I have a confession…

Yes, it’s that time again.

This time…it’s about a book.

This book…

When a Moth Loved a Bee.

It’s made my life a living nightmare.


Well, it promised me that it knew where it was going, but then it kept saying…

‘Oh, my bad, we started in the wrong spot. There is SO much story to tell before we get to this point.’

(After I’d written 173,000 words)

‘You know how I said we should start at this point…yeah, I got it wrong again. Scrap and let’s try again.’

(After I’d written 67,000 words)

‘Okay, we’re getting closer but…yeah, you started in the wrong spot again.’

(After I’d written 52,000 words)

‘Okay…finally. Yes, this is where the true story starts!’

(I now have 92,000 words)

You’d think I would’ve just walked away by now (especially seeing as I’ve deleted 292,000 words) but…unlike other stories, this one…I can’t. This one I feel in my bones. This one is WORTH the cursing and the endless rewrites and only this one would keep me fighting to make it perfect.

You’d also think that after over a year of not releasing something, I’d be uploading this bad boy ASAP (especially as I feel as if I’ve been writing it for decades) but no…no release yet.


Because I’m literally only half way through this book.

So…why am I confessing this?

1. This book is going to be mAAsive. True fantasy style where you could kill your mortal enemy by whacking them around the head with the paperback, it’s that fat.

2. It’s going to be ALL kinds of swoon. I just love the swoon and angst and need.

3. It’s got all kinds of passion, smex, and downright deliciousness. It’s true ROMANCE in every sense of the word.

4. It’s only the first book because let me tell you there is SO much story in this world. I completely underestimated how deep these characters go and plan on tearing out your heart with their love story. (You’re welcome)

5. The good news is…I’m averaging 4,000 words a day and plan on writing two of these bad boys BEFORE I even think about publishing the first, so…even though you’ll be getting juicy, deliciously fat books you won’t have to wait a year in between to read them.

6. I also plan on releasing super special hardbacks with fancy pants interior formatting while making the paperbacks old school. Remember the chunky, squat things that hurt your hands to hold but fit almost in your back pocket? Yeah, that size. I can’t wait.

7. Audio will be released at the same time as all the other formats and will most likely be 25 hours of listening pleasure—so book your holiday time now.

I think that’s about it.

I’m annoyed that I can’t share any teasers.

I’m annoyed that I can’t give you the new blurb.

I’m annoyed that I am literally working on my MOST FAVOURITE book ever and can’t tease the hell out of it, all because the characters have sworn me to secrecy until this book is firmly on paper.

But once it is…OMG watch out.

You’re gonna get spammed.

And I’m going to make you read this book because my fingers have fallen off writing it.

Right, back to the cave I go.


4 thoughts on “I have a confession…

  1. Totally Love all of your Books JETHRO & NINAS Story OMG STILL MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE,
    STILL VERY EMOTIONAL For me to read it after my first time a few years ago. This one I cannot wait to read, Your Books have so helped me through the a Deep Challenging time in my life after
    The Devastating Loss of Dearly Loved Son, and Husband of 53yrs. So from the bottom of My Heart I Sincerely Thank You. Keep Writing and giving us more of You Wonderful Books. Patricia xo❤️❤️❤️

  2. Do you have an idea who will be narrating the audio books? Can’t wait to read these new books!!!!

  3. I can’t wait!! Thank you for sharing it with the world! Thank you for your time and energy! Maybe all this waiting is really really good?? 🙂 Maybe it’ll make more people check out this masterpiece of a book(I’m getting that vibe!)? Yay to all of that! Please remember that everybody can wait. We will be just fine and get to revisit your other incredible books in the interim. Wishing you fun, joy, and peace in your writing(if possible)!! Thank you, Katy

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