A surprise and a review

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Life has well and truly exploded around me the last few days and I’m struggling to make time for all you wonderful people. But, I have an announcement…


Tears of Tess WILL be released early. No, I don’t have an exact date and won’t announce one. It will just appear on Amazon at some random time and my facebook page will have a big SURPRISE on it! 🙂 So keep your eyes peeled.


In the meantime I want to thank Bianca for her amazing, awe inspiring review. It makes me want to re-read my own book to see the magic she saw. I’m blown away. <3



*I received an ARC of this book from Pepper in exchange for my honest review. Thank you, Pepper!*

Since I saw the gorgeous cover I’ve wanted to read this book. The synopsis is very mysterious and dark. And with all the excerpts I’ve read, I was desperate to read it. When I received my ARC, I immediately started it off.

Well… I finished “Tears of Tess” a few hours ago and my brain is still not working well, since this book has blown me away. I seriously don’t know how I should write this review and what I should say. This book was so amazing and good that, like I said before, it has blown me away. It’s hard to describe such a book.

I really think that ‘Tears of Tess’ is the next big hit. Because it’s the kind of book that has that something. It’s the kind of book that you either love it or hate it. It’s the bestseller-like. It’s distrubing, yet amazing. It makes you realise that life can be awful, but beautiful if you know how to be yourself.

Before I started reading it, I was prepared to find darkness and disturbing scenes and lots of sex. But I wasn’t truly prepared for what I received. I received a darkness that filled my heart, scenes that scared me and made me cringe and lots of steamy scenes.

This is one of those books that becomes the center of your world while you read it. “Tears of Tess” haunted me, made me read every time I could. I was obsessed with Q.. I wanted to save him, I wanted to kill him. He is such a strong character that comes out from the pages of the book. He’s emanates power. He makes you drool and yet you are repulsed by him. Q. it’s probably the best character ever. He had an incredible aura of mystery that draws the reader in. I still haven’t figured him out. I need more of him!! I mean, seriously! The guy is perfect!

Hm… Tess. Me and Tess are very much alike. I kept thinking that I would’ve done the same things as her if I were in the situation. She and Q. are perfect match for each other.

There is a lot of suspense in “Tears of Tess”. This is a read that has the reader on the edge of the seat. While reading “Tears of Tess” my heart beat faster with excitement and curiosity.

I felt everything Tess felt. I was scared when she was scared. I felt hate when she felt hate. I was excited when she was excited. I loved when she loved. I felt this book like I was living it.

Every scene with Q. and Tess was full of rage, lust, hate and sometimes love. I loved their “relationship” because it was different.

I can not believe this is Pepper’s debut novel. The writing is brilliant, exactly how I like it. The story is amazing, completely mind-blowing. The characters are very well portrated and you feel like they are real people. Pepper’s imagination and talent is endless. I am sure that we will hear of her as a bestseller author.

I can not wait to read Q.’s book. Like I said, I haven’t figured him out yet. He is damaged, broken and shattered. It may not make sense for you, but these words describe Q. very well. I am curious to see what Tess will do, how their “relationship” will evolve.

This is the sexiest book I’ve ever read. God, those scenes with Q. and Tess!! The way they talked with each other!! I’ll never forget this book because of them and their passion-filled conversation and relationship.

“Tears of Tess” is an unforgettable read. It will make you feel lots of thing. It will hook you, torn you and heal you. This book is Tess’s journey in finding her true self. I loved it and I will sure read it again. I am at loss of words after reading this book. Seriously, it’s mind-blowing. It’s hard to describe it and no one can describe it as it truly is. So I think everyone should read and get a taste.

Tears of Tess deserves 6 stars out of 5.



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