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On a career level, Pepper currently has close to 40 books released in nine languages. She’s hit best-seller lists (USA Today, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal) almost 40 times. She dabbles in multiple genres, ranging from Dark Romance to Coming of Age.

On a personal level, Pepper lives on a farm with two minis, four horses, countless birds and wildlife, and a precious little ball of fluff called Mo. Her little house-rabbit sits at her feet while writing all the words, and always seems to know when she’s writing a naughty scene. He’s her muse and the main reason why a rabbit is on her author logo.

Now back to the writing stuff…

After chasing her dreams to become a full-time writer, Pepper has earned recognition with awards for best Dark Romance, best BDSM Series, and best Hero. She’s an #1 iBooks bestseller, along with #1 in Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, and Erotica Thriller. She’s also honoured to wear the IndieReader Badge for being a Top 10 Indie Bestseller.

After releasing two books with Grand Central, Hachette (Ruin & Rule and Sin & Suffer) Pepper is a Hybrid Author of both Traditional and Self-published work.


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She loves mail of any kind:  pepperwinters@gmail.com


New York Times Bestseller Make Me Boxed Se

New York Times Bestseller  Monsters in the Dark Boxed Set

New York Times Bestseller  Debt Inheritance (Indebted Series #1)

New York Times Bestseller Fourth Debt (Indebted Series #5)

USA Today Bestseller Destroyed

USA Today Bestseller Twisted Together

USA Today Bestseller Make Me Boxed Set

USA Today Bestseller Monsters in the Dark Boxed Set

USA Today Bestseller Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1)

USA Today Bestseller Second Debt (Indebted #3)

USA Today Bestseller Third Debt (Indebted #4)

USA Today Bestseller Fourth Debt (Indebted #5)

USA Today Bestseller Final Debt (Indebted #6)

USA Today Bestseller Ruin & Rule (Pure Corruption #1)

USA Today Bestseller Sin & Suffer (Pure Corruption #2)

USA Today Bestseller Take Me Boxed Set

Wall Street Journal Bestseller Monsters in the Dark Boxed Set

Wall Street Journal Bestseller Fourth Debt

Wall Street Journal Bestseller Throne of Truth

Wall Street Journal Bestseller Once a Myth

USA Today Bestseller Unseen Messages

USA Today Bestseller Pennies x 2 weeks

USA Today Bestseller Dollars

USA Today Bestseller Crown of Lies x 4 weeks

USA Today Bestseller Throne of Truth 

#10 Amazon Bestseller Can’t Touch This

USA Today Bestseller Hundreds

USA Today Bestseller Thousands

USA Today Bestseller Millions

USA Today Bestseller The Girl & Her Ren

USA Today Bestseller Once a Myth

USA Today Bestseller Twice a Wish

USA Today Bestseller Third a Kiss

USA Today Bestseller Fourth a Lie

USA Today Bestseller Fifth a Fury



Are you attending any signing events in 2023 / 2024?

At this stage, I have no signing events planned. Due to living on a farm with six horses and a very dependent house rabbit, travelling is a bit tricky currently. But I hope to travel more in a few years.


Can I order signed books off you?

Unfortunately, with the cost and unreliability of post living in New Zealand, I have had to make the sad decision not to do signed paperbacks at this time. I’m so sorry.


Do you have any suggestions in what order I should read your books?

No, as long as you read within the series, trilogy, or duet that you’re interested in there are no requirements. If you like Dark Romance, try Goddess Isles. Or if you like Coming of Age, try the Ribbon Duet.


Can you advise how each of your Dark Romance books interconnect?

Sure, please see the attached image. Please note that each series is SEPARATE and started and ended within their respective stories. However, characters make cameos in other storylines as follows:



Please contact Pepper at pepperwinters@gmail.com

66 thoughts on “ABOUT PEPPER WINTERS

  1. I loved tears of Tess. I’m getting ready to read QQ. Will that book end their story, or will there be another book for Tess and Q?

  2. Oh wow I just finished Tears of Tess and I am having trouble breathing! Loved the book. Why haven’t I read it earlier? I loved the connection between the two! Tess blew me away by being strong while still remaining fragile at some point. Well and Q ……. I am failing to describe how much I loved him! So I am getting ready to start QQ so I can go back into my reading bubble! Looking forward to their last installment and all your other books.
    Ooohhhh and don’t worry about your postponed release date! You have your readers support and of course we want the real story that you cam up with in your amazing mind!

    A high five from Germany for you my dear!


  3. Awesome! Mrs,Winters you are a amazing author. I can’t wait for your next releases. What I can say is when I read your books I truly become a character . The story brings me in Completely. I experience so many emotions while I’m reading and I love every bit of it! Thank for such great books.

  4. Just discovered Poppy and am sooooo excited to begin Tears of Tess! Especially after reading the fantastic reviews! Shes obviously a master at her craft!!

  5. Hi, I keep finding the book title Last Shadow by Pepper Winters, but I cannot find where to purchase this book. It sounds great, and I have loved all your books so far. I really want to buy this one. Is there anywhere I can order it?

  6. Thanks for Q & Tess! They are unforgettable characters and their story blew my mind. . .

  7. Have just finished twisted together – boy what a conclusion. Cant wait for more of your interesting style of writing 😉 Kiki

  8. I just finished Twisted Together and I LOVED it!,, I think I have a book hangover. I don’t want their story to end. What about a baby? What happens with Franco and Suzette’s relationship? I just can’t get enough 🙂 one more please!!!

  9. I finished all of Monsters in the Dark in about a week, and it’s definitely a series I won’t forget. I just started Destroyed and I’m SOOO happy about Debt Inheritance! You’re one of those authors where I’m going to read everything you’ve written and will forever be desperate for more. So good!

  10. I read the Monster’s in the Dark series all in about a week, luckily Twisted Together came out the same week I started the series. I think this was my first “dark romance” and oh man did I love this series! I’m not sure another author could have made me love that story the way you did. As soon as Debt Inheritance came out I had to get it! No I have a question though, how many books will there be in the indebted series? I’ve read comments stating 7 books and others stating this was a trilogy. Good Reads only shows the next book, not how many will be in it either.

  11. Hi Pepper! So I was recently going through Amazon in search of a new book. I’ve been so bored and disappointed with what I have found lately. Seems like repetition. I don’t remember exactly how I came across Debt Inheritance and while it was something I’m not used to reading. I was happy to push past my comfort zone into a whole new world. Thank you for creating such a wonderful work of art. I look forward to book 2. M.C.

  12. I just finished Destroyed. for the last 3 days I stayed up until well after 5am reading. Normally I blow through a book in a day or two but this one made me slow down for every detail. I’m not sure how to describe the book besides “f*cked up”. I have never read anything like it and it was so different. Normally a story like this so far fetched that is comes across as fake. Roan came across as very real and larger than life. Even the secondary characters were huge. I hope more can be written about Oscar, Clue & Ben, Obsidian and even Visely & Vera. Bravo Pepper Winters, Bravo. I’m intrigued to find out more about how f*cked up Pepper Winters’ mind really is. Awesome.

  13. Rather than going on about how I stumbled upon your stories, I’d rather focus on what happened after. So Tears of Tess is where I started and here I am all caught up and waiting on more. What can I say, it was a journey,reading all your books.It was a journey that shook me to the core, rearranged my heart and mindset and in its own twisted ways set my ideas free. The crispness of your words,the rawness of your emotions and the complexities of your stories just have me tongue tied and awed..Kudos,Bravo and a whole lotta amazing adjectives your way. I am just in a state of WOW even as I re-read your stories.
    You have made me wanna write myself…and .I’ll be ecstatically damned if I can bring in even a spec of your creativity to my works…If only I knew how…
    Newho…Thanks a million for sharing your stories…and for creating such variations in Love stories.
    Hats off!!!

  14. I literally read indebted #2 from start to finish in less than a day and I’m still thinking about it now. Every single book you’ve written has been so amazing, and there’s no comparison I can make to any other author! You are pure genius when I read that u nearly didnt begin nila and jethro’s journey I almost cried, I am soooo grateful u did! Have u got any idea when Je suis a toi will be released? I’m re-reading (again) love ur books pepper, you’re in a class of ur own x

  15. Omg just finished First Debt- I absolutely loved it!!I have to see more of the man that Jethro really is.Can’t wait till the next book xxxxx

  16. Hi Pepper

    Finished Indebted 1 & @ in one night and reread them again over 2 days – what a surprise – no spoilers from me though, EVERBODY has to read them for themselves. Sorry the Novella is not out for Christmas will have to rethink my lists. You are so great and so dark. 😉

  17. Just finished reading Destroyed and I loved it so much.. fresh, exciting, heartbreaking, just amazing!!! Hope it gets to be adapted in a movie. 🙂 Can’t wait for the release of the Indebted Series. I’m really excited to know what happens to Jethro and Nila. Thanks Pepper Winters for being such a talented writer. I’m your number one fan from the Philippines 🙂 Kudos!

  18. I started reading the indebted series a few days ago and absolutely fell in love with it!! I’m big on history and romance so it was very interesting how you blended the two together. I absolutely can’t wait for the fourth book and to read more of your work!!!!!

  19. Wow…just freaking WOW! You are in a class all by yourself-your writing is addicting and I am hooked! Please just keep doing what you do:)

  20. Finally had a chance to catch up with Indebted 3 – read it quickly when it was first released and felt I needed to re read to do it justice. I left me a little speechless.
    Now I have finished the re reading I am just interested to know if you meant crone not croon, when you referred to Jethos Grandmother? I don’t think anyone would want to croon to her, she is just vile.
    I have always guessed who Kite was – no hints from me to spoil for others who have not gone that far.
    Nila and Jethro sure have a way to go.
    As with Tess and Q of Monsters in the Dark, I cant wait to see how you turn things around.
    I am seriously addicted to the Indebted Series. ;-)*

  21. Just finished all 3 of the Indebted series and can’t wait for the fourth book. Great books and I look forward to diving into your other series!

  22. I absolutely loved all your books! I just binge read Monsters in the Dark series and Indebted series and Destroyed. I’ve never read anything like them before! Something fresh. I fell in love with every character. Each book was written so well and long enough to get to fully experience their complex stories. So much emotion. Excitement. Heartbreaking. Love. I can not wait to read more! So glad to come across you. I hope you write plenty more in the future! xo

  23. So I was dabbling with the iBooks and came across indebted . . WOW! Bought the next two and waiting with MUCH anticipation for the next that’s coming out soon. Fell across them by accident and I AM TOTALLY HOOKED!!!
    Absolutely love your writing, and will hopping on to Amazon to order the books in actual paper!

    Thank you Pepper, keep doing what you are doing.
    Hayley, New Zealand 🙂

  24. Just finished monsters in the dark. OMG ~ I am emotionally exhausted but what an incredible journey. You write with such heart and passion and I became so involved in these characters and their story. Thank you so much and please keep on writing! Have read the first 3 indebted books and waiting impatiently for book 4!

  25. Where do I being. ?.. I have read the series monster in the dark, there is no words to describe those books you made me feeling everything . I cry, laugh, and had feelings I did not no I could have. Also I came apron the indebted serise, so again Omg… I work up at 5am to on April 16th, 2015 to download the 4th indebted and I am not going to lie I was to be working instead I was reading on my tablet I bought to work, took a longer lunch and I no I am so bad and probably not going to make mother of the yrs, but my daughter got a late dinner last night, and yes I read that book in 24 hours…. I screams and cry at the end pls tell me that did not happen….. it was a dream had to be……. PLS PLS TEL ME IT WAS A DREAM… You are a amazing writer, the way you take the reader in the the book, and make them feeling like they are the story with the characters. I dont think I can wait….

  26. Loved them, I started reading your work about a week ago and I found myself quite literally devouring them and am now pacing the floor desperate for the next! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us. Amazing stuff really.

  27. Hi Pepper. I just purchased my tickets to the event in Vegas and I can’t wait to meet you in person! You are the main reason I am leaving Florida and going to Vegas! You’re my favorite author! ( Please excuse the obscene amount of exclamation points, I am truly that excited to meet you. A happy dance was totally experienced during this post!!!). Hugs

  28. You are an awesome writer!! I love all of your books and can’t wait for the next release. The stories you tell leave you breathless!! I feel like I’m apart of the story and don’t want it to end. Keep up the great work. You are totally awesome!!!!!

  29. Hello Pepper,
    My name is Anna and I am from Canada. I am 62 and lost for words. I think of myself a an avid and varied and worldly reader but I have to say you literally took my breath away. I do not remember the last time my heart hammered in my chest while I was reading your Monsters in the Dark series. Your vividness in writing is truly extraordinary. I was taken to lows so low I was shocked. I was taken to highs that were so high that I couldn’t function. I cried so hard, when my heart broke for them that as I write this I am still crying all over again. (hormones?………not!!!) I just finished their final chapter and I can’t find what to do with myself. The story is done!!!!! what am I going to do with my time now. I am heart broken. Tess and Q became my friends. I spent so much time with them that now I am lonely…………lost………full of despair. Oh what to do now…….my life is empty now………..please bring them back for me……so my wings can soar again……I bow to you…….truly……

    1. You’re amazing, Anna. Your message has truly made my day. I can’t thank you enough for giving my books a try and hope I continue to deliver books you enjoy! xxxxx

  30. Thank you pepper winters for your amazing books. I have read all the debt inheritance series to date and im currently waiting for the release of number 5 in august. I have fallen in love with nila and Jethro, i still cant believe wat has happened. I wont lie i cried. Im currently reading destroyed and love it. Thank you again for your amazing books and the way you write them.

  31. I don’t think I can sing your praises any more or differently from what your fans before me have said, Ms. Winters. Your creative fuckedupedness is all encompassing and you leave me in awe at your ability to bring it to life. I just completed Monsters In The Dark and I’m in a book coma. I can’t stop thinking and feeling for Tes & Q. I’m completely drained, but in the best way possible. I look forward to reading the rest of your work as soon as I come to. Thank you for your stories.

  32. Your killing me Pepper…I have to wait till Aug for the next Indebted series! And Pure Corruption…come-on really. When is book 2 due out? I guess I am going to have to break down and get the Tears of Tess series to hold me over. Love your books.

  33. Mrs.Winters,i just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH.im in love with JKH more than im in love with other male character in any novel. Debt Inheritance is one roller coaster series for me,one minute i feel angry,then i cried like a bitch afterthat i laugh out loud. Please come to Malaysia *puppy eyes*

  34. Dear Ms. Winters,
    I love your books. I find them to be full of heart and sometimes extremely intense. I recently started reading Fables of Happiness: Book One and had to stop. I got to the point where Kassen was painfully remembering what was done to him and I nearly started to cry and became physically ill. The way events were described.. I couldn’t go past the first couple of paragraphs. This book should come with a trigger warning. I was molested as a preteen by a family member and this just hit far to close to home. I will not be purchasing the rest of this series and hope that maybe I will get to read further books that don’t involve this type of writing.

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