R16 Teaser for THE BODY PAINTER!


It’s first day of winter here so I’m staying warm by writing sexy stuff. Here’s a sneak peek of naughtiness 🙂

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*** R16 Teaser (uncensored) ***

His teeth clacked together. “Drop it. It’s not important.”

“Not important?” I shoved his chest. “I get to decide what’s important and not important. And getting closure for the past is important!”

“Don’t push me.”

“I can do whatever I want.” I pushed him again, eyes flaring when he stood unmovable like a brick wall. “Let me go. I’m leaving.”

“You’re not going anywhere.”

“I am.”

“Nope.” He caged me tighter against the shelves. “I’ve got you here and I’m keeping you here.” The sexual hunger saturating his voice undid me.

I grew wet as quickly as I grew furious.

“That’s what this is about?” I asked tightly. “Sex? You want another round?”

His body quaked. “I’m not going to touch you.”

“You already did.” I looked pointedly at my blue smeared breast.

“It won’t happen again.”

“Damn right it won’t. Because I’m leaving.” I threw my weight into another shove, only to find him pinned against me. His power and heat rippling in waves over me. His hips pressing mine into submission.

The hard hotness in his jeans said I wasn’t the only one unravelling.

“Stop being a brat.” He tried to capture my wrists. To what? Tie me up? Hold me down? Restrain me for however long he wanted to keep me here?

Not going to happen.

No way.

Reaching blindly behind me, I snatched another paint bottle. I ripped off the cap while he still fought for my wrists, then dumped the entire thing on his head.

Oozy, thick yellow licked through his messy dark hair, slithering to his temples and cascading down his cheeks.

He froze as sunshine pigment snaked down his forehead, danced in his left eyebrow, before dripping off his eyelashes.


I didn’t move.

He breathed harsh through his nose, not attempting to prevent the migration of yellow. A droplet landed on my blouse, smearing over the blue. I rubbed it with my fingertip, blending the two together until a vibrant green formed.


Like Gil’s eyes.


Like the school field we used to walk over.


For the trees we’d hang out beneath.

He sucked in a breath as I looked up. My body no longer screamed at him to leave me alone. It liquefied just like the paint, moulding to him, warming against him, changing its molecules the longer he stared.

My heart hammered as he reached behind me, his eyes flickering to the rainbow of shades. Selecting one, he twisted off the cap.


A rich, fuchsia that glowed with femininity and fun.

Without a word, he tipped a generous dollop onto my chest, tearing at my blouse buttons until they popped and the fabric gaped open.

My white bra turned instantly pink. My skin broke out in goosebumps as the chilly colour stained me, conjuring old memories of a similar shade.

“Flamingos,” I murmured.

“What?” His hand trembled as he held the bottle over my sternum, his eyes blazing as pink meandered down my taut belly.

“Your first mural that you showed me. The graffiti flamingos.”

“Fuck, you remember.” Gil’s eyes snapped shut. Another curse fell from his mouth as his entire features teetered between acrimony and despair. “It was the easiest colour to steal.”

I sank back into history, reliving that night. Shivering at the memories of how close we came to kissing. How I sensed Gil’s self-control was fraying. How I would’ve given everything he wanted if he’d just asked.

“I still curse my father for interrupting us,” I whispered. “All my life I’d wanted their attention. And then, the moment when I wanted no one else’s but yours, he shattered it.”

“I know.” Gil nodded. “The gala.”

“The entire time I was in there, I was thinking about you.” I ran a finger over my lip, shuddering with how achy my body had been. How everything had been hot and heavy and craving Gil to the point of insanity, all while I smiled for my parent’s employees and played the part of a well-loved daughter.

Those same aches and hungers tormented me now, growing thicker and harder to ignore as the paint reached my waistband and Gil used a fingertip to trace bold dye over my professional skirt. The decorum of office attire was forever ruined as he pressed his pink-stained touch against my pussy.

I bit my lip, my eyes hooding.

“I didn’t sleep that night,” he muttered darkly. “I kept reliving how close we’d been to stepping over the line. How much I fucking wanted you.”

THE BODY PAINTER (Master of Trickery #1)

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