time to write all of this and share it with us. You are by far my favorite author and I can’t wait to journey into the Souls of Sand and Smoke world!!

  9. Hi Pepper, I love Fables and reading book 2 at the moment. I’m thinking that after that huge cliff hanger in book one, no one will be wanting to not read what happens next.. Id say a huge chunk of readers are waiting on book 3 to come out and then they will buy both 2 and 3 so they can binge..I probably would have done the same but Ive preordered..dont give up 🙂

  10. Hey Pepper! I can say I absolutely loved both book one and two of Fable of Happiness! Now I do love the covers, but I will be completely honest and say I can barely tell the difference between book one and two. So could people be seeing book two and assuming it is still book one?

  11. Hi Pepper,
    As an ARC reader of FOH I cannot for the life of me understand why the second book didn’t do well, I couldn’t read it fast enough and book three can’t get here quick enough. I shared the FOH book pictures and blurb every day for a week and even leading up to release day, I can’t see why the sequel fell short of its excellence and I’m sorry that it has but I know that I adored every word in that book that you wrote. I have read all of your books and I love the way you write. I also love Mo updates on Instagram and the photos of your gorgeous horses. I’m so excited for Souls of Sand and Smoke.
    Thank you for letting me give my opinion,

  12. I absolutely LOVE the Fable of Happiness books! I enjoyed book 2 even more than book1 and am looking forward to book 3.

  13. Hi. I love your books and have been there right from Tears for Tess. That is my all time favorite book. That says alot because I have been reading my whole life. Well, now that you know how much I love you, I think it is the cover that went wrong for FOH. Why, because if you are a new reader to Pepper Winters you might pass this up. The cover is not dark or sexy. Sexy pictures sell books. I am picturing that house that was on FB of the Ivy house in the middle of nowhere. Kass looking so hot and messy. Somewhere on the cover would be Gemma in her climbing gear. Hot and sexy. I know I know I could be wrong. We all know it will be a great read but you need to pull in new readers. Thank you Pepper for all that you do. Your imagination is incredible. Keep doing what you do and we will be waiting for the next book. Thanks

  14. Just finishing up Fable of Happiness (Part 2) which is why I came here! It’s so good! My only guess is maybe the cover which was a change up of your prior works…that being said. HOLY CRAP I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR FANTASY NOVEL! That’s another reason I came here, to see if you were planning on releasing something like that in your future. I’m looking forward to it!!

  15. Like many others, I haven’t started FOH simply bc I find it easier & more satisfying to read all books in a series within a short period of time. My brain just seems to work that better that way.. Perhaps from a business perspective, you may be surprised as to what happens after the series is out. I certainly hope so! I am super stoked to start , as I’ve never read anything from you I haven’t loved! You will always be one of my very favorite Authors of all time. Keep doing you!
    Btw, your fans love to hear from you! You underestimate how much we love to hear any form of interaction from an Author we love so dearly.<3

  16. I hate waiting for the last book so waiting until the whole series is complete for Fables- the cliffhangers just kill you! Maybe the covers because they weren’t very different? But I love this series as much as any of your others!

  17. Fable of happiness… what can I say, the cliff hanger after book one was bloody fabulous which left me with a lot of “holy shite did that just happen, erm yes it did a few more nooooo’s and lots more omg’s. I devoured book 2, which left me thinking wow, lots of oooo’s etc (you get the picture I’m rather excited) am currently waiting for book 3. Omg hurry up I need this book like yesterday.
    None of your books have failed to grip me. I love your mind!
    In a serious note, please hurry, I for definitely need more books from your fabulous mind.

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