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I woke up yesterday and really wanted to release a book. Normally, hubby tells me to be smart and sensible and lists all the reasons why I should hold off until the sequel is complete.
But this time…he said f**k it.
So…I’m releasing a book.
It’s been so long that I feel like I’ve forgotten how! 
Which is kinda strange seeing as on the 30th August 2013 I released Tears of Tess which was my very first published book. 
I had no idea what I was doing. I literally threw teasers and ARCS at nothing, hoping they’d stick and someone would see me in the great World Wide Web Void and take a chance on my kinky book. 
And…it worked. I was so unbelievably lucky. 
So, not only am I releasing a book in 13 days, it’s technically my six-year pubversary!  
(is that even a word?) Which needs a BIG celebration because (even though I tried), I haven’t caused myself major harm after being a highly-strung, basket-case of an author.  
Because I haven’t released in a while, and this is falling on such a momentous time, I’m going to do what I did for Tears of Tess’s release. I’m not restricting ARCS. I’m going to give away 50-80 FREE e-copies over the next 13 days, and overall just going to have fun with this release. 
No stress, no worries, just fun!
So…let me fill you in….

Forget anything you knew about this book.

The trailers on YouTube that I did over a year ago are obsolete. This book isn’t that book. It’s better (in my opinion). I have been told that The Body Painter is best described as a sexy thriller. There is sex (lots of it), suspense (enough to throw your kindle), secrets (to drive you crazy), and a tortured alpha (who will make you want to kiss and punch him in equal measure).

It’s got more sexy times than any of my recent books but it’s not sex for sex sake. It’s all rather powerful, explosive, and hopefully dripping with chemistry (I’ll let you be the judge). 


I’ll be giving away a STACK of free copies in my Facebook group (Pepper’s Playground) and on my Facebook Page (Pepper Winters), so hang out there each day until release to snag one. In the meantime, you can pre-order below so it’s delivered bang on midnight on the 20th August!


THE BODY PAINTER (Master of Trickery #1)

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Paperback: Live release on the day


I’m in talks with Audible right now to get a pre-order up for The Body Painter. The book is in the very capable hands of Will M Watt and Charlotte Cole (a dynamic duo who are best friends and their chemistry oozes down your ears). We are aiming to release mid-September. I’ll share pre-order links in the next newsletter.


How best to describe this book? 

I’d say it’s sexy, frustrating, explosive, secretive, sickening, dark in some ways, and romantic in others. 

Gil is one of my (if not THE) most tortured character…but…he does have a reason. I promise I won’t make you bash your head against the wall without cause. 

Because I’ve been soooooo slow with releases lately, I understand you might be wary to slip into my work again. But I do believe that this story is worth reading if you like books that balance on the tight-rope of sexy and grey.


There is no author that sucks me into her vortex of awesomeness like Pepper Winters . Every story she writes is exceptional and heart-wrenching. 

I am now left feeling overwhelmed and utterly destroyed after reading this first part of this unique and mesmerising angsty story. The characters of Gillian and Olin will blow your socks off. The tug of war of feelings these two have for one another is explosive and soul crushing. You want to tell poor Olin to run as far away as she can possibly can from this introverted, talented body painter but the connection is too strong. 

Without saying too much, I just think if you love your twisted and intense reads, then start reading this book. It will definitely make you want to throw your kindle at times but so worth every painful heartbeat you will feel.  5 STARS – Effie, Goodreads


I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not possible for this author to write a book that’s not complete and utter perfection. Each book grabs you from the first word and doesn’t let go and The Body Painter is no exception. It’s superbly written, the words flow from the pages, grabbing hold of you and taking you along for the ride, and it makes this book virtually impossible to put down. The characters are unbelievably easy to like, there’s something about them that drew me to them. No one writes a tortured man like Ms Winters does and Gil won me over from the start. The more I found out about him, the more I loved him. He’s so tortured and conflicted and it makes me want to know more. He’s protective, secretive and mysterious. He blows hot and cold and I’m completely intrigued by him. The chemistry between Olin and Gil is explosive, you can feel the energy crackling around them every time they’re together. Their story kept me on edge, it’s filled with so many secrets and so much suspense, I didn’t know what to think or feel. I felt the despair, the pain and the hope these characters were living with and the inner strength they’ve both got in abundance. I felt the characters confusion, their conflict. Their sadness and pain felt like a vine wrapping around my heart, slowly squeezing and making it ache. I did get quite emotional reading this story. I felt the most intense anger and hatred I think I’ve ever felt while reading a book, I had to keep taking little breaks to take deep breaths and calm myself down.

There are parts of this book that are hard to read and my heart ached for what these characters had been through, and if possible their pasts made me love them even more. These have got to be two of my most favourite characters ever.

I’m left with so many questions after finishing The Body Painter, I’ve so many theories running through my mind (I’m well aware that none of them will be right but I can’t help myself) and I’m already driving myself insane. I can’t wait for the conclusion to Olin and Gils story. I’ll be counting down the days until I have it in my hands. This is another unforgettable, beautifully written, emotionally charged story from Pepper Winters and it further cements her place as one of my all time favourite authors. 5 STARS, Vickie Leaf

I’m aiming to giveaway around 50-80 Advance Reader Copies. I don’t really have a limit as I want to celebrate this release and love being gifty. It’s been a while since I gave away that many copies (years, in fact), but what better time to do it? 

I’ll be giving away a few each day on the following platforms:

Pepper’s Playground

Facebook Page


I’ll draw a winner within 24 hours of each giveaway so you get the copy early. If you win, fabulous. If not, I hope the book is good value at $3.99. 

It’s 126,000 words of angst so a decent length to keep even the fastest book worm content (for a few hours at least). 🙂 

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