What do rabbits and romance have in common?

I’ll tell you what rabbits and romance have in common.

One, almost my entire life, I’ve been lucky enough to share it with a rabbit. I had bunnies when I lived in Hong Kong, England, and Australia. I’ve also had a rabbit sit at my feet for the past decade of my writing career.

Two, we seem to have been adopted by a wild one ever since she looked through the window and saw Mo back in November last year.

And three, I am now writing a Children’s book about Mo and Pippin’s love story. Yes, I know. Random.

As if writing a High Fantasy Romance wasn’t enough of a leap out of my Dark Romance genre, I now go and add Children’s book to the list 🙂

For those who follow me on Instagram, you will have seen the steady progression of this little rabbit love story. It’s been one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen and still can’t believe that a wild animal basically saw us, said ‘them, I want them,’ and has never left (even though she has the entire world at her feet). I want to write their love story for a few reasons.

One, I want to immortalize the innocence, purity, and awe-inspiring joy these two little bunnies have given me.

Two, I want to educate more people on just how amazing rabbits are. How incredibly smart they are (Pippin, a wild rabbit who is used to going to the bathroom wherever she wants outside, litter trained herself inside within one hour- by herself….not by me teaching her). In one run around the house she knew every single door, exit, and had mapped out the house according to her knowledge of the bushes and gardens that she’d roamed around in outside. INSANELY smart. She’d be picking the locks and driving my car if we let her.

Three, I want to share the proceeds of this book with Rabbit Rescues around the world as rabbits still get a very rough end of the deal in terms of abandonment, abuse, and misunderstanding. I’d love for this book to help, not just children enjoy a sweet, true-story that love conquers all, but also help other bunnies around the world.

The book will be releasing in 2022 (I’ll give a date soon) and I’ll be using all my own photos for authenticity. They will be doctored to look like paintings and drawings but will be 100% Mo and Pippin around our farm. I’ll also do my best to include QR codes that link to videos of them, facts about rabbits, and have their story as interactive as possible 🙂

So yeah…not only are you getting a High Fantasy Romance from me that is an ABSOLUTE DREAM COME TRUE TO WRITE but also a sweet, pure tale that bridges creed, race, and fortune and teaches us that love can strike anywhere and at anytime and can make dreams come true.

Also, it is KILLING me not to talk about Souls of Sand and Smoke too much as I don’t want to over tease you while I still can’t give you release dates or preorder links. I’m hoping in another few weeks the wait will be over and I can share everywhere. For now, just know that I LOVE this story. I’m in love with all the characters, the world, the mystery, the pain, pleasure, and magic. It’s truly an honour to write and it’s the biggest book I’ve released so far!

For now though, here are a few teasers I shared on socials…

I hope you have an amazing day and thank you so much for coming on this crazy ride with me!

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