A review that made me laugh and tremble and dance :)

I just had to share this amazing kickass review from LipSmackin Good books. 


It is rather explicit so if  bad language offends don’t read on. 🙂 


Thank you so much Kimmi for this amazing review! <3


Review by Kimmi:

OH MY GOD!!!! This is hands down the debut book that trumps, kicks ass and beats down any and all others debut books in the history of all debut books. Pepper Winters delivers superbly with the grace and execution of seasoned writers with more than 20 years of experience. I have been hearing whispers and rumors of this book for quite awhile, and once it hit my kindle it took everything in me not to quit mid way through Shooting Scars and tear off into Tears of Tess, I literally had to leave the FB world and go off grid so that I wouldn’t fall into the temptation that is Tears of Tess.

I started this book at 2 am in the morning and literally read it constantly until sleep over took me, my house work went undone, suppers in my house consisted of delivered pizza. I’m not kidding you, went I bathed, my kindle came with me, lol.
Holy motherfucking shitness Batman! Wow, wow, fucking hell WOW!!!!!
This story is so unlike ANY other story you’ll EVER read! I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around it and come up with the correct words to explain this book in all it’s epically proportional AWESOMENESS!!!!! And even if I tried, even if I stared at The End for 2 weeks, I would still fall short as a reviewer to grasp the words I am searching for to give this book the review it demands and deserves.


Tess is my kinda bitch, she’s kickass, strong, kind hearted, with a rebellious streak a mile wide. The things her body desires are things she doesn’t understand but still her body demands and this leaves her confused. With a boyfriend that is more comparable to prince freaking charming, she tries again and again to to either lure him into these sexy yet taboo desires or squelch them all together.
After being shot down by Brax, her boyfriend, yet again, she knows she needs to be happy with the love and contentment that their relationship is built on. So she throws herself into having fun with him on their Cancun vacay. But after a little exploration of the Mexican city leads them to a little watering hole for a quick drink, Tess’s life is irrevocably altered. Brax gets his ass beat down in the restroom and Tess gets kidnapped and thrown in the belly of hell called human trafficking and sex slavery. After fighting her captors tooth and nail for who knows how long, she hears the three words that have scared the shit out of her since this all began, “You’ve been sold.”

Q is easily one of the most complex and complicated characters I’ve ever had the utter thrill and excitement to read. Christian Grey move the hell over, because Q. Mercer is all kind of fifty shades of fucked up.
Oh. My. God. I wanted to wring his neck one second, then the next let him wring mine, from behind while rocking my damn world bent over a pool table! Sheeeeeiat!!!! Jesus Christ this motherfucker can take a belt to my back side any damn day of the week and twice on Wednesday’s and Sundays!!! Again, I am at a loss of words to accurately describe the complete and utter mind fucking deliciousness and debauchery that is Q. Mercer.

I’ll close this review by saying, Fifty, This Man, and Bared to You was preschool, kindergarten, play time at recess compared to Tears of Tess. Pepper Winter’s, baby girl you didn’t just deliver with this mind blowing debut, you knocked that shit out of the park with a gotdamn GRAND SLAM, mami!!! You ruined me, raped me, bruised me, slammed me against the wall and literally left me fucked for any and all other authors, and like the good little smut whore that I am, I both applaud you and thank you for that. Now to all my followers and review readers, put this on the top of your to do list, and the second, the very moment at midnight on release day, you ‘buy now with 1 click’, forgo work the next day because you ain’t sleeping that night, you are getting your mind blown and your world rocked off it’s axis.

Tears of Tess gets 5-WTFH THAT DEBUT BOOK IS THE DEBUT BOOK OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!-Kimmi stars ★★★★★

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