Well, hello there 2023!

I didn’t do a yearly recap last year and I’m feeling a bit lazy to do one for this year BUT…I’m going to give the highlights so that I can look back on this and see if I achieved my goals in 365 days from now.😊

Let’s get cracking…

Even though career wise, 2022 was a non-event, I had an incredible year of living in the moment, losing myself in the sunshine, the meadows, the horses, and of course, the rabbit. A few years ago, when I was on the fast track to burnout and had forgotten how to look at a sunrise and SEE the sunrise instead of having my mind constantly nagging me about what I should be doing instead, I am now rather skilled at telling the mind to quieten, sinking into the silence of birdsong and lifeness, and reconnecting.

2022 I was firmly off the ever-present hamster wheel which gave me time to reflect on balance. I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason and in its own time and I feel a well of energy within me full of creativity, passion for books, writing, and all things literary and cannot WAIT to share more!

I’ve mentioned before that Eckhart Tolle’s books THE POWER OF NOW and THE NEW EARTH were what ‘woke’ me to life again and managed to separate me from mindless fears and stress to being centred and happy. This year, I was recommended another incredible book called THE UNTETHERED SOUL by Michael Singer. He condenses everything we need to know into such simplified, easy to grasp scenarios, and the main one that stuck with me was:

You are not your body or your mind. The expression ‘I think, therefore I am’ is wrong on many levels. Just because we think, doesn’t make us what we are. In reality, we are the quietness behind the racing mind. We are the ‘watcher’ of emotions and when we can take a step back and see the voice in our head as an annoying roommate instead of US, then inner peace is far easier to achieve.

Looking back on 2022, I can say I haven’t achieved any massive milestones. I only put out one book and that was 6000 words about my little bunny, Mo, and the wild rabbit, Pippin, who befriended him. This is the longest I’ve gone without a release (proper book release) and I thought I’d be more twitchy about it. More worried and panicked but…that was the old me.

The new me is just insanely grateful to be doing what I love: writing every day (even if that includes over 5 rewrites on the same book!)

I began writing my Fantasy Romance back in 2021 and it took almost a full year and over 550,000 words to get it right. I’m madly in love with it and truly hope it finds the readers it’s meant to find. It’s been a true labour of love and hard work but each page was worth it. I do have a release date in mind which I will be shouting loudly as soon as I hear back from my audio people who are currently recording WHEN A MOTH LOVED A BEE.

In other news….in 2023 I aim to have more books out!

Right now, I can promise Fantasy Romance AND I’m also working on a book that I cannot reveal ANYTHING about, because if I did, I think I might cause a bit of a riot. Back in 2013, Q and Tess randomly popped into my head in blazing, bulldozing fashion. I’ve had quite a few characters do that to me. Ren and Della. This new couple from When a Moth Loved a Bee, and even Jethro and Nila. So I’m used to having my brain and fingers taken over by interlopers.

However, imagine my surprise when a storyline shot into my head (while walking my little rabbit at midnight) that felt as if it had always been in my mind, just waiting for me to notice it. I tried to ignore it. Did my best to tell the characters to hush up so I could continue in my fantasy world, but…they didn’t listen.

SO…I can safely say that this year will have two different genres coming from me.


And the old: Good ole quintessential dark romance.

That is all I can tell you for now but…O.M.G…it’s gonna get wild.

In other news, I did 192 hours of yoga in 2022 (was aiming for 200 so argh) and even started running which I will carry over into 2023. I’m not a horse trainer but our little foster mare, Fanta Pants, basically forced me to start riding her so we can go on adventures together and it’s been an absolute surreal experience to be the only one who’s been on her back. I’m aiming to have her completely bridleless, but for now, we are bitless, barefoot, and mostly bareback which is a dream come true. In fact, we’re going on our first ever hack tomorrow…so watch this space!

I don’t really have much else to share apart from…2023 will have a LOT more book releases than 2022. WHEN A MOTH LOVED A BEE is up first and is fully written, edited, uploaded, and ready to push the darn button. (It’s a test of patience not to press the button). And I’m knee deep into my dark romance book that will be coming after that.

I’m extremely excited about what’s coming, and I truly hope you’re keen to come along with me for the ride!

OMG… it’s incredibly hard not giving just ONE hint about the dark romance. My fingers are itching with the urge to tell you.


Better put the computer away before I tell you that it’s about—

Okay, gonna go and write it so I can publish it and you can read it instead of having me tease you!

What are your goals for his year?

Did you read any incredible books?

I hope all your wishes come true and you are blessed with health, wealth, love, and happiness beyond your imagation.

Thanks so much for being so patient with me while I worked quietly in the background and get ready for some ass-kicking and lots of books in 2023!

Lots of love




3 thoughts on “Well, hello there 2023!

  1. I cannot wait to see the new books ☺️ I’m also dying to know who is narrating when a moth loved a bee!

  2. Woo hoo! So excited! I’ve preordered When a Moth Loved a Bee and can’t wait to “have plans” for several days as I sink in and enjoy! Also, I’m very excited about this undisclosed book… my intuition had me buzzing. 😄🥳 happy new year and thank you for sharing your magnificent gifts and light with the world! Many thanks to you! P.S. Pippin & Mo was one of my favorite books of the entire year(if not THE)! It made me so happy! I’ve read it multiple times and have bought copies for friends. It is a treasure, and I tremendously thank you. Much love to you 💗

  3. I’m definitely looking forward to reading When A Moth Loved a Bee and very curious about the characters. Super excited for the upcoming dark romance book as well! 🥰

    I read a lot of good books this year but my favorite book series would have to be the Shadow Riders by Christine Feehan.

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