Souls of Sand and Smoke Update!

I have updates on this book. My favourite book of all time. I’ve made a video below, if you fancy a watch. If not, the highlights are written below!

Souls of Sand and Smoke Highlights:

  1. It’s gonna be BIG! Already written 96,000 words and only half way! So get ready to indulge 🙂
  2. No idea on release date yet as things are happening in the background that will determine dates!
  3. The cover has caused a bit of a headache making sure it’s right but hopefully, we’re on the right track now!
  4. Blurb, cover, and release dates will be coming soon!
  5. Apart from that, I’ve been very boring, just writing and being the typical hermit that I am. 🙂

And before I go, here are a few teasers that you might have missed on social media!

More will be coming as we get closer to release!

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!


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