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Hi Everyone,

I finally have some news so expect a lot more updates from me going forward 🙂


THE BODY PAINTER is FINISHED as of TODAY! The rewrites were brutal, the plot heart-breaking, and the characters tricky, but it’s finally done and I’m very excited to see what you think. ARCs will be going out soon. I could release this tomorrow if need be…BUT…I did promise that I’d release The Body Painter and The Living Canvas (book one and two) within a few weeks of each other, so will confirm dates asap! It will be around the 27th August 2019!

However, I must admit, it’s hard sitting on a book that’s ready to go, unable to announce things until the second one is complete. I hate that I can’t give concrete dates even though I have a completed book. I hate that I can’t give you teasers and countdown giveaways until I know when the second book will be done to confirm the first book’s release date. If I’m finding it frustrating, I know you must be too! To be honest, I am leaning towards just releasing The Body Painter and having a few more weeks longer than planned between the release of The Living Canvas so at least I can give you something now rather than nothing. But I also don’t want to break my promise…so you can see my mind is on a roundabout trying to decide what to do 🙂

Ah well, it will sort itself out, I’m sure!


I have added buylinks for THE SON & HIS HOPE and THE BODY PAINTER on the below link for a limited time 🙂 Any other book requests, please email me!

That’s it for now but will be back soon with more information! Oh, and did you know the audio for THE SON & HIS HOPE is out now!!! Available to listen!

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